Myths about project management busted by hard facts


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You might hear a lot of misconceptions about project managers today: they're buried in paperwork, run constant lengthy team meetings, and so on. However, researches and stats prove different. Based on the results of multiple studies, this infographic from Wrike busts five most common project management myths and shares a couple of useful productivity hacks along the way.

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Myths about project management busted by hard facts

  1. 1. MYTHS ABOUT PROJECT MANAGEMENT BUSTED BY HARD FACTS MYTH 1 REMOTE COLLABORATION IS UNPRODUCTIVE 37% 75% of businesses report that remote workers are more engaged 41% feel remote work saves time 29% feel more productive 10% enjoy how they can focus on work, not office policies Remote work makes employees happy of bosses report happier remote employees 13% Working remotely increases performance by at least 13% Myth 1: Remote collaboration is unproductive MYTH 2 PROJECT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION IS A MUST 70% 2/3 of CIOs see PMI certification as a valuable benefit, but not a necessity Even at corporate giants such as IBM, only 56% of project management specialists hold a certificate 70% of accidental project managers have no special training or certificate at hand Myth 2: Project management certification is a MUST MYTH 3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT IS PURE PAPERWORK In fact, a project manager spends 90% of his time communicating Moving your projects to the cloud helps cut down on paperwork time 10% of working hours were saved by Tipton Communications, a full-service marketing agency, thanks to using cloud PM soſtware for project administration Myth 3: Project management is pure paperwork MYTH 4 FREQUENT MEETINGS ARE NECESSARY TO KEEP EVERYONE IN THE LOOP 30% 30% of the time spent in long meetings is described as “time wasted” by employees 47% of workers called meetings the No.1 time-waster at the office Myth 4: Frequent meetings are necessary to keep everyone in the loop Try standup meetings.They are 34% shorter than sit-downs, yet just as efficient 1. 2. 3. A productive meeting should last less than 30 minutes Share info briefs with your peers before the meetings to save time 10 To refrain speakers from talking too long, one company in Florida had each of them hold a 10-pound medicine ball MYTH 5 PROJECT FAILURES ARE FATAL The term “failure” is exaggerated. If responded to correctly, it may be a link to future success. Apple Newton, a PDA released in 1993, failed miserably with consumers. But several of its features became the basis for today's smartphone. In fact the Newton is a precursor that the iPhone was modeled on. 1993 2007 Myth 5: Project failures are fatal “Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right the first time” Experts say when you fail, you should call the reason by name to avoid making the same mistake twice. And make sure you learn your lessons from it. Tim Harford, Financial Times columnist and author of Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure Infographic brought to you by Sources: . Project management software that makes life easier.