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Evernote is a suite of free software designed to help you capture, save and organize ideas and information. Learn how to use this multi-platform application and collaborate with coworkers anywhere there's an Internet connection.

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  • Introductions
  • State learning objects.Has anyone had any experience with Evernote? Is anyone currently using Evernote?
  • *All this talk and I have not even defined what Evernote is yet! Evernote is a suite of free software that is designed to help you capture, save, organize, and share ideas and information. *It is multi-platform, meaning you can use the web version, download a desktop version, and download the app on your smart phone and tablet. Your information is available anywhere there is an Internet connection. It automatically syncs between your devices, keeping all your information together.*If you go to the Evernote website, you can see what all devices it supports. But, it does include all the big mobile guys like: Android, Blackberry, Window, iOS, and web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Mac OS X. Evernote is free but if you want more than 60 megabytes per month, there is a fee. I’ll talk more about free versus premium later.
  • These are just some examples of what you can save with Evernote. I’ll get to specific applications next.
  • *This is what my Evernote looks like in a web browser. *I am using Evernote to organize this presentation; save resources for the K-12 STEM LibGuide; write and save conference notes, and to save articles, websites and Tweets that have interesting links to read later in my free time.*I know librarians love committees and have committees on about everything. I can see in the future, using this to organize and save Committee minutes and notes in and share with other committee members. The same use can be said for Team Meetings, such as AskUs Onstage meetings.*How many of you read things online or find something pretty cool and either forget to bookmark it or forget where it is later? Evernote is good for solving that problem! I do this all the time, so with my ‘Fun’ and ‘Professional Development’ notebooks, whenever I see anything on my smartphone or online but don’t have time to look at it then but I want to remember it, I ‘clip’ it and save it to Evernote.
  • *One of my favorite things about Evernote so far is being able to create an RSS feed from it and being able to embed it into LibGuides or any other websites*As you saw in the previous slide, I have a K-12 STEM LibGuide that I co-created. Under the Teachers tab, I have a box titled “Hot topics in STEM” the box is an RSS feed of a public notebook I have created using Evernote. Whenever I see anything that I think teachers might find interesting and relevant to their classes, I save it in my K-12 STEM notebook and it automatically updates the LibGuide. For example, I am looking at Twitter in my phone right now. I see an article I want to share with teachers. I click Share, then Evernote, enter in a title, then choose K-12 STEM and the article will now appear on my LibGuide. It’s a great way for one part of the guide to not be so static.
  • If you’re supervising student workers and need a place to organize everything, send them emails, link to instructional videos, create to-do lists that you can check in later to see if they are completed, you can use Evernote. This is just an example of creating a to-do list.
  • Also, you can link Evernote with your Outlook email (or any email you want). On the left hand side is the email I sent from my Outlook account to my Evernote email. On the right hand side is what the email looks like in Evernote. This was helpful to me because Eugenia sent out an email about a programming course and I was busy but wanted to look at it later. I know it would get buried in my work email, so I forwarded it to my Prof. Development folder in my Evernote. By following the instructions in this slide, the email was sent to the exact folder I wanted it in and already had tags so I didn’t have to edit any in later.
  • You can link Evernote and Twitter. If you’re waiting in line and you see a tweet you want to save, you can send it to your Evernote account. Also, if you tweet a friend but you want to save your tweet, you can follow the instructions on this slide (and in the LibGuide) so that the tweet is sent both to your friend and your Evernote account. I saw a tweet about good presentations and I wanted to send it to my friend Elvira and also save it to look at later.
  • *To save websites and pieces of websites, you need to download the web clipper. Go to this URL and you can download the clipper. It works with the major web browsers.
  • Notes: Everything added to Evernote is saved as a note. You can create as many notes as you want. Notes can contain text, images, audio, PDFs, digital links. If you want to attach files, you have to get Evernote PremiumNotebooks: Notes are organized within notebooks. You start off with one notebook but you can create as many as you want. You can also share notebooks. If you share a notebook, an RSS feed will be created.Tags: tags are keywords, or labels, that you can write in with a note. Notes can have multiple tags. Tags are used for filtering. If you assign the same tag to similar notes, it will be easy to filter later one
  • QUESTIONS FOR JULIE: If have regular Evernote and share notebook, can others you share it with edit it? Or can you just view it?*Definite pro is it’s easy to compile multiple types of information in different formats and that it syncs between multiple devices*Cons are that you use 60 megabytes per month. If you want more, you need to pay. Also, you must pay to view your notebooks offline. It costs $5/month and $45/year. There are educational discount and licensing is available.
  • Evernote Presentation

    1. EvernoteNew Tools for Organizing Your Work Life By Julie Wright
    2. Learning Objectives Understand how Evernote can be used in the workplace Identify 3 strategies for using Evernote in the workplace
    3. What is Evernote?Product EvernoteCategory ProductivityPlatform Multi-platform: Computer, smart phone, tabletOverview Provides quick, easy way to create, save, organize, and share ideas and informationLearning Curve Easy, tutorials availableRating To be determined by youCost Free*
    4. Examples Clips of webpages Photos of whiteboards and blackboards Business card snapshots Tweets Photos of handwritten notes Tasks and to-dos Emails Audio Files
    5. Practical Applications Information management LibGuides: clip websites, multimedia, rss feeds Workflow with coworkers and student workers
    6. Information Management
    7. LibGuides: RSS feed  Evernote public RSS feed
    8. Workflow withCoworkers/Student Workers Share Notes To-Do lists
    9. Evernote and Email Email Evernote
    10. Evernote and Twitter Instructions Results
    11. How to Clip Install free web clipper http://evernote.com/webclipper/ Clip away!
    12. Organization in Evernote Notes Notebooks  Stacks Tags
    13. PROS CONS Search printed and handwritten  Cannot embed/view videos in text Evernote Easy to compile multiple forms  Cannot colorcode of information  Heavy research project, Sync between multiple devices consider RefWorks, others  60 megabytes/month uploads  Pay for offline notebooks  Pay for others to edit/add to notebooks
    14. Recap Strategies where you can use  Information management Evernote at work  LibGuides  RSS feeds  Update in-real-time  Workflow management  To-do lists/check list  Create notebooks for different student groups Identify the tools to start your  Sign up Evernote account  Notebooks  Note  Tag  Web clipper add-on
    15. Further Reading http://www.evernote.com Step-by-step instructions: Evernote LibGuideNote: All images from http://www.evernote.com andauthor-generated
    16. Let Evernote be your external brain.
    17. Further Questions? Just ask.Julie Wright, Learning and Outreach InternLearning and Outreach TeamSterling C. Evans Librarywrigh2jk@gmail.com