Why I should live in your apartment


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Why I should live in your apartment

  1. 1. Why I Should Live in YourApartment for Another Month A powerpoint by Caius Carter
  2. 2. I am a fantastic house boy So everything will always be cleanAnd we won’t lose anymore of the deposit than we already have Also as resident dapper boy I can assist with fashion needs FASHION
  3. 3. My name is already on the lease • So I already planned on paying July rent• And I would really like a place to stay for a few weeks while I figure out my life
  4. 4. You trust me to keep the houserelatively safe and clean and also I don’t make very much noise so that’s nice
  5. 5. You won’t even see me• Because I don’t eat• Or do stuff• And also you are gone all day• And plus we’ll both be gone the first week• Which means we could really save on air conditioning for the month
  6. 6. PLEASE. NO.Homelessness is a major issue in America A lesser issue is PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME LIVE WITH MY PARENTS/LIVE IN CONCORD FOR UP TO THREE WEEKS
  7. 7. You don’t have to do a background check on me• Or run my credit• Or make sure I’m not a creeper• And also I’m not a dude• (Because I am sketched out about a dude living in a home with my name on it)• Even if he is a nice eagle scout hipster boy
  8. 8. Because I am talking to this really cutegirl on OKCupid right now and I wouldnot like to stop talking to her because I don’t live in Raleigh
  9. 9. Because I’ll probably cry again if the next time I’m in thatapartment I am leaving it foreverand I doubt anyone wants to deal with that
  10. 10. Because you don’t have to worryabout buying a bed for another month Srsly after one night at the Bova’s, I miss the futon DAT BED
  11. 11. Because if you do need help, and you’re willing to accept mine, I’ll be right there.Not like, money-wise, because obviously that won’t be an issue for much longer But like, outfits. Or medical problems. SO DAPPER
  12. 12. Because I am not a stranger
  13. 13. I don’t give very many fucks, so I will be a super chill roommate
  14. 14. I am small• So if you want I can just live in my stuff puttin; in closet
  15. 15. You said I’m a great manHere are so other great men who would begreat roommates:• Thor• BatmanObviously great men are great roommates
  16. 16. THIS JUST INI found a place to live in Greensboro in mid-August so probs you really won’t have to buy abed until then so I think that is a plus as well.
  17. 17. In conclusion• I should be your roommate• And plus all my stuff is already moved in• And also I already live there#hellaconvenientforeveryone