May 2009 Travel Deals (v. PDX)


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Travel Deals from Portland and the West Coast May 2009

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May 2009 Travel Deals (v. PDX)

  1. 1. 800.777.2018 [email_address]
  2. 2. My last little communiqué to you, my friends, colleagues and business associates, touted the unprecedented recession-driven values in my business which are providing opportunities for those of you who have the means to travel, to do so at unheard of low prices.   Several of you took advantage of some of the ridiculously low cost specials and will soon be on your way to exotic experiences at prices you just couldn’t ignore.   We thank you for your business.   It means a lot to us.  Several of you asked me to send you more info from time to time.  So for that crowd,  I thought I’d update you with some of the most recent deals I’ve found out there.   These are just a few of the new values that are shocking  those of us who have watched the ups and downs in the cost of travel over  the last few decades.    Since I’m in Portland, most of these specials are left-coast centric, but if this posting finds its’ way to those located elsewhere in the country, don’t worry.  Every market has its drama going on travel pricing.    Most of these specials focus on getting from here to there, however, the agency has an equally impressive array of bargains on vacation packages, hotels, car rentals and cruises.     So here we go…
  3. 3. <ul><li>Most summers, just finding a seat between the USA and Japan is challenging – regardless of the price.  Not so this year.  In fact, we were just given the opportunity to sell round trip tickets to Tokyo for travel in May and June from Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego and Sacramento for as low as $298*!    That’s around 70% lower than what the same trip would have cost you at this same time last year. Purchase by 5/30/09 </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>  In my last post I was on about the West Coast fares to Sydney for under $400?   Well, today the round trip fare from LAX to  Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane has fallen to just $297*!    And the U.S. dollar continues to strengthen against the Australian dollar making this destination the hottest of the hot right now!  In general, these fares are for travel July 1-November 30, but check with our travel consultants for specifics.   This one I just cannot believe.  If you’re employed and expect to stay that way, damn the recession – go to Australia this year!   And while you’re there, add a side trip to New Zealand for around $200.   You just will never find a better time than now for these two “see before you die” destinations.    Azumano has several certified Aussie and Kiwi specialists on staff to assist you with high level expertise in planning trips to Australia and New Zealand. </li></ul>
  5. 5. <ul><li>Hawaiian Airlines still is showing round trip fares from Portland to Honolulu or Maui for as low as $148* for travel until 6/18. (purchase by 5/22)  Although in reality, unless you’re really, really flexible, its’ hard to find available seats at this special fare. But even the next fare level up is an extreme bargain compared to a few months ago.   My first trip to the Islands was in 1976, and for some reason I remember the fare.  It was $343 round trip from Portland.   Hawaiian Airlines’ lowest published fare for travel through the rest of this year (until 12/19)  to Honolulu or Maui (from PDX) is only $228* at the moment, beating the 1976 fare by more than $100!    Alaska Airlines will begin non-stop service to Maui on July 3, giving Portland 4 daily non-stop trips to the islands.   All this competition will keep air fares low to Hawaii for the foreseeable future and, like everywhere else, the hotel values once you get there are equal to the savings you’ll experience on air fare.  Hoteliers and resorts have slashed prices to attract travelers to their empty properties. Now is the time for Hawaii! </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>
  6. 6. <ul><li>In my opinion, one of the biggest aviation related events of this summer for the Pacific Northwest will be the launch of non-stop service by Icelandair between Seattle and Reykjavik on July 23.   Maybe you don’t think you’d want to go to Iceland .   I’d challenge that thinking if I were you!    Iceland is one of the most unique and beautiful natural destinations on the planet, and although a bit on the chilly side in the deepest, darkest part of winter, generally temperatures are surprisingly moderate despite the country’s name.   The scenery and plethora of outdoor activities is beyond compare.  The beauty of Icelandair’s new service is that they connect in Iceland to take you onward to a dozen or so European hot spots like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Frankfurt, etc.   And no matter how low the fare you pay to get to Europe on Icelandair, all their fares allow you to stopover for up to 7 days in Iceland at no additional fare.    And trust me on this, it is well worth even a one night stop for a soak in Iceland’s spectacular geothermal Blue Lagoon , located only a few minutes from the airport!    You’ve got to do this to cure whatever ails you!   Icelandair is offering introductory summer fares from $417* round trip from Seattle to Iceland and their fares onward to Europe are on par with what all the other airlines are charging with the added attraction of that stopover!  The stopover scheme allows you to visit Iceland without the commitment of a full blown “trip to Iceland”.    But speaking of Europe in general, fares are down on average around 40% below what they were for travel last summer.  Here are some examples of round trip summer fares from Portland.     London from $438*; Nice from $538*; Edinburgh from $438*;  Athens from $498*; Venice from $455*; Mallorca from $550*.  You get the idea.   These, again, are ‘70s and ‘80s prices if you want some perspective.     The dollar is holding its’ own right now. Hotel prices are falling like the air fares and there are even some great  promotional deals on EurRail passes – and they haven’t discounted their product in years! </li></ul>
  7. 7. <ul><li>Maybe you’ve done Hawaii to death, and you perceive Australia to be a bit too far from home.  Maybe you should try an Atlantic beach for a change.   Well, you’re in luck.   Bermuda , usually way off the radar for most of us on this side of the country, is celebrating it’s 400 th anniversary this year!   Lots going on, but just like every other destination…things are a bit soft this year.   So soft, in fact, that you can get there and back from Portland for as little as $203* round trip!    Nassau in the Bahamas  – from only $283* round trip.  Head out from Nassau to the Bahamas’  “out islands” to discover  the most beautiful pink sand beaches to be found anywhere.   Or check out the original Margaritaville in Key West,  right here in the USA from only $284* round trip.     For an Atlantic Island experience that’s completely different, use one of our low fares to London (see above) and then hop on a flight from there to the Canary Islands for as little as 28Euros Round Trip*!    That’s something not everyone on the block has done. Again, these are all Portland fares, but if you live elsewhere, the fares are as dramatic or more so. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>Want to pump your vacation dollars into our North American economy?   Well, fares from Portland to destinations across the country are great values this year.   Destinations like L.A. from $69* one way, Denver  from $65* one way,  Chicago from $99* one way, Baltimore  from $97* one way, Orlando  from $97* one way, Houston from $124*one way, New York from $129*one way.   Or visit our neighbor up north.  The Canadian dollar is way down compared to the U.S. dollar, making Canada an excellent vacation choice. Travel writers everywhere are high on Canadian travel this year, carrying on and on about the cool factor of cities like Montreal, Vancouver and even Calgary.   Air fares are ultra-low too.   Calgary  from $89 one way, Montreal from $151* one way, Toronto from $127* one way.    Hotel prices are way down everywhere to make that getaway even more attractive.   And the U.S. Dollar has regained its former glory at about 20% stronger than the Loony for the moment.       </li></ul>
  9. 9. <ul><li>Check this out.   MCS Cruises is offering a couple 5 night Eastern Caribbean sailings in November from Ft. Lauderdale on the ultra-luxurious Italian MCS Poesia with an incredible 3 category cabin upgrade offer.   Inside staterooms start at just $399**, with balcony staterooms starting at only $739**.   Plus, kids under 17 occupying the 3 rd & 4 th berths in a stateroom sail for free!   So pull the rug rats out of school and go!    While MCS is a beautiful cruise line, the deals are everywhere and all the lines are cutting cruise fares and offering incomparable promotions.    Try Europe cruises from $349**, Alaska from $449**, Australia from $899**, Canada/New England from $569**, on and on and on…..  Point being, call one of our cruise specialists and we will help you ferret out the best offers and take advantage of these extraordinary low cruise fares.    </li></ul>
  10. 10. <ul><li>OK, let’s be done for this time.    Let us know if we can help you with a trip. We would very much appreciate your business whether you’re traveling the globe or needing  a weekend getaway or taking a business trip.     Although this recession is brutal on so many levels, one possible upside is that you can travel right now at prices most of us thought disappeared 20 years ago. When this thing is over, you can hang your hat on the fact that you will pay more than $300 for a flight to Australia – so GO NOW! </li></ul>
  11. 11. <ul><li>*All fares are current as of 4:00pm May 15, 2009, but are subject to change until tickets are purchased.   Fares are subject to various restrictions and most are non-refundable once ticketed.   Fares are subject to availability and are capacity controlled.    Some may require advance purchase and may apply for specific dates of travel or date ranges.  Most fares are not offered or available over holiday periods. Fares shown do not include taxes, fuel surcharges, security or agency fees.   Check with an Azumano Travel consultant for full details and for a quote specific to your travel dates.   **Cruise fares are per person based on double occupancy and are restricted.  Fares apply to specific sailings and cabin categories and are subject to availability and capacity controls.   Fares are subject to change without notice.   Cruise fares do not include taxes, fuel surcharges, air fare or other fees.   Contact an Azumano Travel consultant for full details and additional restrictions.   If you’re sick of my emails, my feelings won’t be hurt – just reply with the word “remove” in the subject line. </li></ul><ul><li>Bill Harmon </li></ul><ul><li>Azumano Travel American Express </li></ul><ul><li>400 SW 4 th Avenue </li></ul><ul><li>Portland, OR   97204 USA </li></ul><ul><li>Phone:  503.221.5891 [email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>Book your next flight at Azumano.Com Great internet fares and discount hotel rates </li></ul><ul><li>all backed by the Pacific Northwest’s most trusted name in travel.  Follow our best deals on Twitter ! </li></ul>