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Sales dashboard demo


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Sales pitch and proof of ceoncept demo.

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Sales dashboard demo

  1. 1. Sales Quick View A demo for Rich Internet applications on sales related data visualization
  2. 2. Single screen display
  3. 3. Drag and Drop functionality Drag the thumbnails to the areas shown to demonstrate the drag and drop functionality.
  4. 4. Drag the items from “Total sales” & “Regional Sales” to the “Regional sales vs. Total sales” data grid to view the combined information. The dragged items will have to be from the same retailer. On completion of the the drag operation toggle these to view graph
  5. 5. Toggle between graphical and tabular views of data
  6. 6. Information display on Mouse-over Displays share of Retailer breakup for sales generation On performing mouse-over on the chart the percentage contribution of the particular retailer is displayed.
  7. 7. Toggle between graph and table Product revenue in tabular and graphical view. The user switches between the two views to gain better insight about the product revenue for the period Tabular view of data Graphical view of data Toggle between graphical and tabular views of data Data View Graphical view
  8. 8. Slider and Handle bar functionality Drag the slider to change the time view and display charts over a period of time Option to re-size the component boxes for display of charts. Drag the handle icon either to left or right to change the area.