Blogger vs word press what is the deal?


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Blogger vs word press what is the deal?

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Blogger vs word press what is the deal?

  1. 1. Blogger VS WordPressWhat Is The Deal?
  2. 2. Blogger VS WordPress- What Is The Deal? Blogger VS WordPress A soon-to-be blogger needs to know the differences that lie between the two widely known blogging platforms: Blogger and WordPress. Initially, the confusion between and is something that you need to understand first. Here, is the selfhosted blog, since Blogger and are more or less the same. Why Choose Blogger? If you are just setting up your blog as a newbie and you are willing to post only the stuff related to your personal life, feelings, moods, and the alike, then Blogger is the best option for you that defines the first difference that is the purpose of your blog – be it something personal or something that ought to be sold. Blogger tends to be far more easier and it does not charge anything at all as long as you do not want your name to be there in the URL while it charges around $10 annually for giving you a domain with your name as Read More Why Choose WordPress? Alternatively, if you are looking forward for setting up a corporate blog with the introduction of your services, products and material for the potential customers then you must choose the impression of a professional website along with a custom name. The URL of my blog has my name in it, which I got from GoDaddy. The most amazing advantage of WordPress by far is that you are the sole controller of your blogand not Google, so no one can turn down those things on which you put your night and day’s hard work. What I also liked was the fact that it’s really easy to integrate news aggregators like FeedBurner to your WordPress Blog.
  3. 3. Finally, the most surprising difference is about Search engines ranking. WordPress blogs get higher ranking even on Google due to the engaging features it offers. Read Example Here Conclusion Most of all, WordPress is the first choice of all the network marketing professionals, which is adequately convincing for almost everyone including myself. But again, the purpose of your blog has to be decided that whether it is corporate or personal. Now what would be the final choice you are going to make? Blogger or WordPress?
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