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[Free ebook] what doesn't kill you makes you more productive


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87% of workers, from business owners to freelancers, say they overwork on a regular basis. This can cause stress and undermine your personal productivity and your team's productivity. To help you avoid this scenario, the ebook teaches you how to do more during the day while working less.

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[Free ebook] what doesn't kill you makes you more productive

  1. 1. OR how to beat the three most dangerous productivity threats Brought to you byBrought to you by
  2. 2. Look at your neighbor’s desk. Does your colleague seem worry-free and always ends his or her workday at five o’clock on the dot? Then there’s a big chance that your colleague is among the lucky 13% of workers who manage to avoid overworking. You, on the other hand, have an 87% chance of overworking at least 1 hour per week. Manage to avoid overworking Overwork Our feelings about those extra hours vary. For some indus- tries a strict 40 hour week is not an option. Even if your com- pany typically sticks to a 40 hour work week, there are situa- tions when you might need to stay a couple of extra hours to make sure everything is set and ready. But if overworking leaves you stressed, it might hurt your productivity. So,what if you and your teammates could work less and,at the same time,get more done more during the day? To accomplish this you just need to figure out a way to make ALL the time you spend at work productive. ` How can this simple e-book help you with that?How can this simple e-book help you with that? First, armed with the results of multiple research studies, in- cluding our own, we’ll introduce you to the three most dan- gerous productivity killers. This introduction, however, would be TBU (true-but-useless), unless backed up by some action items. That’s why we’ll also provide you with an arsenal of weapons to get rid of these threats once and for all.
  3. 3. Share this book: Meet Tim, an “average” manager who has been recently assigned to run a marketing team. Though he has their best interests at heart, Tim doesn’t seem to use his team to their fullest potential. To get the knack of each productivity killer, you’ll see it through two stories: Tim’s and Tom’s. By the end of each chap- ter, you’ll find a useful tip box that will help you make the Tom’s insights even more practical.So,without further ado,let us introduce you to the first of the three most notorious pro- ductivity killers. Now, let’s imagine there’s a “better ver- sion” of him who happens to know a couple of useful tricks and scientifically proven techniques that help him trans- form the way his new team operates and thinks. Let’s call him Tom.