my life by Jaelynne


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my life by Jaelynne

  1. 1. My LifeAn autobiography by Jaelynne Meleisea!
  2. 2. Hi my name is Jaelynne Meleisea. I was born inMiddle more hospital on the 20th of July 2001. myparents names are delaine and Phil, I have an oldersister tenysha who was born in 1999 and a olderbrother called Brosnan who was born in 1998. Sadlymy mum had a miscarriage (meaning delay of baby)the year before I was born so that makes me theyoungest sibling still. I was born and I also grew upin NZ along with the rest of my family. I’m halfSamoan and half NZ European. I have lived in NZever since I was born. First I lived in Papatoetoe andI went to Pap central. I have lived in Waiau pa forround about 6-7 years and I currently attend Waiaupa primary school. My teachers name is Miss Bax.
  3. 3. Firstly, I am a very sporty yet crazy person. Hockeyis my passion because I enjoy it. I have representedAuckland south east girls for hockey. My favouritesweet is chocolate! My favourite animals areelephants, monkeys and dolphins. I have a passionfor animals as well as hockey. Playing with my dogis what I like to do best. She’s so special to mebecause 1. She’s playful 2. she’s funny and I couldnever find a dog like her 3. Ruby made us proud bybecoming a N.Z champion in dog shows. I alsohave a fat cat called Mr Whiskas, two turtles namedJojo and Alex, tropical fish and I used to have goldfish, a red tail shark and chickens.
  4. 4. A big event that changed my life was whenI was 8 years old. I was at my friends houseand we were going to go out and ride onthe motorbikes. For some unknown reasonthe brakes weren’t working. All of a sudden“CRASH!’’ I had gone straight into thefence. When it happened it gave me a hugefright. I had to get taken to A&E straightaway and get butterfly’s put in. Ever since ithappened it has left a scar on my left knee.Now I am afraid to go on things withmotors.
  5. 5. When I am older I wish to become a blackstick, a beauty therapist or work aroundfood. Something I also want to do is visitone of the poor schools in Africa because Iwant to compare their schooling in Africato our schooling in New Zealand pluswhen I see the ads I feel really sorry forthe people in Africa and it also makes methink. My dream car is a kombi van paintedwith words, Hearts and flowers especiallydaisies. My dream hose is a one storyhouse with 1 acre of land and a pool.
  6. 6. Bye Bye fornow Thanks forwatching.