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The Social Media Decision Tree: Will Your Company's Social Media Marketing Efforts Pay Off? (Infographic)


Published on - In order to successfully market your business on social media, you need to invest time and resources. This decision tree helps you see if you're ready to launch a full-scale social media effort that will generate business leads, and the right sort of public attention.

Will your company's social media efforts pay off? See the decision tree infographic.

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The Social Media Decision Tree: Will Your Company's Social Media Marketing Efforts Pay Off? (Infographic)

  1. 1. WILL YOUR COMPANY'S SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS PAY OFF? I Social media for business is all the rage. But are your efforts enough to make it pay off? Or, if you haven't jumped in yet, should you? Use this decision tree to help you decide if your current social media strategy is a winner! Are you patient? Try online advertising (9-9 Willing to Walt 70" Roll Social Media efforts take time to pay off! Patience is a must. e» Do you have someone You're not ready Yes 1 , _:l with several hours per To do Social right. vou Week to dedicate to it? need to invest some time. Yes 1 Are you willing to share You don't share well other people's content To get traction with your in your social channels? Social accounts. you need to provide great content (no matter where it comes from). Yes 1 N05 Are you willing to engage You're not social with other people online? enough for Social Media One—way communication doesn't work well in social media. Yes . §L_. ?l_. _:L_ No; C! Do you create any original Start a content program content that's not pI'OdUC'(- Your social media payoff will related? |5 it aVaj| ab| e be best if you have valuable on your Website? original content on your own site Keep that you can share. Consider going starting a content program. Yes % <—e— No Are you able to handle Too thin—skinned? and respond to public People will complain and may criticism? already by complaining about your products/ services online. You should develop a response strategy whether you have Yes your own social media profiles or not. No Do you have a way You're losing prospects to convert visitors who Develop ways to capture come to your Website? information from prospects so you can engage with Keep them in the future. going Yes % (TL —> Can you find people talking Are you willing to be about your industry in social a pioneer in social media media sites? for your industry? Yes Y7 No n lump into Your social efforts Social Media! won't pay off What are you waiting for? Without patience, You're well-suited for a social investment in time and media program! real social engagement, your social strategy probably won't pay off. Learn about Social Collaboration Software at Wrikecom Wnke