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Abbreviated Resume, Full Curriculum Vitae, and Addendum of Patents and Publications - July 2011

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My Credentials

  1. 1. RESUME WESLEY R. HALE, PH. D. 801 Wood Court Kingsport, TN 37663 423.239.2881 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1) Accomplished, results oriented, urgency sensitive, Polymer Scientist and Chemical Engineer with 13 years industry experience2) A seasoned adaptive and creative innovator driving or rapidly delivering practical results as an individual with teams, who is comfortable in the lab, on production floor, at the desk, or on stage3) Proven expertise in polymeric materials including fundamental structure-property, up and down stream processes, market segment focused application or product development, practical material FFU translation along product food-chain, and understanding complex relationships within and between the above affiliates4) Broad experience in biodegradable polymers / formulations, barrier or breathable films, sustainable streams, consumer packaging materials and applications, fibers and nonwovens, photovoltaic product/ component development (LCD’s etc), and more5) Polymer synthesis, and property measurement + analysis (extensive experience with analytical testing and methods) as well as formulations and blends, additives, processing (finished goods or masterbatch), and compounding via major commercial means.6) Expert in theoretical or experimental polymer optics, thermodynamics, and compatibility.7) Success as an individual or broader strategy leader in Patent/Claim drafting, applications, and prosecution, in process USPTO BAR exam8) Demonstrated success in management of projects and technical team leadership (at multiple scales, from diverse starting points) with effective communication abilities at multiple levels to support key decision points with gatekeepers or management9) Repeated success in communicating complex technical concepts, to mentor, motivate, or inspire coworkers, as well as support technical service and sales with customers.10) B.S. Chemical Engineering, VPI; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, U. of Texas at Austin ACCOMPLISHMENTS•Lead project engineer supporting new business with key customer for product/process development offlame retardant concentrates. Identified cause, and solution for eliminating degradation of temperaturesensitive components during initial trials. Product is now in final stages of commercialization.•Championed effort to produce polyester based concentrate on equipment designed for polyolefinprocessing. Rapid, successful production has broadened market scope and introduced new customers andapplication opportunities.•Led efforts for evaluating multiple new process / processing aids (material lubricants and lineconditioning). Value adding results include qualifying lower cost process aid replacements as well assuccessful trials (small to large scale) for a new high-volume product, previously believed to be beyondexisting production capabilities.
  2. 2. •Drove development with a key customer to scale up a new high-value product used in protecting cablefrom moisture. Overcame formulation and process difficulties through close interactions with productionteam. Collaboration resulted in continuous process improvement and product quality.•Project Manager of team charged to form core competency in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) science andtechnology. Formed foundation for new business platform, leveraging existing assets in cellulose esterand polyester resins, materials heavily used in manufacturing display components, resulting in a multi-million dollar business unit. Also formed and led team to develop core competency in melt processeddiffuser film and sheet for LCD backlight system, ultimately leading to commercial sales.•Championed project comparing melt extruded and solvent cast LCD films of same compositions,enabling use of existing compositions (eliminating need for production of additional resins) for films asoptical compensators for growing LCD market. Successfully led efforts to build an Intellectual Propertyportfolio for LCD compositions and applications resulting in expansion of customer base.•Developed thermodynamic models for prediction of miscible polymer blends, reducing time in lab byover 50%.•Managed projects focused on High Temperature Polyester/Polyester blends that Identified misciblesystems containing components of a new family of high Tg co-polyesters.•Created a coatings lab to developed understanding of coatings chemistries including applicationtechniques, cure methods, and testing protocols. Then directed project to screen commercially availablehard coatings and identify candidates that improve co-polyester sheet mar resistance without sacrificinginherent beneficial co-polyester properties, thus broadening the applications window.•Managed project developing polymer formulations for ophthalmic market use involving significantcustomer interaction. The result was creating improved lens resins with optimal mechanical and chemicalstress crack resistance.•Identified need and developed expertise to produce refractive index matched, transparent immiscibleblends. This resulted in several new product developments.•Created novel, clear, high temperature polyester compositions (miscible and immiscible systems) withseveral functions such as thermal resistance, high barrier, and cost reduction.•Invented novel breathable, monolithic, biodegradable, polyester films through multilayer film structurecontrol improvements. Also invented and developed biodegradable blends having high tensile strengthwith improved toughness, and process ability. The biodegradable resin business was sold and thesepatented technologies increased the final selling price.•Project manager and inventor of mineral filled, oriented, microporous polyolefin films for breathablefilms used in hygienic markets. Revenue generated via licensing. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCECURRENT POSITIONColortech Inc., A PPM Company, Morristown, TN 2010-PresentApplications EngineerServed as senior applications and development scientist, managing multiple, high pressure / timeconstrained projects to improve existing or grow new business for polymer masterbatch (additives, fillers,modifiers, etc.). Lead engineer to optimize existing products (via formulation optimization/change andprocess improvements), supporting growth of core products or new opportunities (as project manager, ortechnical leader), and giving direct support to manufacturing. Contributed to the improvement ordevelopment of products for use in high opacity films, enhanced strength blow molded or thermoformedfood packaging, breathable films, flame retardant resins used in construction, moisture barrier,
  3. 3. agricultural irrigation pipe/tube, foamed products, and biodegradable (direct or via prodegradents). Leadresource for new business platforms around engineering thermoplastics such as polyesters. Contributedto production efficiency improvements, such as increased line output, extended run times, reduced motorload, and more.PREVIOUS POSITIONSEastman Chemical Company, Kingsport, TN 1998-2008Research AssociateServed as Individual Contributor on teams or independently, performing or directing laboratory work insupport of business needs. Project Manager for significant projects and contributed the intellectualproperty portfolio by preparing patents, and assisting attorneys during prosecution. Contributed to thedevelopment of new products for commercial use in packaging or barrier films, high temperaturepolymers, resins for ophthalmic lenses, and liquid crystal displays materials.• Held scientific/technical/management positions of increasing responsibility as Project Manager, Team Leader, Principal Research Chemical Engineer, Senior Research Chemical Engineer, and Advanced Research Chemical Engineer for teams three to 10 professionals. EDUCATIONPh.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.Dissertation: “Reactive Compatibilization of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/ABS Blends by MethylMethacrylate, Glycidyl Methacrylate, Ethyl Acrylate Terpolymers”. Completed with honors in 1998.B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.Minor in Chemistry, Completed with honors in 1993. LICENSELicensed Patent Agent - Patent Resource Group – In ProcessEngineer in Training Exam Passed, 1993; In-discipline PE exam – to proceed as appropriate. PUBLICATIONS AND PATENTS See Addendum included with CV HONORS AND ACTIVITIES• Tau Beta Pi (Engineering) and Omega Chi Epsilon (Chemical Engineering) Honor Societies• Honorary Eastman Representative - Chemical Heritage Foundation Innovation Day and Society of Chemical Industry Perkin Medal Award Ceremony, 2004• Whos Who in the World 2006, in Emerging Leaders 2006, in Science and Technology 2006 TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE
  4. 4.  Polymer processing (raw material handling, melt and solvent methods, batch and continuous mixing, extrusion, injection molding, film/sheet formation, and fiber/web formation) Polymer synthesis and characterization (DSC, TGA, GPC, FTIR, TREF, DMTA, rheology, etc) Polymer blend formation & analysis – including miscibility, thermodynamics, and compatibilization Masterbatch formulations and use comprising additives (process stabilizers, slip/AB, blowing agents, UV and thermal stabilizers, etc), colorants (pigment focused such as TiO2 and extenders), and fillers (examples are DE, CaCO3, talc, zeolite, nanoclay, etc.) Electron microscopy (transmission and scanning), cryogenic microtomy and phase contrasting staining Common QC methods, mechanical testing including, tensile properties and high speed fracture analysis Advanced skills in color spectra analysis and optical properties PROFESSIONAL / TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT• Latex technologies• Advanced Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Flat Panel Display (FPD) technologies• Project Management and Leadership• Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis methodologies• Intellectual Property - Writing Patent Applications, Claims, and Advanced Patent Law• Industry methods of producing, processing, forming, and characterizing Polymers and Plastics
  6. 6. WESLEY R. HALE, PH. D. 801 Wood Court Kingsport, TN 37663 423.239.2881 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYProlific Scientist with a strong sense of urgency, degreed in Chemical Engineering, and over 10 yearsindustrial experience. Specialized in polymer, material, and chemical sciences; performing businessdriven product and application development as well as fundamental research. A high performer in thelab, at the desk, or on-stage under the spotlight. A solid team player performing multiple / diverse roles;such as project manager, technical leaders, or as an individual team contributor. Time proven expertise inmultiple disciplines such as material type (olefins, esters, amides, carbonates, acrylates, etc), polymercolor/pigments and additives (AO, AB, FR, UV, AS, PPA, prodegradents, etc), masterbatch production,optics, blend thermodynamics, synthesis, formulation, analytical characterization methods, structure-property relationships, up and downstream processing techniques, etc. Extensive experience in polymerformulations, dry blending, surface treatment, compounding (twin/single screw extrusion and continuousmixers), melt extrusion, air and underwater pelletization, molding and forming, problem solving / troubleshooting, functional materials. Known expert in polymeric material types and process methods used forproducts such as Liquid Crystal Displays, barrier films, breathable films, textiles/fibers and nonwovenstructures, packaging, ophthalmics, multilayer film and sheet, biodegradable and/or sustainable streams,etc. Recognized for high success rate of rapidly delivering solutions to business and technical needs viaideation and confirmation of concepts. Confident driver of multiple high-priority projects, encompassingraw material to final product food-chain (cradle to grave). Substantial experience in writing patentapplications and patent prosecution (in process of obtaining Patent Agent license). Employs a variety ofverbal or written communication to advise, mentor and coach coworkers or to support management in keydecision making. EXPERIENCECOLORTECH INC. Current PositionApplications Engineer, 2010-PresentProject Manager, Product Development, and Production Support:• Preparation of training material for new or non-production employees. Focused on production capabilities, production line details and primary product dedications, line design with constraints. End goal to enable employees to quickly understand line-specific and plant production difficulties. Line size ranges from 20 to 15,000 pound per hour.• Development leader for multiple (key customer) products such as moisture absorbing protective materials for wire and cable, several film and packaging applications, and novel irrigation drip tube. Identified and verified key process additives from bench to incorporation on large development lines within limited time window. Drove transition from smaller commercial to larger commercial lines, identified sources of scale-up complications and delivered solutions.WES HALE PAGE 2 EXPERIENCE (continued)
  7. 7. • Champion of multiple project and products. Examples include new flame retardants, process – material – stabilizer optimization for improved products / processing. Degradable / sustainable materials. Establish and refine QC methods. Ensure information flow is maintained to resolve potential scale-up issues internally (new feed-stock evaluations or key customer new business development) or externally (NA and EU production sites)• Developed new formulations for PET concentrates using non-PET resins for high crystalline extrusion coating application.• Championed development of raw material preparation for compounding heat sensitive activators such as prodegradents and blowing agents.• Drove internal study on large scale production line to identify formulation requirements and line constraints to produce a high value extrusion coating product.• Led effort for new process aids (internal lubricants), enabling the production of ultra-high viscosity masterbatch products (high additive content and/or high molecular weight resins) that were otherwise unattainable due to low rates and process upsets (catalyzed advancement of new business development).• Managed projects for new sources of white pigment, lower cost processing additives (line conditioning).• Production support in many areas such as aqueous conditioners for difficult underwater pelletization.EASTMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY 1998-2008Research Associate, 2006-2008Individual Contributor:• Hard Coats for Scratch Resistant Polyester Sheet - Dove project to screen commercially available hard coatings and identify candidates that improve copolyester sheet mar resistance without sacrificing the inherent beneficial properties of the copolyester (it is well known that hard coatings typically embrittle copolyesters). This effort required the creation of a coatings lab, self-education of coatings, understanding coatings chemistries along with application and cure methods, and testing protocols.• Championed a project comparing LCD films of identical compositions formed by two commercially viable film formation methods. Comparisons were performed on base and stretched films with a goal of identifying primary differences in films formed by the two methods as well as identifying compensation films for specific types of liquid crystal displays.• Successful completion of deliverables where to understand the relationships between different cellulose ester films (melt and solvent cast) and optical properties, in particular the property of birefringence (or retardation), and dispersion of birefringence over the visible wavelength. This particular study enabled the use of existing, well understood, films as optical compensators, for the rapidly growing LCD display market.• Championed the building of an Intellectual Property portfolio for LCD applications.• Developed a strong capability for the writing patent applications.• Research of new materials for optical plastic applications and fundamental core-competency of optical properties of polymers including experimental characterization and theoretical modeling.• Formation of thermodynamic models for prediction of novel miscible polymer blends and fundamental core-competency of blend thermodynamics.Project Manager:
  8. 8. • High Temperature Polyester/Polyester blends - Successful achievement of all project goals: Identification of miscible compositions containing commercially available polymers blended with novel copolyesters from Eastmans new family of high Tg copolyesters. Output included the formation of miscibility maps and obtaining patent protection of key systems.• Light diffusers for backlit LCD displays. Completed the formation and foundational core-competency in melt processed diffuser sheet and plate for LCD backlight system. This project has yielded a current commercial application. Filed several patents covering discoveries from this work.WES HALE PAGE 3 EXPERIENCE (continued)• Development of polymer formulations for used in the ophthalmic market with significant customer interaction for developing improved lens resins having optimal mechanical and chemical stress crack resistance (patents filed). E.g., for frameless glasses requiring drill tapped mounts.• Formation of thermodynamic models for prediction of novel miscible polymer blends and fundamental core-competency of blend thermodynamics.• Development and optimization of new, refractive index tunable, high barrier compositions and process to form them, where these high barrier compositions. The use of this barrier resin is targeted for at multilayer structures such that the regrind from a given process can be fed back into these multilayer structures without creating haze. This is especially useful for melt extruded packaging film/sheet as well as extrusion blow molding applications.Internal Consultant:• Intellectual Property - Performed patent analysis for Emerging Business, Medical Technology Team to provide opinion of existing concepts as well as generate new concepts for medical packaging water barrier films.• Technical Expertise - Provided assistance to teams examining polymer blends (with polymer or solvent), as well as teams focused on optical properties of bulk resins or specific formed products.Principal Research Chemical Engineer 2002-2006Individual contributor:• Biodegradable product development and commercialization of new breathable films and film structures Inventor of multiple new biodegradable polymer/polymer blended systems having property improvements for different market applications (Patents obtained).• Inventor of several new miscible blend systems for high heat and UV stable applications. Multiple Patents applications written and filed.• Development/Optimization of process/composition for commercialized heat resistant, tough, high barrier blends used for extrusion blow molding applications, development of core competency of shear thinning materials.• Research of new materials for optical plastic applications and fundamental core-competency of optical properties of polymers including experimental characterization and theoretical modeling.• Recognized need and developed expertise for production of refractive index matching to produce transparent immiscible blends. An advantage of this capability is reducing the materials cost of a manufactured article via diluting a primary resin with a lower cost secondary resin. Because the blend is immiscible, the manufactured article maintains the properties of the primary resin.• Formation of thermodynamic models for prediction of novel miscible polymer blends and fundamental core-competency of blend thermodynamics. Developed thermodynamic models for
  9. 9. prediction of novel miscible polymer blends and fundamental core-competency of blend thermodynamics.• Contributed to developing reduced-cost, transparent shrink films and also, assisted the Investigation of new materials for polymer-electrolyte-membranes in fuel cell applications.Project manager:• Focus Team for Liquid Crystal Displays. Charged with forming a core competency in the science and technology of Liquid Crystal Displays. Project formed the foundation for a new company business platform, leveraging existing core assets in cellulose ester and polyester resins, materials heavily used in the manufacture of display components. The new platform evolved into a high revenue business unit. Project includes development of analytical testing for lint-based cellulose triacetate solvent cast films, research for new functional materials for LCD film layers, fundamental studies of functionality and requirements of individual layers such as polarizers, polarizer protection films, optical compensation plates, and brightness enhancing film/sheet. Detailed analysis of intellectual property, supplier-customer food chain, market-technology relationships. Identification and acquisition of equipment required forWES HALE PAGE 4 EXPERIENCE (continued) production and analysis of optical films. Driver for development of core-competency in solvent and melt processing of cellulose ester films for LCD applications.• Champion for development of core-competency in melt processed diffuser sheet and plate for LCD backlight system.• Led teams in the writing Multiple patents in these areas.Senior Research Chemical Engineer 2000-2002Individual contributor:• Biodegradable, breathable products – Inventor of novel breathable, monolithic, biodegradable, polyester films through process improvements. Primary focus on multi-layer film structures comprising monolithic and non-monolithic component for products in markets such as construction and medical. Contributor for efforts regarding biodegradable sandwich wrap with focus on blend/process development for an environmentally friendly sandwich wrap to displace current material.• Inventor of novel, low cost, clear, high temperature polyester compositions including miscible and immiscible systems. Investigations into miscibility driving forces for miscibility. Examinations of polymer structure relationships with optical properties. Emphasis on Project/Business organization communication and fitness for use establishment.• Development of new polymers and use of existing polymers for fiber forming applications. Areas include binder fibers, non-wovens, and water-dispersible materials. Emphasis on fitness for use and cost analysis.• Team leader – polymer blends focus group. Projects include improved polyester/polycarbonate blends, cellulosics blends, novel fiber products, plasticization, biodegradable products, and general exploratory research. Emphasis on property enhancement and cost relationships.Advanced Research Chemical Engineer 1998-2000Individual contributor:• Contributing inventor of new synthetic route of producing polyester and polyamide blends prepared directly in the reactor without the need for extrusion by the addition of 2nd polymer contained glycol or water emulsions. Emphasis on the relationship between latex and the blend processing,
  10. 10. morphology and properties. Economic comparison of new/conventional blend formation technology. Participant in licensing efforts.Project Manager:• Breathable mineral filled polyolefin film applications for hygienics market. Examination of multiple methods of breathable film formation with focus on processing, polyolefin and mineral type/formulation on breathability/mechanical property relationships. Mathematical modeling and simulations of diffusion through porous membranes. Market analysis to access customer needs and delivery of desired properties. Commercialization of improved polyethylene for hygienics applications.• Technical team leader focusing on polymer/polymer blends applications and development. Coordinate team efforts to establish current customer needs where blends are possible solution. Project recommendation and launch. Product development around flexible medical tubing, soft touch elastomers and biodegradable materials.UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN 1993-1998Graduate Research AssistantSynthesis of new epoxy functional copolymers for reactive compatibilization of Polyester/ABS blends.Particular emphasis is placed on the effects of polyester, ABS, and epoxy copolymer type on themorphology generation and stabilization, as well as deformation behavior, of fabricated blends. Optimumblending sequence investigations performed to balance property/processing relationships from aneconomic standpoint.WES HALE PAGE 5 EXPERIENCE (continued)Teaching AssistantGuided students in their studies with emphasis on the essentials to becoming effective engineers such as:organization, clarity of thought, ability to quickly adapt to new situations, and other factors as pertainingto problem solving skills. Instructed courses such as Mass and Energy Balances, Unit Operations, andPolymer Science.ACADIA POLYMERS SUMMER 1993Graduate Summer InternshipServed as a quality control examiner and interfaced with distributors to ensure raw rubber start resins metcompliance specifications prior to production of compounded products. Worked with teams to improveproduct performance and reduce production costs. Contributor on team charged to develop newpolyurethane and phenolic resin products for the automotive industry.VIRGINIA TECH 1992-1993Undergraduate ResearchSynthesis and characterization of low molecular weight materials for the purpose of end-cappingPolyrotaxanes, a new class of polymers composed of large crown ethers threaded onto a linear polymerbackbone.
  11. 11. EDUCATIONPh.D., CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TXGPA: 3.87/4.00, Completion: (Magna Cum Laude) August 1998Dissertation: Reactive Compatibilization of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/ABS Blends by MethylMethacrylate, Glycidyl Methacrylate, Ethyl Acrylate Terpolymers. Advisor: Donald R. PaulB.S., CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VAGPA: 3.73/4.00, Minored in General Chemistry; Completion: (Magna Cum Laude) May 1993LICENSED PATENT AGENT –Patent Resource Group and the United States Patent & Trademark OfficeStatus: In ProgressPROFESSIONAL ENGINEER – Engineer in Training (EIT) Exam Passed, 1993Status: Must complete discipline specific exam (Ch.E.) – will proceed as appropriate.WES HALE PAGE 6 SKILLS• Polymer processing and end-use production methods: feed - component conveyance, batch and continuous extrusion, continuous mixers, pelletization (air and underwater), drying techniques, multiple molding methods, film/sheet formation (solvent and melt), fiber and web formation, etc.• Polymer synthesis (addition and condensation) and characterization (DSC, TGA, GPC, FTIR, TREF, dynamic mechanical, rheology, etc.)• Polymer blends formation and analysis – miscible/immiscible systems, thermodynamics, polymer- polymer compatibilization, reactive extrusion, organic and inorganic additives, etc.• Electron microscopy, cryogenic microtomy, phase contrast staining techniques• Mechanical testing of materials (tensile properties, high speed fracture analysis, etc.)• Advanced skills in color spectra analysis and optical properties• Basic training in experimental design and statistical analysis• Training in latex and emulsion (water and solvent born) technologies• Advanced training in Liquid Crystal Displays and other Flat Panel Display technologies• Advanced Technical Writing, Public Speaking, and Knowledge Conveyance
  12. 12. • Project management and leadership, conflict resolution and mediation• Ideation, problem solving, rapid prioritization within dynamic environment• Product end use regulations (FDA, UL, etc.), biodegradable / sustainable / green product development• Intellectual Property – Writing Patent Applications, Claims, Addressing Office Actions, and advanced patent law understanding HONORS AND ACTIVITIES• Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, 1991-• Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Honor Society, 1991-• Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Founding Father Delta Xi Chapter, 1992-• Dow Chemical Co. Outstanding Junior Award 1992• Rhone-Poulenc/Allied Signal Study Abroad Scholarship U.K. 1992• Virginia Tech Chemistry Academic Scholarship 1992, 1993• National Science Foundation: Undergraduate Research Scholarship 1993• Marquis Whos Who in Universities 1993• Deans List entire tenure at Virginia Tech• Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Chapter Advisor, 1995-1996, 1999• Larry Holmes/Society of Plastic Engineers Endowed Presidential Scholarship 1997• Best paper award INDA/INTC, Baltimore, MD; 2001• Marquis Who’s Who in America 2002-• Honorary Eastman Representative - Chemical Heritage Foundation Innovation Day and Society of Chemical Industry Perkin Medal Award Ceremony, 2004• Marquis Whos Who in the World 2006-; in Emerging Leaders 2006-; in Science and Technology 2006-• Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, 2010-
  14. 14. ADDENDUM OF PUBLICATIONS AND PATENTS WESLEY R. HALE, PH. D. 801 Wood Court Kingsport, TN 37663 H: 423.239.2881 Over 11 refereed publications, 28 issued U.S. Patents, 25+ pending U.S. Patent Applications.PUBLICATIONS:"ABS Copolymers as Impact Modifiers for PBT," with H. Keskkula, D.R. Paul; Proceedings frompresented at Compounding 96: Advances in Plastics Compounding for Performance and Profits, August26-27, 1996, Philadelphia, PA"Impact modification of Poly(butylene terephthalate) by ABS materials," with E. Hage, H. Keskkula,D.R. Paul; Polymer 1997, Vol. 38, 3237"Compatibilization of PBT/ABS blends by methyl methacrylate-glycidyl methacrylate-ethyl acrylateterpolymers," with H. Keskkula, and D.R. Paul; Polymer 1998, Vol. 40, 365“Reactive compatibilization of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/ABS blends by methyl methacrylate, glycidylmethacrylate, ethyl acrylate terpolymers,” Dissertation, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA. UMIDA9905744, 1998"Fracture behavior of PBT/ABS Blends compatibilized by methyl methacrylate-glycidyl methacrylate-ethyl acrylate terpolymers," with H. Keskkula, and D.R. Paul; Polymer 1999, Vol. 40, 3353"Effect of PBT melt viscosity on the morphology and mechanical properties of compatibilized anduncompatibilized blends with ABS," with J.-H. Lee, H. Keskkula, and D.R. Paul; Polymer 1999. Vol. 40,3621"Effect of crosslinking reactions and order of mixing on properties of compatibilized PBT/ABS blends,"with H. Keskkula, and D.R. Paul; Polymer 1999, Vol. 40, 3665"Effect of compatibilization and ABS type on properties of PBT/ABS Blends," with L.A. Pessan, H.Keskkula, and D.R. Paul; Polymer 1999, Vol. 40, 4237"A diffusion model for water vapor transmission through microporous polyethylene/CaCO 3 films," withK.K. Dohrer, M.R. Tant, and I.D. Sand; Colloids Surf., A 2001, Vol. 187-188, 483“Heat setting of stretched and microvoided PE/CaCO3 films,” with J. McGuire, I.D. Sand, K.K. Dohrer;J. Appl. Poly. Sci. 2001, Vol. 82, 2454“PERMTUFFTM A new Wave of Resins for Breathable Films”, with K.K. Dohrer and E. D. Crawford,presented at Insight 2000.“A Novel Method with Improved Economics for Preparing Polymer Blends” – with D.L. Murray andA.S. Jones, Annu. Tech. Conf. - Soc. Plast. Eng. (2001), 59th(Vol. 2), 2308-2312.
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