How to use Google Search like a pro


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How to use Google Search like a pro.

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How to use Google Search like a pro

  1. 1. 2 The Google Search Engine is no doubt the #1 resource for anyone who is looking for information. Whether you’re a high school student looking for presentation sample or a housewife looking to find information on the latest kitchenware accessories. Literally everyone and anyone can make use of the Google Search Engine, because of its simplicity and ease of use. All you need is to type in a few words describing what you’re searching for and let the search engine take care of the rest. However, the Google Search Engine can be much more effective than simply typing in a few words (keywords). The use of “Operators” can greatly increase your search effectiveness. USING GOOGLE TO SEARCH FOR A SPECIFIC SITE The site search operator will tell Google Search Engine to conduct a search only within a certain website. You need to type in the name of the site as well as the keyword that you want to search for.
  2. 2. 3 USE GOOGLE TO SEARCH FOR A FILE TYPE With a File Type operator, you can make the Google Search Engine to search for certain file types. For example, you would want to search for all .jpg files (Jpeg compressed pictures). Here’s how. filetype:jpg mashable SEARCH FOR AN EXACT MATCH The ‘*’ (asterisk) operator will help you find exact match for the keyword you are searching for. For example you want to search for the following exact price for a certain product G27 Logitech Steering Wheel for *240* Dollars SEARCH FOR ‘ONE TERM OR ANOTHER’ With the use of the ‘OR’ operator, you can make the Google Search Engine display results which contain either one word or another. For example you’re looking for results that contain the terms “Facebook” and “Advertising”. Facebook OR Advertising
  3. 3. 4 SEARCH FOR WORD DEFINITIONS No need wasting your time searching for your dictionary, you can easily type in any word you want to find a definition for starting with a ‘Define’ operator. Define: megalomaniac HOW NOT TO SHOW A CERTAIN WORD You can easily have a certain word excluded from your search results by using the ‘-‘(minus) operator. For examples, click on the following link. USE A CALCULATOR Google Search Engine has a built-in calculator! Simple arithmetic symbols can be used to carry out mathematical functions within the Google search bar. Like for example: 2+2 The Google Search Engine operators can be used to simplify as well as filter your search engine results. They can easily be used in combination with each other to filter out your results like never before.
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