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5 Ways to Contribute to WordPress (If You're Not a Developer)


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WordPress would be nothing if it weren’t for the thousands of people contributing to the project, but what if you’re not a developer or designer and still want to be involved?

Adam was faced with these very questions and quickly learned that it’s much easier to contribute than he previously thought. In this session, Adam shares the top five ways in which non-developers can contribute to WordPress—from participating in the WordPress community through support forums, to reviewing documentation and even understanding patches in Core. Adam also shares bonus ways to contribute for those wanting to completely immerse themselves in the WordPress community. Session attendees will learn new ways to get involved and gain a greater understanding of how their participation makes a difference to millions of users worldwide.

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5 Ways to Contribute to WordPress (If You're Not a Developer)

  1. 1. @SITELOCK@SITELOCK 5 Ways to Contribute to WordPress If You’re Not a Developer Adam W. Warner WordCamp Boston 2016
  2. 2. @SITELOCK Adam W. Warner • Product Evangelist at • Co-Founder at FooPlugins • Discovered WordPress in 2005 • WordPress Community Addict • Remote Worker • Fan of Fractals • Lover of Meatballs • Proud Dad!
  3. 3. @SITELOCK WordPress 1.5 Release - 2005
  4. 4. @SITELOCK Videoblogging spawned a need. A younger me in 2006.
  5. 5. @SITELOCK I Built a Theme for Displaying Videos I was the only one who used it.
  6. 6. @SITELOCK I Created a Few Plugins They didn’t work for many others.
  7. 7. @SITELOCK Realization: I’m Not a Developer or Designer I tried with lackluster results.
  8. 8. @SITELOCK Who Am I!!??
  9. 9. @SITELOCK What is an Implementor? Kudos to Tom McFarlin for coining this term.
  10. 10. @SITELOCK I’m an Implementor and Teacher I finally found my place in the community.
  11. 11. @SITELOCK Why Contribute to WordPress? We all have a part to play in this community.
  12. 12. @SITELOCK Personal and Professional Development
  13. 13. @SITELOCK Become an Authority
  14. 14. @SITELOCK Make the Core Software Better
  15. 15. @SITELOCK Democratizing Publishing Across the Globe
  16. 16. @SITELOCK 5 Ways to Contribute to WordPress To Help Create a Better World for All Humankind
  17. 17. @SITELOCK Participate in the Community In Person. Online. Or Both! 1
  18. 18. @SITELOCK Community Resources • The Official WordPress Community/Outreach Team Blog • Find (or start) a local WordPress Meetup Group • Attend or volunteer at a WordCamp conference event near you • All About WordPress – Facebook group • WordPress Help and Share – Facebook group
  19. 19. @SITELOCK Answer Questions on the Support Forums Learn by Helping Others 2
  20. 20. @SITELOCK • The Official Support Team Blog • Search and Reply on the Forums Support Forum Resources
  21. 21. @SITELOCK Help with Documentation Have a Knack for Explaining Things Step by Step? 3
  22. 22. @SITELOCK Documentation Resources • The Official Documentation Team Blog • The upcoming HelpHub user documentation area current-docs-projects/helphub/
  23. 23. @SITELOCK Translate WordPress Calling all Polyglots 4
  24. 24. @SITELOCK Translation Resources • The Official Translators Team Blog • The translation platform tools
  25. 25. @SITELOCK Become a Plugin or Theme Reviewer Test the usage and functionality of themes and plugins 5
  26. 26. @SITELOCK Reviewer Resources • The Official Theme Review Team Blog • The Official Plugin Review Team Blog
  27. 27. @SITELOCK
  28. 28. @SITELOCK
  29. 29. @SITELOCK Thank You Questions? 5