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From Data to Action with the Cortana Intelligence Suite

Talk I gave at the Big Data, Munich v7.0 Meetup yesterday (

To start with Cortana Intellgience Suite, just visit the Gallery Solutions site

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From Data to Action with the Cortana Intelligence Suite

  1. 1. The Dark Side
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. Microsoft Azure Meetups #communityrocks*powered by the Community
  4. 4. Who Am I?
  5. 5. Season
  6. 6. Dariusz Parys @writeline Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
  7. 7. I can predict exactly one thing…
  8. 8. Cortana Intelligence is a Platform and a Process to perform advanced analytics from start to finish Definition
  9. 9. The Advanced Analytics Process Cortana Intelligence Suite • Planning, Environment, Ingest • Explore and Visualize • Generate Features • Create Models • Train Models • Consume • Action! CRISP DM • Business Understanding • Data Understanding • Data Preperation • Modeling • Evaluating • Deploying
  10. 10. Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining CRISP DM
  11. 11. The Cortana Intelligence Platform Cortana, Cognitive Services, Bot Framework Power BI Azure Stream Analytics Azure HDInsight Azure Machine Learning and MRS Azure SQL DB, Data Warehouse, DocumentDB Azure Data Lake Azure Event Hubs Azure Data Factory Azure Data Catalog Microsoft Azure
  12. 12. Azure
  13. 13. Choice + Flexibility DevOps App Frameworks Infrastructure Databases & Middleware Applications
  14. 14. Azure Data Catalog
  15. 15. Azure Data Factory
  16. 16. Azure Event Hubs
  17. 17. Azure Data Lake
  18. 18. SQL Data Warehouse
  19. 19. Machine Learning
  20. 20. Azure HDInsight
  21. 21. Stream Analytics
  22. 22. Power BI
  23. 23. Cortana
  24. 24. Bots
  25. 25. Examples Cortana Intelligence Suite
  26. 26. Would you have survived?
  27. 27. Decoding Brain Signals
  28. 28. Intelligent Kiosk
  29. 29. Aerospace Industry 33
  30. 30. Predictive Maintenance | Business Problems in Aerospace 01 02 03 04 How to ramp-up production in order to reduce the huge backlog of aircraft orders? How to improve the overall customer experience? What is the best way to lower repair time, as much time is spend in repairs of Aircrafts? How to determine when a plane actually requires maintenance? ? 34
  31. 31. 35 Predictive Maintenance | Benefits in Aerospace Industry Utilize your data to its maximum potential with a Predictive Maintenance solution built on the Cortana Intelligence Suite Better scheduling of flights Detecting faults & reducing the time spent in repairs Fewer flight disruptions Bringing down loss due to delays Cut costs due to unexpected maintenance Improve operational efficiency of assets Get real-time visualizations of the health of your fleet Improve overall brand image Benefits in Aerospace
  32. 32. Predictive Maintenance | Scenario This is Kyle. Kyle manages a team that maintains a fleet of aircraft. His job is to make sure that his 100 aircraft are running properly & especially that the aircraft engines don’t need service. Kyle wants to prevent delays due to mechanical issues so his customers will be happy. Problem Maintain operations Sadly, engines occasionally show signs of problems & must be taken out of service for maintenance or replacement. To eliminate this occurrence, Kyle must maintain operations & figure out the best way to utilize resources in order to minimize delays due to mechanical issues. Kyle 36
  33. 33. 37 Cortana Intelligence Suite | Overview Action People Automated Systems Apps Web Mobile Bots Intelligence Dashboards & Visualizations Cortana Bot Framework Cognitive Services Power BI Information Management Event Hubs Data Catalog Data Factory Machine Learning and Analytics HDInsight (Hadoop and Spark) Stream Analytics Intelligence Data Lake Analytics Machine Learning Big Data Stores SQL Data Warehouse Data Lake Store Data Sources Apps Sensors and devices Data
  34. 34. 38 Cortana Intelligence Suite | Overview Action People Automated Systems Intelligence Dashboards & Visualizations Cortana Cognitive Services Power BI Information Management Event Hubs Data Factory Machine Learning and Analytics Stream Analytics Intelligence Machine Learning Big Data Stores SQL Data Warehouse Sensors and devices Data
  35. 35. @writeline Please feel free to contact me if you have questions around Azure or dev related questions
  36. 36. Thank you!