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  1. 2. The traditional means of buying and selling real estate is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Sure, there will be those that may see a For Sale sign on the lawn of a property and seek to inquire more about it. Others will continue their Sunday morning searches through the classified ads in the newspapers looking for amazing deals. Anyone that does such things is certainly not wasting time. There maybe some great deals to be found. However let the truth be told: exploring the new, modern process of online real estate investing is a must if you are a serious buyer or seller who wants to survive in this business. http://wholesalerealestatesource.com
  2. 3. The reason for this should be obvious: more doors are opened to discovering tremendous deals. This includes both the ability to search for items to purchase as well as exploring many unique ways in which to sell investment property.   Imagine having a truly brilliant property you wish to sell. There may be scores of interesting components to the home. However, a three line classified advertisement would do very little in terms of promoting all the benefits of what the home has to offer. So, rather than solely relying on the classified ads, you opt to make a series of descriptive videos, covering the benefits of the home. http://wholesalerealestatesource.com
  3. 4. A short 30 second introductory video covering the main selling points of the home could then be placed on a promotional file sharing site such as You Tube. There are video marketing services out there such as traffic geyser that syndicate out videos to 30-40 various social networking sites with the click of button. Additional videos providing more details of lengthier duration could be produced. This would be provided to those that see the 30 second promotional video and wish to learn more. Video marketing is now becoming the wave of the present and future. http://wholesalerealestatesource.com
  4. 5. This is but one example of how using online strategies to promote the sale of investment properties. There are scores of other methods as well. Creating an electronic flyer posting to social networking sites such as Face book, Twitter, Linked in, real estate related Google and yahoo groups, promotional blogs, and private real estate classified advertisement services, and finally promoting to social bookmarking sites such as biggerpockets.com, squidoo.com and activerain.com, to name of few. These can all be employed as means of selling property to interested buyers. And, of course, they can also be employed as a means of acquiring property you may be interested in. http://wholesalerealestatesource.com
  5. 6. In fact, such online real estate venues could allow you to purchase property all throughout the globe. One service for real estate investors that you should check out which will automate allow your internet marketing efforts for you and become your marketing partner is a program called Sims 2.0.   That is not to infer that purchasing real estate globally did not exist prior to the development of the internet. People have been scouring the globe for real estate deals for a long time. http://wholesalerealestatesource.com
  6. 7. However, the process has been made a lot easier because the internet eliminates the costly research and logistical processes previously required. With such costs and additional steps eliminated, those looking to expand their purchasing options can and should take advantage of what it available.   Additionally, using the internet to explore buying and selling real estate investments allows you to expand your geographical reach into areas experiencing real estate booms. If your local region is experiencing a seriously depressed real estate market, you can always look towards moving your ventures into other areas and this can all be done through using online real estate strategies and planning. Its no longer the old adage invest in your own back yard.   http://wholesalerealestatesource.com
  7. 8. Yes, the internet has made the world a smaller place. Those wishing to amass profits via the real estate online marketplace will find this to be quite appealing and necessary. It makes buying and selling real estate a lot easier Wholesale Real Estate Source is a Real Estate Investment Company Involved in Buying and Selling Wholesale Foreclosed Properties Nationwide. To Learn More about Us and Properties Available for Sale Visit http://wholesalerealestatesource.com/ http://wholesalerealestatesource.com