Silvers Summit 2009 In Review


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Silvers Summit Conference -- 2009 in Review

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Silvers Summit 2009 In Review

  1. 1. Overview of 2009 Events
  2. 2. What is the Silvers Summit ? A demographically focused exhibition and conference program at CES. Showcasing a wide variety of applications, covering medical, health, wellness, caregiving, house, home and lifestyle. Products used primarily by consumers over the age of 45 or in the caregiving of their parents. Types of Products Exhibited in 2009 ◦ Consumer Medical Devices ◦ Home Office Hardware and Software ◦ Personal Health Record applications ◦ Casual games and on-line applications ◦ Brain Fitness Exercises and Applications ◦ Music and Entertainment devices ◦ Smart Home, smart lighting and home appliances ◦ Consumer Medical Devices ◦ Chronic Disease Management Systems ◦ Home Monitoring and Security devices ◦ Pill Reminder solutions and devices ◦ Assistive technology and devices for hearing loss ◦ Simple mobile phone handsets for older adults ◦ Applications to check medication safety
  3. 3. Who were the 2009 Sponsors?
  4. 4. What are the Sponsor’s Benefits Location, Location, Location! ◦ Sands Convention – Front of the Hall at Main entry Doors ◦ Exhibitors are surrounded by other products with the same demographic focus – easy to be located ◦ 80K CES attendees typically walk through the doors of the Sands each day ◦ Special raised Stage for sponsors to pitch and demonstrate to attendees over the full 4 days Speaking Opportunities ◦ Full Day Conference – Health, Medical and Lifestyle topics ◦ Sponsors participated in Keynotes, as solo presenters or as panelist ◦ Held in Venetian Hotel – seating for 350, free attendance for the audience w/CES badge Each session was 70% to overflow capacity Special Press Announcement Event ◦ 62 press in attendance for this hour long event – great food for all in attendance! Invitation Only “Wrap” Networking Party in exhibit area at Sands ◦ For Speakers, Sponsors, booth personal, conference attendees and guests invited by sponsors ◦ Over 375 in attendance ◦ Finger Food and Open Bar Sponsorship Benefit also includes: ◦ Special Silvers Summit Website blog and on-line Promotion from Silvers Summit Staff ◦ PR and Outreach to over 3000 Press/Media by Silvers Summit Staff ◦ Booth location, and pre-show exhibitors support from both CES and Silvers Summit staff ◦ Support with set-up and ongoing problem solving support for sponsors booth staff during show hours ◦ Free Massages for booth staff over the 4 days ◦ Sponsors get access to information about attendees and press in attendance ◦ Introduction services for sponsors to press, TV and radio opportunities ◦ Private meeting rooms available for interviews and attendee discussions during show hours
  5. 5. Press Coverage was great !
  6. 6. Year Long Website Promotion Sponsorship promotion Articles Press Announcements Blogging Sponsorship Promotion Program Agenda Speakers Bios Links to Press Coverage Videos Links Presentations Market Research Attendee information Exhibitor information Sponsorship information
  7. 7. Plans for 2010 ◦ Improve sponsor benefits from 2009 ◦ Expansion of sponsors in: Consumer Medical Devices Assistive and Accessible Technologies Caregiving, monitoring and sensors Casual Games and Lifestyle Creative grouping/pricing of pods for nonprofit alliances and consortia members ◦ Start Advisory Group to help theme 2010 Program ◦ Build in more breaks in day long conference