Collaboration as the Heart of Project Management: Geneva Health Forum 2014


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At Geneva Health Forum 2014, Wrike CEO Andrew Filev led a workshop on collaboration and how it is impacting all industries, especially the healthcare industry.

The presentation's key topics include: the current trends shaping work collaboration, the key technologies enabling collaboration, and how jumpstarting a culture of sharing is integral to effective project management in any organization. Especially since innovation is dependent on people collaborating efficiently to meet business goals.

Within the presentation is a case study -- how a customer in the healthcare field had to migrate from managing projects via email to using an effective work management tool in order to boost efficiency and achieve more transparent workflows.

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Collaboration as the Heart of Project Management: Geneva Health Forum 2014

  1. 1. Collaboration as the Heart of Effective Project Management Geneva Health Forum 2014 Andrew Filev
  2. 2. Impact of Collaboration on Healthcare Delivery • The advent of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) • EHRs brought patient data from silos into connected systems • In the US: since 2009, 44% of all institutions have adopted EHRs • In the EU: all will be able to access EHRs by 2020
  3. 3. Trends Shaping Project Collaboration
  4. 4. 1. Remote Work is Rapidly Growing • 80% deal with remote collaboration • 43% spend more time working remotely today than 2-3 years ago ~ Wrike survey of 1,000 respondents at all organizational levels
  5. 5. 2. Remote Collab Done via Cloud Cloud services solve the challenges of remote work: • Storing and accessing the most accurate, actionable info • Communicating with colleagues
  6. 6. Workshop questions: Remote Collaboration • Is anyone part of a team that has remote workers? • Or, do you do any remote work now — work you used to do exclusively onsite? • What cloud services do you use to get work done? • What challenges do you face with remote collaboration?
  7. 7. Customer Success Story Universal Research Co. (URC) • Challenge: Coordinating travel and planning for 5 offices, 15 teams, 125 people • Solution: Using Wrike for 4+ years now • Results: Cut down volume of email. Increased efficiency company-wide
  8. 8. Key Tech Enablers of Project Collaboration
  9. 9. Cloud: Enables Collaboration • Cloud services: resources available over internet • Serves as the connecting tissue between all files, plans and work data
  10. 10. Social: Enables Collaboration • Social: not public posting, but discussions, sharing • People are used to social (Facebook!) • Social work tools accelerate collaboration
  11. 11. Mobile: Enables Collaboration • Access documentation while attending to patient • Patients connecting mobile to monitoring devices • mHealth market: will grow to $20.7B by 2019
  12. 12. Big Data: Enables Collaboration • Big Data is HUGE — often too big to see actionable insights • With right tools, Big Data helps determine next steps
  13. 13. Workshop Questions: Collaboration Tools • List the different tools your organization or department uses to collaborate. • Classify each of them as cloud, social, mobile and big data. • How do these tools accelerate collaboration for your teams? • Do you have any challenges with them?
  14. 14. Culture of Sharing: the Backbone of Collaboration
  15. 15. Orgs Need to Share • Hindered accessibility is the top challenge for workers* • Typical organizational habits are “reactive disclosure”, not proactive sharing: share only when asked. *Wrike survey of 1,000 respondents at all organizational levels
  16. 16. Jumpstarting the Culture of Sharing Lead by example — make YOUR data accessible: • Upload docs to cloud repository • Forgo email for a proper tool
  17. 17. Workshop Question: How Do You Share? • Does anyone have any examples of how new levels of sharing in their organizations have improved their processes or efficiency?
  18. 18. Takeaways 1. The way we work is evolving: from silos to more open collaboration 2. We need to find the best tools to enhance collaboration in our teams
  19. 19. Download the slides and get our free eBook on remote collaboration: