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My life


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Published in: Self Improvement, Travel
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My life

  1. 1. My life anautobiography
  2. 2. My name is Portia MareeMulholland. I was born I MiddleMore hospital on the 16th ofAugust 2000. my mum and dadsnames are Mike and YolandeMulholland. I have one brothercalled Liam and he is six and wasborn in 2005. I am the oldest child.My mum was born in newPlymouth and my dad was born inAuckland and lived in Papukura. Ihave grown up in new Zealand
  3. 3. I am a very outgoing person. Ilove to be outdoors and playingwith my brother. I especially loveto dance, learn karate and swim. Istarted dancing when I waseight, I started karate when I wasten and I started swimming when Iwas six and stopped when I wasten; but in my free time I still enjoyswimming. I have won mayawards in dancing. Some of myhighest awards are comingsecond in grade three jazz andhave been awarded honours in
  4. 4. One big event that changedmy life forever was when Iwas three my mum, dad,uncle Brice, aunty Tess, granand I were at a restaurantcelebrating my grans birthday.All of a sudden my gran fellback on her chair and faintedsince I was only three I was abit confused about what wasgoing on but the next thing Iknow my mum and my gran
  5. 5. In the future I want to be alawyer and have a happy family.I want to travel around the worldand experience differentcultures. I would also like tohelp kids around the world thatarent as lucky as I am.That is my life- (so far). Myname is Portia MareeMulholland, I am 11 years oldand throughout life I am exited