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Ppi claims


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Ppi claims

  1. 1. PPI Claims- Important Facts That You Must KnowWe all heard about PPI claims but do we actually know all thecrucial things about this? Unfortunately most of the people justdo not know what a PPI is all about and how it works actually. Ifyou are also one of them then this article will help you to knowabout PPI. Even a few years ago, PPI or Payment ProtectionInsurance considered to be an issues but now things havechanged because with the help of banks and insuranceproviders, the process of PPI claiming has got really enhanced.Before we talk about how to get PPI claim, it is really importantto know what is PPI and how does it help starters. PPI is aninsurance coverage and it is specifically designed for thepeople who are unable to pay the due amount of loan for asudden financial crisis like accident, unemployment orhospitalization.Presently you can find there are a lot of people requesting forPPI claims but unfortunately most them do not get one. Nowyou might be eager to know the reason why. Well, the reason isthat most of the people just do not even go through the termsand conditions of the PPI. If you are going to launch a PPIclaim, you must assess your financial condition first and thenfinally determine whether you are actually qualified for the claimor not.Now it is time to know about the important factors that youshould know in order to get the claim-Your age when you bought he PPI coverageOnly people who are within the age of 18 and 65, are entitled toget this type of insurance plan. If you are younger than 18 orolder than 65 and someone mis-soled the insurance plan thenyou can go for the legitimate claim for the PPI.
  2. 2. Are you retired, self employed or unemployed?If you are anyone of this then you are not allowed to get PPIand if you still have the PPI then you can go ahead for PPIclaiming.Medical issuesPeople with serious medical issues are also not allowed tohave PPI and if you have medical issues and at the same timeyou have payment protection insurance then you can easilyclaim for getting your money back that you have already spent.Before making the claim, it is really important to understand theterms and the conditions of the policy very carefully.If you want to get more details about PPI claim then you mustclick here.