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10 microsoft powerpoint tips to create professional presentations


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Learn 10 microsoft powerpoint tips to create professional presentations!

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10 microsoft powerpoint tips to create professional presentations

  1. 1. ma 10 Microsoft Powerpoint Tips To Create Professional Presentations
  2. 2. 10 Microsoft Powerpoint Tips To Create Professional Presentations There’s a reason Microsoft PowerPoint is the most used Software for making professional presentations. However, most don’t use the software to its full potential. PowerPoint 2013 is packed with features that can help you deliver powerful presentations. With the new release, a number of exciting features were added to the already market leading presentation software. Today we give you top 10 Microsoft PowerPoint Tips that will help you create solid presentations in no time! Pick Templates From Office.Com If you’re really short on time and need to make a professional looking presentation, Office Templates are the easiest way out. To use them, click on the File menu and from the drop down menu, click on new. For Powerpoint 2010, simply select “PowerPoint Presentations and Slides” from the menu and pick your desired Template. Read More Customize Background Size If your material doesn’t fit on the default Slide Size, then this tip you’ll find particularly useful. InPowerPoint 2013, go to “Design” tab in the Ribbon Bar and click “Slide Size”, choose your dimensions to what suits your presentation best. Align Objects In Slides Arranging objects on the slides can be a pain in the neck, and we’ve all been there. Instead of Figure 1: Click Here to View Enlarge Image
  3. 3. wasting your time trying to get them in perfect order just use this tip to get it done. Select all of your objects, and under the FORMAT tab, select the align option. In the drop down list, choose whichever option does the best job for you. Crop Images Into Shapes If you want to emphasize on a particular image, make it stand out. Easiest way to do this is to make it appear differently. Normally images are rectangular right? Why not make it a heard shaped just to make it look interesting? To do this, select an image (make sure the format tab is open) and click on Crop option. In the drop down list, select “Crop to Shape” Figure 2 Click Here to View Enlarge Image and select any shape for your image you desire. Eyedropper Tool Trying to find the same colors for two objects can be a pain in the neck. PowerPoint 2013 offers an easy way out of this. The Eyedropper tool is located in all the menus you can use to fill an object. Click Here for Example. Convert Older Presentation To 2010 Format Although older version (ppt format) PowerPoint files are still supported in the newer versions, its quite useful to convert to the 2010 format in order to make use of some features like the Ribbon commands etcetera which were not supported in the Figure 3 : Click Here to View Enlarge Image previous versions. To Accomplish this, you need to have PowerPoint 2010+ installed on your machine. Open a ppt file and click “File” tab. Click on the info button from the drop down menu and you’ll see that the file is being run in compatibility mode. Click convert to turn the format into pptx. Animation Painter
  4. 4. Creating animations in PowerPoint was never its best feature, and it takes quite some time to animate multiple objects. PowerPoint, however, makes it up in that department by allowing you to copy the animation of one object to another object. To do this, select an animated object that you want to be copied, and open the “Animations” tab. From the Figure 4 Click Here to View Enlarge Image menu, select “Animation Painter” tool and your cursor should change. Now click on any object you want to be painted. Record Your Presentations You would be amazed to find out just how many people use third party apps to record their presentations when PowerPoint allows you to do that easily. Simply open the file menu and click “Export”. From the opening Figure 5 Click Here to View Enlarge Image window select “Create a Video”. Now you can record the video with your preferred settings. Change File Types PowerPoint gives you the added flexibility of choosing which file type you want to save it as. From a variety of options including OpenDocument Slide format, PowerPoint Slideshow etc, you can choose which ever meets your requirements best. And since we have already mentioned converting 2003 ppt presentation to 2010, this method allows you to go backwards, converting a newer presentation into 2003 ppt format. Figure 6 : Click Here to View Enlarge Image
  5. 5. Check Accessibility Accessibility of a document is a major issue today. Accessibility means the ease of use of the document by the visually impaired people who use on-screen reading software. Read More Figure 7: Click Here to View Enlarge Image The above mentioned tips will get you started with creating professional looking slides in no time!
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