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Unleash the Secret Power of LinkedIn - LinkedIn is so much more than a social network. Here are 10 tips on maximizing your LinkedIn profile and using its powerful tools to connect with influencers, job candidates, and sales prospects.

Unleash the Secret Power of LinkedIn

  1. Photo by Juliana Coutinho - Creative Commons Attribution License Unleash the Secret Power Of LinkedIn #SMSecrets
  2. Photo by Moff - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License LinkedIn is a powerful connection and research tool for people seeking to connect with influencers, sales prospects, and job candidates. But a lot of its power isn’t immediately obvious.
  3. Photo by Nan Palmero - Creative Commons Attribution License The following are 10 tips on maximizing your profile first, then using the powerful built-in tools to connect.
  4. Photo by Zuhair Ahmad - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License PART 1:   Optimize Your PROFILE  
  5. Photo by stevendepolo - Creative Commons Attribution License 1. Create a custom profile URL. yourname is easier on the eyes. Also easier to cut and paste into your resume.
  6. Photo by mkhmarketing - Creative Commons Attribution License 2. Customize all website links.   In your connection info, find the section for Websites. Instead of having them say "Personal Website," or "Company website,” choose "Other:” give the website a name, and add the URL.
  7. Photo by - Creative Commons Attribution License 3. Get discovered with the right keywords.   Optimize your profile by inserting keywords in: A. the Headline under your name   B. the Summary section   C. the Experience section, under relevant positions you've held   D. even in the Skills & Endorsements section
  8. 4. Put your best groups forward.   On “Your Groups” page, click the gear icon to reorder groups on your profile and put the more important ones (relevant to your industry) first.
  9. Photo by Johan Larsson - Creative Commons Attribution License 5. Get group emails the way you like.   Navigate to your Privacy & Settings page then the “Groups” tab. There you can set frequency of all group emails.
  10. Photo by GrungeTextures - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License PART 2: Connect More EFFICIENTLY
  11. Photo by solaurennicole - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License 1.Forget InMail. You can message groupmates. When you share a group with somebody, you can message them directly without using InMails. So join the groups your targets are in! Looking  for  Project  Management  groups  to  join  on  LinkedIn?  Click  here.
  12. 2. Find people's email addresses. Click InMail but look at the area next to the message box. Sometimes people place their email under “contact advice.”
  13. Photo by slworking2 - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License 3. Find a target's colleagues.   When viewing a target's profile, look at the right- hand column for "People Also Viewed." More often than not, these people are co-workers of the target.
  14. Photo by Marc_Smith - Creative Commons Attribution License 4. Get a response: mention people in common.   Increase the likelihood of a target responding to your message by mentioning people you know in common. And limit your message to 100 words or less!
  15. Photo by Justin/G - Creative Commons Attribution License Adam  E. Eve  Valleygirl Eve  Valleygirl Adam  Elf Ann  Random Jim  Newlyhired Zen  Sillyboy Craig  Kilikili 5. Find someone's full name.   If someone is out of your network and you only see the first name, look at “People Also Viewed.” Click on one of the names there. Your target’s full name may be revealed in the random person’s “People Also Viewed.”
  16. Photo by seanmcgrath - Creative Commons Attribution License For more on social media, marketing, and project management, click here:

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    May. 15, 2018 - LinkedIn is so much more than a social network. Here are 10 tips on maximizing your LinkedIn profile and using its powerful tools to connect with influencers, job candidates, and sales prospects.


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