My life jamie


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My life jamie

  1. 1. By rochelle
  2. 2. new Zealand on the 7 of february 2002.i live with my mum and dad and the two ghosts of my dogs. I have 4 sets of aunties and uncles 3on my mums side 1 on my dads side I also have 14 cousins 2 on dads side and 12 on mums side I have one granddad and my gran died in 2009 and the other 2 died before I was born
  3. 3. The big event that changed my life was when Iwas seven and I walked through a paddock offreshly milked Cowes in my favourite red t-shirt when I got to the other side dad told meto run inside to gran I did as I was told dadcame in 10 minuets later dad came in and saidthere was a bull in the paddock and said I waslucky it was lame
  4. 4. I hope to be a singer or teacher. I want totravel to france. I want to travel the world orgo to france one day. I hope to haveopportunities to see some amazing things inthe life to come
  5. 5. I want to have an adventure that might beright around the corner and I want to learnhow to speak French