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Q2 managers meeting


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Presentation I created for a Manager's Communication meeting I conducted while a Regional Manager at Neal Tire.

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Q2 managers meeting

  1. 1. Manager’s Meeting Second Quarter
  2. 2. Introductions • Your Name • Your Store • How long you’ve been with Neal Tire • How long you’ve been in this business • Your “Claim to Fame”
  4. 4. PEOPLE • Staffing • Interviewing • Training and Development • Payroll and Overtime Control • Scheduling
  5. 5. Staffing • Managers own the process • Must be an active, not a passive program • This is your #1 priority • When you need assistance, reach out • Build a pool / bench • Be PROactive, not Reactive • Use the Interview Guide as a GUIDE, but be creative • Hire for the NEXT position
  6. 6. Interviewing DOs • Let interviewee do most of the talking • Allow for silent “pregnant” pauses • Probe for details about past work experience • Ask questions that he/she won’t be able to guess the answer to • Ask about drive time and availability • Ask questions that are not on the Interview Guide DON’Ts • Ask age of applicant or any family members • Ask about relationship with spouse or significant other • Give “tells” while taking notes • Hint to the answer you’re looking for in your question • Ask if he/she owns or rents • Ask about physical condition in any way
  7. 7. Training and Development • Ongoing Daily Process, not an Event • Always be Training your Replacement • Build-a-Tech for Loyalty • Borrow / Loan Skilled Trainers • Mentorship • Nominate Future Leaders • Constant Observation and Evaluation • Coaching in the Moment
  8. 8. Payroll and Overtime Control
  9. 9. What Causes Overtime?
  10. 10. What Type of Schedule Do You Use?
  11. 11. Why Scheduling? • Planning for Success – Proper Staffing – Proper Skill Mix – Better Hours Control – Better Payroll Control •MORE PROFIT $$$
  12. 12. Scheduling
  13. 13. PROCESS • Inspections • Special Orders • Parts and Estimate Updates • Wheel Torque • Oil Change • Solution Selling
  14. 14. Inspections • WHY do we do inspections? • WHEN do we do inspections? • HOW do we do inspections? • WHO does inspections? • WHAT do we inspect? • What happens with the inspection form?
  15. 15. Inspections
  16. 16. Inspections
  17. 17. Inspections
  18. 18. Special Orders • When do you do a Special Order? • What do you do to ensure the customer comes back?
  19. 19. Collecting Special Order Deposits • Create a Special Order Folder – This folder should contain all pending Special Orders • When you take a Special Order Deposit – Run a Cash ticket – Put Customer Name in SHIP TO information • Do not input any Customer number – Use Item# GL1026 • Sell quantity of one and input the amount of the deposit paid
  20. 20. Collecting Special Order Deposits • When you take a Special Order Deposit – Process as you would any other cash ticket sale – Give the customer a copy of the invoice and keep a copy in the Special Order folder • When item is received and final sale is made to Customer – Create an invoice as normal – Add Item# GL1026 • Enter quantity of Negative One and input the amount of the initial deposit received
  21. 21. Collecting Special Order Deposits • When item is received and final sale is made to Customer – Attach the Deposit Invoice to the final invoice and file with daily paperwork Questions?
  22. 22. Parts and Estimate Updates • Advance Auto Parts and CarQuest – Live in First Two Test Stores Now • Myers Tire Supply – Live in First Two Test Stores Now • Epicor – Live in First Test Store Now – Going Live in Second Test Store This Week
  23. 23. Wheel Torque Process • Why do we torque wheels? • What can happen when lug nuts are over- tight? • What can happen when lug nuts are under- tight? • How do we ensure that wheels are tightened to proper torque specification today?
  24. 24. Oil Change Process • What are the most important elements of performing an Oil Change?
  25. 25. Solution Selling
  26. 26. Solution Selling Solution selling is a sales methodology. Rather than just promoting an existing product, the salesperson focuses on the customer's pain(s) and addresses the issue with his or her offerings (product and services). The resolution of the pain is what constitutes a "solution".
  27. 27. What did Apple do to present the iPod to customers as a SOLUTION rather than just another MP3 player?
  28. 28. Solution Selling Solution Selling Vs Order Taking
  29. 29. Solution Selling • What did you hear: – … done well? – … done poorly? • Who is responsible? • What will you do about it?
  30. 30. Solution Selling
  31. 31. PRODUCT • What is our primary product?
  32. 32. Our Product is NEAL • What does that mean? • What must you do to present your product to customers in a way that makes them want it?
  33. 33. PREMIER PROVIDER OF AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE AND TIRES What Is Image? a mental representation; idea; conception a symbol; emblem
  34. 34. What Next? • What will you do when you go back to your store to get your PEOPLE on PROCESS and to make your PRODUCT the first choice of every automotive customer in your area?
  35. 35. THANK YOU!