Top 10 microsoft word 2013 features you should know about


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Top 10 microsoft word 2013 features you should know about

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e Top 10 Microsoft Word 2013 Features You Should Know About
  2. 2. Top 10 Microsoft Word 2013 Features You Should Know About With the new Windows 8, Microsoft steered the design of the popular operating system towards the mobile devices, and the rest of Microsoft products followed along. Microsoft Word 2013 is a no different story, and where it received multiple changes, some of them really stood out to prove its superiority among the competitors. Just like we covered the best 10 features of Excel 2013 and PowerPoint 2013, today, we bring you the top 10 features of Microsoft Word 2013. Read More. 1: Work On The Cloud! Windows 8 is designed for the future of both Cloud and Mobile computing. Nearly all software released since have had the features of cloud integration, and Microsoft Word also follows the same concept. PowerPoint, Excel, Word all of them offer Microsoft’s SkyDrive storage to its users for storing and retrieving files on the go. 2: Control Your Design Word 2007 and 2010 introduced many interesting ways to design your document, but the problem was that features were scattered all over the interface. Word 2013 incorporates all of them into a single design tab, making your work a lot easier. It also allows you to preview your changes before actually applying it to the document, giving you the freedom to experiment with the document design without having to worry about messing up the document. 3: Reading Just Got Easier The new Word makes it much easier to read files. Documents are sized to fit the screen and you can use arrow buttons on the sides of the screen to navigate between the pages (or easy swipe if you’re using a touch screen device). Read More 4: Edit PDFs In Word Gone are the days when you would use multiple software to edit PDF and Word files. MS Word 2013 allows you to open and edit PDF files, make changes to tables and images and Figure 2: Click here to view larger image Figure 1: Click here to view larger image Figure 3: Click here to view larger image
  3. 3. save the PDF file. Now, you no longer need to use third party applications and waste precious time switching between applications when you can get the job done with just one. 5: Present Online It’s the era of Internet and a lot of people work from homes or in collaboration with their teams from remote locations. In such cases presentations need to be made over the web. Word 2013 gives you a lot of help in that department by adding a new feature of online presentation. Read Here to know how to use it. 6: Collapse Documents! Document is quite like code, the longer it gets the more difficult it is to handle. This is why Microsoft decided to introduce this new feature that allows you to collapse parts of documents and only expand the ones that you are currently working on, making your workspace a lot cleaner and easier to manage. 7: Managing Tables In Word Have Never Been Easier Word 2013 allows you to choose line weight, style and pen color using which you can paint the border on the tables. Furthermore, you can choose a preset from Border Styles or sample an existing border and use it on tables. 8: Improved Layout Setting Word 2013 offers a lot of improvements in the layout. When you click a chart or an image, an icon appears, offering text wrap options with the likes of Tight, Square, through etc. 9: Collaborate With Your Partners After finishing your document, you ask your partner to proofread your work and highlight the errors found in it. Read More Figure 4: Click here to view larger image
  4. 4. 10: Watch Online Videos In Word The media problems with words have been improved a great deal, especially the online video feature. It allows you to import videos directly from the internet with a URL. So now, you don’t even need to worry about downloading! Just watch it online and save time. Related Articles:  A Complete Guide On Using Google Scholar For Academic Research  What Are Access 2013 Web Apps? A Look Into New Features & Tools  Top 10 Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Features You Should Know About E-book by writeawriting An Ultimate survival guide for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Mavens, Business Experts and Marketing Guys Figure 5: Click here to view larger image