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Wray Rives Cpa Virtual Cfo


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Virtual CFO

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Wray Rives Cpa Virtual Cfo

  1. 1. Wray Rives, CPA Virtual CFO/CPA
  2. 2. Wray Rives, CPA Q: What is a virtual CPA-CFO? A: With the technology available today physical location is becoming meaningless. I am available for much more time than the normal 9-5 CFO who happens to be down the hall. The key is we will communicate via email, instant messages, text messages and phone. Rather than looking at documents across a desk, we will review documents together online. Basically a virtual CFO is a CFO that is not physically located in the same place as you, but is virtually onsite through web chat, video conference, phone, email and online collaboration tools.
  3. 3. Wray Rives, CPA Q: Is the technology expensive to employ A: If you own a PC running Windows XP a virtual CPA? or Vista with a high speed internet connection, you already have the technology installed. You may want to download one or two free pieces of software and you will probably want to go to a popular website and sign up for a free email address if you don't already have one. All of these steps are easy I can walk you through the set up in 10 minutes and did I mention it is all FREE?
  4. 4. Wray Rives, CPA Q: Is the salary expense inline with a full A: In a word NO, the cost is much time/onsite employee? cheaper. In fact I offer several very flexible options in pricing from a straight per hour rate, billed in 1/4 hour increments so you only pay for what you use or you may choose to purchase a bank of time to be used whenever you wish or pay a flat monthly fee for a set of defined recurring expectations plus have the option to purchase additional time on an hourly basis at a reduced rate. Additionally you have no office, equipment, payroll tax or benefits expense.
  5. 5. Wray Rives, CPA Q: What if something comes up and I A: We have that covered with the option really need face to face time? to pay a reasonable day rate and expenses for travel anywhere in the world or to provide support from a local pre- qualified expert. In fact I have already worked with clients all over the world. The typical experience is that they want a lot of face time at first, but as they get comfortable with the technology most discover they really don't need to see my ugly mug all that much!
  6. 6. Wray Rives, CPA email: Chat with Wray Now IM: (works with Yahoo or MSN) text: 254-485-0177 call: 469-619-6900 fax: 469-375-3958 LinkedIn:WrayRives Post Card:POB 2256, Stephenville TX 76401 or leave a comment on my blog:RivesCPA follow me on Twitter:RivesCPA