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A significant challenge to enterprises attempting to consolidate sprawling datacenters is finding a platform that supports a broad range of workload types with enterprise reliability and performance. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is a complete system built with hardware and software engineered together for extreme performance, reliability, and scalability for the widest possible range of enterprise mission-critical workloads. Join this webcast to learn all about Exalogic—what it is and how it will revolutionize your data center through the highest performance and dramatic application consolidation.

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  • IMPORTANT: This is a new product that has not been released!We will be talking about a product that is NOT released. We have announced the product but it will not be shipping for some timeWe will touch on some visionary things in this discussion that should NOT be used for contractual purposes
  • With that Exalogic teaser out there, let’s step back a bit and look at what problems we’re really trying to solve. Most enterprises out there have highly heterogeneous datacenters with underutilized dedicated stacks under most applications. And both the heterogeneity of the hardware and the complexity of the apps themselves—apps that in many cases consist of multiple components distributed across multiple servers—makes deployment highly inefficient and error-prone. And once the apps are deployed, scaling them is often difficult, involving addition of physical hardware to stacks and lengthy procurement cycles.
  • Consolidation to a standardized infrastructure, both in terms of hardware and foundational software such as operating systems and application servers alleviates some of the pain. Having a consistent templatized or “cookie-cutter” infrastructure building block allows IT shops to streamline deployment and scaling processes, reducing errors, and allowing streamlined operational activities such as patching and updating. You still have lots of manual labor as well as underutilization.[server is Sun Fire x4800]
  • Virtualization on top of consolidated infrastructure takes the game to a new level. The most obvious benefit is higher utilization—you can run many more apps on a given number of physical servers thanks to the way hypervisor server virtualization turns a singly physical server into multiple virtual server.But probably even more important is the ability to quickly deploy and move things around on virtual infrastructure. By packaging configured app stacks including middleware and OS into appliance-like “virtual machine images”, you can nearly instantly bring up an app on a virtual server and later move it or expand it to other servers without any physical reboots or even having to restart the application.
  • Discuss Oracle’s Experience with Exadata to show continuityTested the waters with data warehousing applianceWe were very successful with HPFound it was very appropriate for OLTP in addition to data warehousing. We have now come back to the market with Exadata V2 with SUN as a hardware partner. This was tremendously successful as wellMany customers told us that their interested was not only in OLTP and DW but also in database consolidation and this was a big part of what they saw in Exadata V2Customers would ask about the rest of the infrastructure – what about the middle tier?Oracle is in a position to have conversations with customers - Not just a Data Warehousing, OLTP or Middleware applianceQuestion from customers: What about enterprise-wide standardization, consolidation, PaaS and (ultimately) Private cloud?This is where Exalogic fits inNot just another productNot just an applianceExalogic is the next step in Oracles vision for the data center of the 21st century!We are talking about something much bigger than appliancesExalogic/Exadata are not solution building blocks, they are datacenter building blocks
  • This is clearly a big vision. How are we going to execute? Java PerformanceJava is an essential technology to Oracle and almost all of our customers. There was a real focus on what we could do for Java and there was a lot of opportunity: Java is well known for being sophisticated to tune, and performance was something we could optimizeMission Critical CloudReal end to end standardization, consolidation and ultimately CLOUD – IT as a serviceThis isn’t something that just works for small enterprise applications. The real business value is when it can be deployed across the enterprise, which means you need an infrastructure that can support the most mission critical applicationsEngineered SystemWe focused on the benefits of what can be delivered out of the box while carefully balancing the requirement to not take too much control from customersWe have a long standing commitment to best of breed components, and our business is likely not going to move away from selling those componentsWe focused on the best standalone components that our customers would use to build their own systems and used those same components to build this new engineered system that we can deliver out of the box, pre-integrated and ready to run.These were our goals, and we achieved them! We are very pleased with what we have done accomplished with this product.
  • Black boxes represent the physical machine (that thing, the thing you see)Preassembled machine 19” 42U RackPre-loaded with Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux (customer chooses)Ready to run – unpack, wheel it in, plug in the network and power and you’re ready to goWe have a services team to do the installation for you (if you want)Red Boxes: Optimized Java StackThese are the core components in WL SuiteMany changes have been made under the covers to improve performance in this environmentThe machine was spec’d and designed for this Java stack, and this Java Stack was tuned for this machineThey are closely coupled and complimentaryManagement from Application Level to Disk/Hardware level with Enterprise Manager
  • Software Optimizations for Exalogic Hardware: The Exalogic Elastic Cloud hardware platform is a purpose chosen combination of compute capacity, memory configuration, networking and storage aimed at middleware workloads. As a result of careful construction of the hardware infrastructure, the software infrastructure can be specifically configured and tuned out of the box to take advantage of the number of processors and cores per compute node, the exact networking speed, the locality of flash storage on each compute node and the performance characteristics of the storage infrastructure. Even within a non-Exalogic Elastic Cloud hardware infrastructure this can be a challenging tuning exercise given the breadth of configurability available at the operating system level, the Java VM level, the WebLogic Server level and the Coherence level. Within the Exalogic Elastic Cloud not only has Oracle pre-tuned the software infrastructure using existing features, significant new architectural changes have been engineered into the software infrastructure to dramatically improve performance beyond what is possible on non-Exalogic Elastic Cloud hardware. Software Optimizations for Oracle Database: A critical feature of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud is how well it integrates with Oracle RAC and specifically Oracle RAC running on Oracle Exadata. The performance benefits come in three major areas with Oracle RAC and Oracle Exadata:The Exalogic Elastic Cloud can be directly integrated with Oracle Exadata using InfiniBand as a high speed switchless fabric connecting to the two hardware solutions together. As a result of the InfiniBand technology, such configurations effectively become one large high speed compute fabric running middleware grids and database grids.To ensure that the connectivity between Exalogic and Exadata is not only at the InfiniBand fabric level but fully available in the WebLogic runtime infrastructure, the JDBC driver and the WebLogic Server data source infrastructure have been engineered to communicate natively using the protocols available on InfiniBand.Finally, a significant new innovation has been introduced as part of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software within WebLogic Server called Active GridLink for RAC. This feature enables WebLogic to connect to Oracle RAC instances, both on Exadata and independent of Exadata, by augmenting JDBC connections with a new event based channel for Oracle RAC instances to share status information back to WebLogic Server.These optimizations for Exalogic communicating with Oracle RAC dramatically improve the performance of OLTP applications - by factors of up to 2 to 3 times – as compared to WebLogic Server running on standard hardware.
  • There are two classes of applications you can useExtreme Performance: Oracle Fusion MiddlewareWhen you deploy anything that you have built (Customer Apps) that can be deployed on the Oracle WebLogic Suite you will benefit from this performance optimization In addition, all the Fusion Applications & Middleware Stack runs fasterWebCenterSOA SuiteContent ManagementAll other Fusion Applications: There is a Java stack that not only runs on the machine, but they are performance optimized for this machineThey are built for the machine, and the machine is built for themFusion Applications is the #1 focus of ExalogicAlso an Open Platform: Any Oracle Linux 5.5 64 bit certified application – From Oracle or from anyone else – is supportedNo special certification for ExalogicSupport Oracle Solaris 11 Express Applications (though there are not many in existence)We fully expect Oracle Solaris 11 Express to support Solaris 10-branded ZonesInfiniBand portability layer – the big differenceYou can run your applications most likely faster than they are running today, but they are not performance optimized for InfiniBandWe have not gone through every app and stack and run it on the machine. This is in progress, with a prioritized list. These applications will be physically tried on the box
  • Two Key Points:Grid ControlOps Center – OS up to Application. Should be netural for existing customersSpecial tool for InfiniBandProactive Support with Phone Home (ASR Integration)We can monitor the status of the physical machineWe can call you to schedule a service visit if we detect something is likely to go wrong and proactively ship partsWe have a DMZ based solution for customers who do not want direct integration with Oracle.
  • Starting at the bottom with the Black Boxes…Oracle believes in Grid, and we have architected our systems for GridWe are heavily invested in Grid, starting before we released Oracle RAC. Now we also have Tangasol Coherence for memory/data gridCloud is about horizontal scale-outWhen we made the machine, we wanted to solve the problems of scale-outIO is one of the most fundamental issues with scale-out, and we wanted to solve that problemCores are getting slower, not faster: Xeon cores in the Westmere chips are slower than a Pentium 5 core, but there are more of them per socket and they use less powerSystems are designed to be highly distributedIO becomes the issue - If apps are designed properly, they will bottleneck on IO, especially if you are using traditional Ethernet technologyWanted to address the problem of Cluster Interconnect vs Edge NetworkingMany datacenters use “Off the Shelf” Ethernet as their solution for Cluster InterconnectEthernet is not designed for this – it is an Edge Network technologyInfiniBand is explicitly designed to be a high performance cluster interconnect and this was a fundamental technology in the machine for us. We chose InfiniBand because:Supports the Grid architecture - aligns perfectly with RAC, application gridOpen StandardEasy to consumeSimple to expand and grow an InfiniBand fabric by adding new nodesInfiniBand Features:QOS and Security baked into the lowest level, switchesFault Tolerance & failover built inExtremely ScalableIt’s Proven - We have proven this at scale!These are two of the largest supercomputer installations in the world, both built on Oracle using InfiniBandBIG, FAST and RELIABLE scale-out is achievable with InfiniBand and Oracle in the real world – we have proof!
  • Mutltiple platforms, under-utilized, running wide varity of mixed bag of app-servers.These are silo stacks with one app server Complex costly management
  • Mutltiple platforms, under-utilized, running wide varity of mixed bag of app-servers.These are silo stacks with one app server Complex costly management
  • Oracle spent a lot of money pulling the features together: Testing, tuning, re-testing, re-tuning to get a stack that we believe performs extraordinarily well and that is truly integratedEven if you don’t care about cloud, standardization, java performance, etc you still get a HUGE up-front cost savingsThis is work they would have had to do themselves, and it is very expensive and time consuming work to doOracle has done all the work of putting the Java Middleware Stack together with the listed components - ALL WORKING OUT OF THE BOX!
  • When we say “Time to deploy reduced 90%” we are talking not only about the elapsed time associated with deploying a particular application, but also all of the time and preparation that leads up to a particular deployment project.  For many customers, application deployments that would have consumed many months of preparation and many weeks of elapsed time can be dramatically simplified by the use of Exalogic; for example, two and a half months of elapsed time and many months of preceding/concurrent effort can be replaced with a one-week Exalogic deployment.  In some cases we would expect the savings to be far greater than 90%, in fact.  Beyond this time savings, however, there are enhancements that Oracle can make to our products that no customer can make irrespective of any amount of time or effort.  When Oracle engineers a complete system like Exalogic,  we do much more than simply find and resolve resolving basic interoperability issues.  We add features that facilitate management and maintenance of the entire platform stack (such as our OneCommand tool) and make under-the-covers performance enhancements that result in potentially huge benefits from application  consolidation (use less hardware) and standardization (on platform good enough for all applications).  If we examine the platform development and application deployment costs mentioned earlier in the context of deploying a single application then we get a good starting point for the Standardization benefits discussion.  In reality, many (perhaps most) of our customers do a relatively slap-dash job of developing platforms because they have more than one in service at any given time (spend a few minutes with them and start counting the ones they know of off the top of their head).  The benefits of standardization on Exalogic amplify the Engineered System benefits – it’s not just the best platform, but it replaces tens or hundreds of different but equally inferior platforms, yielding huge savings.  Based on a simple projection, we concluded that for a typical Oracle customer with several dozen applications deployed across a variety of heterogeneous “platforms”, the savings from standardizing on Exalogic and consolidating those assorted applications would easily exceed 60% of their current TCO.We are working with several customers on a simple model and some reference data and case studies that will help lay this all out very clearly for customers.  In the meantime, we would greatly appreciate any specific feedback you get from customers on how they account for these costs and where they see the greatest potential for savings and simplification from Exalogic.
  • Check list…Customer has been briefed on Exadata Technology and we feel there is a reasonable fitCustomer has been briefed on EX-CITE’s and expectations have been set in terms of participation and outcomesWe have ensured sponsorship and participation from CxO, LOB, and ITWe have rounded up the complete Oracle team resources (TSM/SC/XPD)Form filled out online (Exadata Resource Center)
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud - Revolutionizing Data Center Consolidation

    1. 1. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud:Revolutionizing Data Center ConsolidationAlex AndrianopoulosVP, Oracle Fusion Middleware
    2. 2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2
    3. 3. Today’s Data CenterChallenges
    4. 4. In-house Platform Assembly Challenge Duplication of Effort• Every application platform has similar components…• …but assembling them for every application is complex and costly – Software/firmware versions, patch levels – Multiple device versions – Multiple vendor roadmaps and release alignment challenges 4
    5. 5. Proprietary Application SilosHigh Costs, Low Returns• Costly In-house platforms – Design, Develop – Test, Document – Procure, Deploy – Operate, Maintain• Platform development is not IT’s core business• Keeping the lights on is *not* a source of differentiation 5
    6. 6. Today’s Data Center Fragmented, Inefficient InfrastructureREALITY CHECK• No single vendor is accountable for optimizing end-to- end infrastructure• Unmanageable proliferation of data centers to support growing business needs• Existing infrastructure creates obstacles to delivering new applications 6
    7. 7. More Data Center Challenges Constrained Efficiency and Agility 6% 19% 21% 13% 10% 8% 15% 12% 7% •Heterogeneous environments •Low utilization •Complex, multi-tier apps •Time-consuming deployment •Inefficient scaling© 2010 Oracle Corporation 7
    8. 8. Consolidation through Virtualization is aFirst StepIncrease Efficiency App App App App App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr OS OS OS OS OS OS •Streamline operations •Standardize to improve flexibility 8
    9. 9. Clustering Is also Necessary Increase Efficiency and Agility App App App App App App App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr App Svr OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS Virtualization and Clustering •Improve utilization •Adjust allocation more quickly© 2010 Oracle Corporation 9
    10. 10. Standardization and Consolidation The Evolution of the Data CenterMonolithic Proliferation Standardization Consolidation 4 3 2 ORACLE CLOUD STRATEGY TODAY 1• Centralized, • Silo’d infrastructure • Standardized • Centralized control mainframe-based platform, management, to • Explosion of application • Standard deployments• Shared ols infrastructure and • Shared services• Limited applications services • Reduced Operational • Ubiquitous access Costs • Automation/autonomics• Limited access • Efficiency within silos of • IO Fabric and Virtualization • Fragmented, Inefficient standardization • Application Grid 10
    11. 11. From Application Silos to GridApproach to Standardization and Consolidation 11
    12. 12. From Application Silos to Elastic CloudPerformance and Simplicity by Engineered Systems Exalogic Elastic Cloud Exalogic Exadata 12
    13. 13. Oracle ExalogicElastic Cloud
    14. 14. Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudHardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together Building the 21st Century Datacenter 14
    15. 15. One Platform for the Whole EnterprisePerformance, Reliability and Simplicity • Java EE Performance – Java EE Application performance improved up to 10X • Foundation for Mission Critical Cloud – Oracle’s standard platform – Built for application consolidation • Engineered System – Lowest cost to deploy and operate – Easiest to own 15
    16. 16. A Closer Look at Exalogic 16
    17. 17. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware SPARC and x86 Support in One System • Exalogic supports both x86 and SPARC workloads • Storage, I/O, networking, software and EL T3-1B EL X2-2 SPARC X86 firmware• Thread-rich applications • Latency-sensitive applications enhancements• Memory-intensive applications • Solaris x86 and Linux are identical• Solaris/SPARC applications applications© 2010 Oracle Corporation 17
    18. 18. Oracle’s Elastic Cloud FoundationApplication Grid, OS, Enterprise Manager and Hardware WebLogic Coherence ServerEnterprise Manager JRockit and HotSpot Tuxedo Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software Oracle Linux and/or Solaris Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware EL X2-2 Factory Assembled Optimized for Exalogic, Recommended, and Tested Installed on demand Optional 18
    19. 19. Extreme Java EE Performance The power of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 250 450 (Higher is better) 400 (Lower latency is Better) 200 350 300Tx/Sec 150 250 100 200 150 50 100 50 0 0 Update Insert Delete CreateWS Purchase Manage Browse Standard WebLogic Server GridLink for Exadata Standard Platform Exalogic 2-3X improvement 60% more Up to 10X faster in Database OLTP Java Operations/sec. response time– Run-time connection – Enhanced buffer – Cluster IPC load balancing handling for InfiniBand multiplexing over SDP– JDBC over SDP – Optimized multi-core – Scatter-gather IO scheduler 19
    20. 20. Application Support and CertificationOptimized for Enterprise Java, Ready for Everything Oracle Custom 3rd Party Applications Applications Applications Extreme Performance No Certification Required Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 20
    21. 21. Complete and Integrated Management One Button Patching from Application to DiskMaintain Deploy EnterpriseRemote Management Manager Provisioning of - Telemetry Firmware, OS, MiddelwarPhone Home e, and Applications - Proactive Support Grid Control Clone and Scale-outMy Oracle Support Integration OpsCenterManageEnd-to-End Diagnostics Test - Service Levels Functional Testing - Root Cause Load TestingConfiguration Mgmt Test Management - Change TrackingPatch Automation Monitor - Firmware, OS Application-to-Disk, Heat and Power Exalogic Monitoring Integration - System, Compute Nodes, Switch, Storage 21
    22. 22. A New Kind of Computer Building an Elastic Cloud with InfiniBand• Built for Application Grid  Simple to scale  Open, standard  Easy to use• Lossless switched fabric  Quality of Service and security  Fault tolerance and failover  Extreme Scalability EL X2-2 * 22
    23. 23. Consolidating WebLogic to ExalogicOld• “Silo stacks”, one per application• Heterogeneous app components• Complex, costly management App App App App App JBoss WebLogic OC4J Tomcat WebSphere 23
    24. 24. Consolidating WebLogic to ExalogicNew• Shared secure resources across applications• More homogeneous, reusable components• Consistent, efficient management App App App App App JBoss OracleWebLogic Elastic OC4J Software / Tomcat WebLogicWebSphere Exalogic Cloud Oracle Oracle Solaris / Oracle Linux 24
    25. 25. Silos to Shared Infrastructure Applications ApplicationsApp App App ERP HR CRMERP HR CRMCompute Compute Compute Compute Storage NetworkStorage Storage StorageNetwork Network Network Shared IT Infrastructure 25
    26. 26. Standard Platform for Enterprise Application Consolidation• Supports existing Custom CRM applications CICS/• Excellent performance COBOL E20 3rd Party under varied workloads IDM• Uniform reliability, availability Batch E20 Logs Jobs Content and serviceability• Scalable and elastic; ERP 3rd Party Custom capacity on demand SOA• Simplified supply chain 26
    27. 27. Oracle Exalogic and Exadata Together Designed for Seamless Shared Application Infrastructure 960 Gigabits/second (Maximum: 24x InfiniBand QDR) • Exclusive: direct InfiniBand integration! • Extreme performance, reliability, security • Simple to deploy and manage Exalogic Exadata Up to 3X OLTP Performance Active GridLink for RAC • Resource-aware load balancing • Instantaneous connection failover • Transaction affinity to RAC nodes • SQLnet optimized for InfiniBand SDP© 2010 Oracle Corporation 27
    28. 28. From Single Application to Private Cloud Seamless expansion with zero down-time• Seamless hardware upgrade• Flexible software licensing Multi-rack Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) 28
    29. 29. Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudDelivering real business valueExtreme Java Standardization EngineeredPerformance & Consolidation System Improved TCO Reduced Time to Deploy up to up to Reduced up to 10X 60% 90% 29
    30. 30. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Next StepsExplore, Education, EX-CITEExplore • Meet the account team • Discuss the business benefitsEducation • Meet the technical team • Understand technical detailsEX-CITE program • Free business assessment • Free architecture assessment • Joint execution plan 30
    31. 31. For More Information Contact Resources• Your local Oracle sales • organization • • • • •
    32. 32. 32