What They Are Saying About Dawn


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Notable quotables related to Dawn Richerson’s accomplishments and contributions to employer and client organizations. Quotes from direct supervisors, key partners, colleagues and associates.

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What They Are Saying About Dawn

  1. 1. Marketing & New Media Projects Ive been working with Dawn for a number of years now. Ive always been impressed with her professionalism, creativity and drive to get things done. Dawn has a gift for understanding marketing and communications from traditional to interactive. I always find it refreshing to work with someone who just ‘gets it.’ Tom Brand, Outsourced Business Partner Owner, AVID Design, Atlanta, GA
  2. 2. Full-time Employment Dawn is a very dedicated and focused worker. Her can-do, positive attitude toward work made it a pleasure to work with her. She is very creative, detail-oriented and precise in her delivered assignments. Ed Smith, Colleague Product Category Manager, MediPurpose, Inc. Atlanta, GA
  3. 3. Full-time Employment Dawn brought a new energy to our marketing department. She has a great flair for marketing and sales pieces, understands her role, has the tools to go above and beyond our expectation, and is continually driven by the ‘need for more.’ It is a great combination! Her independent interaction with such organizations as the American Diabetes Association has been excellent and serves our customer-centric image very well. Randy Prather, Direct Supervisor President / COO, MediPurpose, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  4. 4. Full-time Employment During your time of service, you have made significant contributions. You successfully coordinated and directed major projects requiring considerable knowledge and professional skills in various areas of marketing and communications. You developed impressive expertise in the area of electronic communications. Each of these projects reflects impressive creativity and skills in integrated marketing and communications. David Wilkinson, Direct Supervisor Communications Coordinator, CBF, Atlanta, GA
  5. 5. Writing + Editing Dawn can write, rewrite and edit with clarity, accuracy and imagination. She performed very well under deadline pressure. She brings good organizational skills to her writing and, unlike many students, can write a witty headline. Her intelligence and curiosity allow her to work competently in many subject areas, but I think she offers a significant advantage because of her knowledge of science and the scientific process. Kent Middleton, Journalism Professor UGA
  6. 6. Complex Packaging / Labeling Projectcontacts in UK, France, Germany, Singapore, US Please accept my wholehearted appreciation for all your help and support. You have been the KEY to making the variable labeling and packaging project possible. Asad Abrar, European Distributor Contact International Product Manager, Smiths Medical Dawn, It is in all fairness to get this positive feedback from Smiths considering all the efforts and splendid job you did. Thank you! Alain Poncet, Colleague VP / Europe, MediPurpose
  7. 7. Full-time Employment / Freelance / Creativity Dawn is an awesome creative talent. Ive worked with a lot of good writers and Dawn is certainly that, but beyond writing she is one of the most creative souls Ive ever met and I admire and respect her creativity. David Greer, Client / Employer Owner, TillmanAllenGreer, Atlanta, GA
  8. 8. Experience Director of Marketing Small Business Owner PR and Advertising Agency Experience Non-profit Marketing / Communication Higher Education Marketing / Communications Start-up Companies, Product Launches, New Initiatives International Marketing Projects, Multi-faceted Campaigns Outsourced Marketing Director – Corporate, SMB Clients Publications Expertise (Magazines, Tabloid, Electronic) Accredited, Public Relations Society of America Award-winning Writing, Marketing, PR & Web / Multimedia Projects Published Author (books, 100+ articles) Magazine Editor
  9. 9. Career Focus & Interests Executive-level Leadership for Non-profit Organization Non-profit Marketing / Communications Leadership for New Corporate Initiatives, Launches Marketing Director / Manager for Thriving, Entrepreneurial Corporation Contract Marketing for Special Projects Publishing and Writing Opportunities
  10. 10. Contact Dawn Email: dawnricherson@gmail.com Phone: 770-381-343 (home) 404-861-1413 (cell) Available Upon Request:  Resume  Portfolio / Samples  References  Appointment / Interview
  11. 11. Dawn Richerson