Short retirement limericks for different occasions


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Short retirement limericks for different occasions

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Short retirement limericks for different occasions

  1. 1. Short Retirement Limericks For Different Occasions
  2. 2. Short Retirement Limericks For Different Occasions The Occasion Of Retirement The point of life where one stops working due to age limitations is the time we refer to as Retirement. Looking through it, I think retirement is a unique occasion for celebration; I called it unique because it brings about mixed emotions from all ends. People commemorate the retiring person’s contribution to the particular workplace but at the same time some of them may also feel pleased that the person is finally leaving their workplace (if he is a real cranky person of course!). Read More Why Limericks On Retirement? Observing the multi dimensional feelings that the event of retirement brings about, it is really easy to see that why one can crack jokes about it in the form of limerick poetry. The subject matter is highly interesting in itself. Secondly, one can use these limericks on the occasion of Retirement for somebody, in order to make them laugh about it and think positive. You can add in these small five lines when writing down a retirement farewell speech or a retirement card. It will surely help to lighten up the entire atmosphere. Want to Read more, Click Here Funny Limericks On Retirement There are numerous kinds of retirement limericks present for various different occasions and occupations. Previously, we had covered on how to write Limerick Poems for Kids. Furthermore, you can dwell deep into why Limerick Poetry is so loved and adored by many. You can make a selection for the particular occasion that you want to use them for:
  3. 3. Retirement Limericks For Teachers “You’ve seen horrid papers galore, Correcting until you were sore, Read complete here Limericks By A Retired Person For Himself “My retirement fund is on hold, A fate that I’d never foretold. Now I watch every penny Read More “So now that you have a full day To sleep late, to molt, and to play, Read complete here . For more retirement limericks Click Here
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