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5 Project Management Ideas That Should be Extinct


Published on - The way we work is rapidly evolving. And in order to use these changes to our benefit, we should be ready to adapt how we manage our projects. Which is why these 5 ideas need to be put to rest. They’re archaic and inefficient, and instead of bringing you closer to your goals, they end up obstructing your road to success.

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5 Project Management Ideas That Should be Extinct

  1. 1. Photo by - Creative Commons Attribution License
  2. 2. Photo by Mykl Roventine - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License There are many ways to manage a project: from Agile to Waterfall to hands-off supervision to management by walking around… And then there are these 5 ideas that should go the way of the dinosaur.
  3. 3. Photo by - Creative Commons Attribution License Is your project manager inflexible? Does he/she want to stick to the plan even when requirements shift and needs change? Unfortunately, life never works that way. 1. Stick to the Plan, No Matter What
  4. 4. Photo by chiaraogan - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Have a complete project plan but be ready to pivot. Changes are not evil. They’re opportunities to improve your project.
  5. 5. Photo by larskflem - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License Your boss insists: “Email me a status report!” And soon you’re buried in a cluttered inbox, looking in vain for info or attachments, spending more time on email than actually moving the project forward. 2. Manage It Via Email
  6. 6. Photo by mikecogh - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Click to learn about Wrike’s team collaboration software! The truth is there are better, more collaborative tools than email. These tools allow efficient communication and better accountability — away from the inbox.
  7. 7. Vague project plans still exist. And there are still project managers who want to improvise ALL the time, hoping for brilliance and success but never preparing the ground for it. 3. Just “Wing” It
  8. 8. Photo by Bohman - Creative Commons Attribution License Give your team everything it needs for success: concrete plans, clear expectations and deadlines, tried and tested processes.
  9. 9. Photo by markhillary - Creative Commons Attribution License Unfortunately, meetings are not venues where real work gets done. They often take too long and involve people unnecessarily. 4. Have More Meetings
  10. 10. Photo by Office Now - Creative Commons Attribution License Instead, meetings should involve only those whose work is directly affected by the agenda. Send the agenda beforehand. Use a timer to enforce a meeting’s length. Click to Read: 7 Tips for Better Meetings
  11. 11. Photo by COD Newsroom - Creative Commons Attribution License Sure, work might be easier when you can meet face-to-face. But what if the skills you need CAN’T be sourced locally? 5. Only Hire Locals
  12. 12. Photo by Holtsman - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License With the advanced communication tools available, remote work CAN be done successfully. Consider hiring outside your local area — if the skills fit. Click to Read: 5 Best Video Conference Apps for Your Team
  13. 13. Click to read the Wrike Blog for more on modern project management. We’re managing projects in a totally different environment from 10 years ago. And if we don’t shift away from archaic and inefficient ideas, we doom our work to failure… and possibly, extinction. Get With the Times
  14. 14.