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Inside the bureaucracy of White Australia


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Inside the bureaucracy of White Australia

  1. 1. Inside thebureaucracy ofWhite Australia
  2. 2. MATERIALS REQUIRED.PADS.—Two pads, coveredwith strong calico, and tackedupon a piece of wood an inchthick and nine inches long byabout seven inches wide.INK.—Black printing ink.
  3. 3. National Archives of Australia: ST84/1, 1905/291-300
  4. 4. fingerprints
  5. 5. National Archives of Australia: SP42/1, C1915/8162
  6. 6. National Archives of Australia: E752, 1915/20
  7. 7. National Archives of Australia: ST84/1, 1909/21/21-30
  8. 8. ‘the wily chinese’‘Then the handprint expertswent to work - Detective Potterand his assistant; DetectiveJohnstone, of the CriminalInvestigation Branch; and Mr.Shaw, the expert at PentridgePrison.’
  9. 9. ‘the degradinghand-print’‘As the impression of hand-printswas only required of criminals inChina the practice now followedby the Commonwealth inconnection with the return toAustralia of Chinese on acertificate issued by the Customswas insulting to the Chinese...Other reasonable and sufficientmeans of identification couldeasily be adopted in lieu of thedegrading hand-print...’
  10. 10. ‘the handprintindignity’‘Forty lives have been lost, mainlyLascars, and the survivors, aftertheir narrow escape from the jawsof death, were at once pouncedupon by officials, and compelledto give their handprints.’
  11. 11. faces
  12. 12. prohibited3. The immigration into theCommonwealth of the personsdescribed in any of the followingparagraphs of this section (herein-after called “prohibited immigrants”)is prohibited, namely:—(a) Any person who when asked todo so by an officer fails to write outat dictation and sign in the presenceof the officer a passage of fifty wordsin length in an European languagedirected by the officer;
  13. 13. prohibited immigrant
  14. 14. prohibited immigrants
  15. 15. ‘the test’Donohoe v Wong Sau [1925] HCA 6:‘I regard the test as being whetherthe person is a constituent part ofthe Australian community.’‘I think the Chief Justice has hit thenail on the head when he said thatthe respondent was not cominghome.’
  16. 16. prohibited immigrant
  17. 17. poon gooey
  18. 18. prohibited immigrant
  19. 19. keys
  20. 20. 1 0.55539 passport ah student exemption students lee wong chineseyoung deserter education sing wing chong readmission son hing chin wife
  21. 21. files
  22. 22. functions
  23. 23. macroappraisalGovernance emphasizes the dialogue and interaction ofcitizens and groups with the state as much as the state’s ownpolicies and procedures; focuses as well on documenting theimpact of the state on society, and the functions and activitiesof society itself; encompasses all media rather than privilegingwritten text; searches for multiple narratives and hot spots ofcontested discourse between citizen and state, rather thanaccepting the official policy line; and deliberately seeks to givevoice to the marginalized, to losers as well as winners, to thedisadvantaged and underprivileged as well as the powerful andarticulate, which is accomplished through new ways of lookingat case files and electronic data and then choosing the mostsuccinct record in the best medium for documenting thesediverse voices.Terry Cook
  24. 24.