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Epsilon retargeting june2011

  2. 2. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITALTABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction 3What is Email Retargeting? 4How Email Retargeting Works 5Use Case 6Attributes of Email Retargeting 7Reinforce the Message 7 Drive Lift in Conversion 7 Acquire New Customers 8The Future of Email Retargeting 8Best Practices 82 epsilon.com
  3. 3. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITALINTRODUCTIONIn the age of instant communication, marketers understand the importance of emailmarketing. Email plays an increasingly important role in the online media mix. Howeveremail does not have to exist within a silo. It can be a critical link that bridges the gapbetween offline and online communications. That “bridge” helps reinforce triggers fromother channels and lets consumers become more deeply engaged in a brand’s message. Email Retargeting - Key Part of Evolution of Marketing Process 1. Start with customer files and use the information you have available. Your Customer File 5. Incorporate key 2. Take inventory of the Incorporate Enhance learnings and repeat data that might be missing, Learnings Profiles the process. such as a Zip Code or other demographic information to enhance customer profiles in order to optimize targeting efforts. Prospect with4. Leverage Email Retarget- Test 3. Test new segments for Increased Knowledgeing campaign results to find New Segment online display and emailnew prospects and increase and Add Scale retargeting to see whatacquisitions. works best for you.As inboxes grow more cluttered than ever before, businesses are searching for relevantways to reach customers beyond traditional email messages. And now, marketers have anew opportunity to deeply engage with email openers to synchronize the customerexperience and data across multiple channels via Email Retargeting.3 epsilon.com
  4. 4. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITALWHAT IS EMAIL RETARGETING?Epsilon’s Email Retargeting tool connects email with targeted display ads to consumers whoopened an email message, but did not respond. Using Epsilon’s email management platformand a leading-edge digital predictive optimization platform from partner X+1, marketers canleverage customer data and lists from current email campaigns to deliver targeted displaymedia in real-time.With Email Retargeting, marketers can expand their post email campaign capabilitiesby targeting customers that are minimally engaged and reinforcing the message behindthe campaign.“Email retargeting and other forms of targeting let marketers reach specific audiences,and only those audiences, with a uniquely relevant message, eliminating waste and drivingperformance,” said Eric Stein, Executive Vice President, Online Solutions, Epsilon.“Well-timed and coordinated emails have always been an effective way to reinforcemessages to customers when they have performed the marketer’s desired action,”Stephano Kim, President and Chief Operating Officer, X+1, an online targeting platformcompany, said. “An example would be the thank you email sent to a customer after they havemade a purchase or signed up for a service. Email Retargeting enhances both the number andbreadth of actions that can be tracked and used as triggers for email follow up. Also, displayadvertising served as part of Email Remarketing can also provide valuable additional touchesto a customer who has engaged with the brand through email.”4 epsilon.com
  5. 5. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITALHOW EMAIL RETARGETING WORKSEmail Retargeting involves implementing a tag or code into a client’s outbound email beforethe email is delivered to the recipient. When the subscriber opens the email a cookie isdropped on the browser enabling the marketer to target that person with a display ad.By placing a cookie on the browser, marketers can identify and reach users with displayadvertising on the Web. The ads they deliver can either relate to the content of the email,or can be personalized based on the data in the email file.Marketers can replicate images from emails they send to subscribers through emailretargeting like in the example email newsletter shown above.“Marketers using Email Retargeting can easily reinforce the email message in thedisplay channel by repurposing the creative, creating recognition from one channelto the other,” Mike Lund, Vice President Online Product Sales Specialist, Epsilon, said.Marketers can repurpose their email Or marketers can create a similarcreative by dropping a similar banner banner ad based on the consumer’sad on a webpage to reinforce the preferences, purchase behavior andmessaging like in the example email locality.newsletter shown above.5 epsilon.com
  6. 6. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITAL The Email Retargeting Process 1 2 3 Epsilon Inserts Tag Epsilon places your ad When a member of your target audience Into Email to your target audience visits a website, we identify them on ad exchange with DSP and display your ad Email openers have acookie placed that enables display campaign Your Ad Here USE CASE XYZ Airlines, a new airline committed to bringing comfort and style to its passengers, builds its brand and markets through two major channels — direct mail and the Internet—approached Epsilon to help drive lift in its online conversion rates. Epsilon helped XYZ Airlines implement an Email Retargeting program. When a member of XYZ’s email subscriber audience received an email and opened it but took no further action, a cookie was dropped on the subscriber’s web browser. This enabled XYZ to find their customers online while they were browsing the Web and serve them relevant display ads that reinforced the message of the email. As a result, the Email Retargeting effort created awareness, kept the brand top of mind with email subscribers, and ultimately led to increased conversions.6 epsilon.com
  7. 7. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITALATTRIBUTES OF EMAIL RETARGETINGEmail Retargeting offers marketers a number of benefits. In addition to extending the reachof a campaign, the strategy helps businesses increase customer lifetime value to boost ROIfor email and display.Reinforce the MessageEmail Retargeting strengthens relationships with customers after an email is opened anddrives transactional revenue. For example, a women’s apparel retailer may devised a two-week-long campaign around spring shoes. That retailer could use existing creative from theemail and incorporate it into a display ad and later change the creative with a different imageto freshen up the message.“With core customers, email retargeting helps deepen relationships by reinforcing specificbrand messages,” Stein said. “For example, a known consumer may visit a site and performsome behavior that triggers an email. If the consumer opens that email, further demonstrat-ing engagement, the marketer can continue to engage that consumer with a consistent mes-sage though display advertising tied to the message of that email.”Email Retargeting also helps companies maintain awareness with their core customer base.“By using email to build a cookie pool over time, a marketer will have a scalable universe ofcore customers to engage with any message that may be relevant to individual segments ofthat base or the entire population,” Stein said.Drive Lift in ConversionWhile marketers struggle to entice email recipients to open a message and spur a sale,standard emails can only go so far to drive conversions. Yet the combination of awell-crafted email and display ads can do wonders to drive lift.“Email Retargeting gets results,” Lund said. “It’s all about reinforcing your email messagesto existing customers and it’s transforming the industry.”“For example, clients reported an average of a 20% to 40% lift in conversion when usingEmail Retargeting over email alone,” Lund said. “That’s not all. A financial services companysaid a typical weekly email-only campaign resulted in a 3% conversion rate. But when layeredwith Email Retargeting, the email program conversion rate increased to 5% over the sameone-week period between email deployments.”7 epsilon.com
  8. 8. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITALAcquire New CustomersMarketers that use Email Retargeting can use their knowledge of existing customer segmentsto develop look-a-like models to acquire new prospects. Using its exclusive partnership withX+1, Epsilon can help marketers increase the scale of an engaged audience by targeting newcustomers based on pre-existing web profile data.“Time and again we’ve seen marketers struggling to get more qualified customers in the topof the funnel. Their email efforts are effective so they start Email Retargeting and then theyask, ‘What next?’ Look-a-like modeling is the answer,” Kim said. “With modeling you uncoverthe characteristics of your best customers and can use that insight to cast a wider net indisplay media to acquire new, qualified prospects.”THE FUTURE OF EMAIL RETARGETINGWhile Email Retargeting is in its infancy, Epsilon experts see a bright future ahead. One of thefew barriers that remain to its full-scale adoption is determining which department—emailor display—should have oversight over its implementation and budget expenses. For now,Lund said the expense is a shared entity.“Over the next year, Email Retargeting is going to be widely adopted as part of a standardemail marketing best practice,” Lund said. “Email Retargeting is transforming the industry.It is a whole new acquisition channel that is relatively untapped at this point.”BEST PRACTICESMarketers considering Email Retargeting should review the following best practice tips toensure successful campaigns: • Be strategic about your email segmentation and your intended audience. • Maximize the number of emails you have. If you only have a postal address for customers, append email addresses to expand customer relationships to multiple channels. • Deliver consistent messaging and content to reinforce the email communication across the display channel and leverage that message across the email, display, and site channels to create a cohesive multichannel approach. • Get started and build your universe of targetable customers. • Avoid duplicative, siloed efforts in the display and email channels and get the teams working together on an initial coordinated campaignFor more on Email Retargeting, visit Epsilon’s website.8 epsilon.com
  9. 9. STRATEGY AND ANALYTICS / TARGETING / CREATIVE / TECHNOLOGY / DIGITALEpsilonCorporateHeadquarters4401 Regent BoulevardIrving, TX 750631-800-309-0505info@epsilon.comepsilon.com