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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  1. 1. By: Jacob Raschka Pierson KatulaDakota Thompson
  2. 2. “The house shuddered, oak bone on bone, its bared skeleton cringing form the heat, its wire,”Pages 10 - 11
  3. 3. “its nerves revealed as if a surgeon had torn the skin off to let the red veins and capillaries quiver in the scalded air.”Pages 10 - 11
  4. 4. “The fire backed off, as even an elephant must at the sight of a dead snake.”Page 10
  5. 5. “In the kitchen the breakfast stove gave a hissing sigh” Page 1
  6. 6.  “The garden sprinklers whirled up in golden founts.” Page 3