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Agreement for Inspection services

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Inspection agreement page

  1. 1. Porter’s Wisconsin Inspections, LLC6938 Otter Creek RdAvoca, WI 53506608-583-6024warrenporter2@gmail.comwww.porterwisconsin.comDocument # 3496 Inspector Warren PorterDate of Inspection 10/21/10 Home Inspection amount due: $305Dwelling address:Client Name:Realtor:I have reviewed the following information and am in agreement with it!Client signature _____________________________________________, If not signed due to the way thisis delivered then the possession of this report by the Client implies agreement to this. Please though ifreceived later and not present to sign and as a courtesy to us and as a requirement by our Insurance, signand return a copy of this page to us."Note": This signature may be with the inspector’s records only and not on emailed copies of the report.1. Purpose and Scope: The object of this inspection is to provide a professional and good faith opinion ofthe apparent condition of structures and systems of the real estate property described above, on the dateand time of the observation. The inspection and report will conform to the current standards of theWisconsin statutes and the administrative rules applying to that chapter. Home Inspection is anactivity that is regulated in Wisconsin, and so this contract will refer to sections of Wisconsin law thataffect this contract. You may go to my website to view the Standards of Practice.The inspection is designed and intended to detect observable conditions of an improvement toresidential real property, subject to certain limitations. The Inspection will cover all areas as requiredunder Wisconsin Chapter 440 and its administrative rules.2. The inspection is visual only and is not technically exhaustive. This inspection does not cover anylatent defects not reasonably observable during the inspection, including but not limited to, recent repairs,paint or covering that may conceal current or prior defects, whether deliberately concealed or otherwise.The inspection will not and cannot alert Inspector or the Client to conditions of the structure that areconcealed, not readily accessible, or would require cleaning, alteration, excavation, or destructive testing.The Client understands that the Inspector will not dig probe, dismantle equipment, or remove permanentmaterials or items that would be damaged by such, nor will the Inspector enter unsafe or inaccessibleareas to perform the inspection. Other limitations encountered during the inspection may be noted in thereport itself.3. Exclusions and Limitations: The following areas are excluded from the Inspection under this contractas per Wisconsin Standards:(a) Calculate the strength, adequacy or efficiency of any component of an improvement to residential realproperty.(b) Enter any area or perform any procedure that may damage an improvement to residential real propertyor a component of an improvement to residential real property, or enter any area or perform any procedurethat may be dangerous to the home inspector or to other persons.
  2. 2. (c) Operate any component of an improvement to residential real property that is inoperable.(d) Operate any component of an improvement to residential real property that does not respond to normaloperating controls.(e) Disturb insulation or move personal items, furniture, equipment, vegetation, soil, snow, ice or debrisobstructs access to or visibility of an improvement to residential real property or a component of animprovement to residential real property.(f) Determine the effectiveness of a component of an improvement to residential real property that wasinstalled to control or remove suspected hazardous substances.(g) Evaluate acoustic characteristics of a component of an improvement to residential real property.(h) Project or estimate the operating costs of a component of an improvement to residential real property.(i) Predict future conditions, including the failure of a component of an improvement to residential realproperty.(j) Inspect for the presents or absence of pests, including rodents, insects and wood-damaging organisms.(k) Inspect cosmetic items, underground items or items not permanently installed.(l) Inspect for the presence of any hazardous substances.(m) Disassemble any component of an improvement to residential real property, except for removing anaccess panel that is normally removed by an occupant of residential real property.4. Warranty: No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied as a result of this inspection. Theinspection report is valid only for the day and time of the inspection: building systems can developproblems at the most unexpected times or even on the day of the inspection. The inspector is providing noguarantee or warranty. The Client recognizes that there is NO REPRESENTATION OF WARRANTYOR GUARANTEE OF EXPECTED OR REMAINING FUTURE LIFE FOR ITEMS INSPECTED. Theinspection and report is not an insurance policy. Client agrees to arrange the purchase of such insurancepolicy from others if Client desires.5. Confidential Agreement: The inspection and report are performed and prepared for the sole,confidential and exclusive use and possession of the Client. It is not to be sold or transferred. We stronglyadvise against reliance on this report by third parties. We recommend that you consult with this inspector,or secure a qualified Home Inspector to provide your own inspection report.6. Dispute Resolution Forum. The Inspector and Client (and any other person claiming to have reliedupon the Inspection Report) specifically agree that any controversy or claim arising out of or relating tothe Inspection under this Contract, or breach thereof, shall be resolved exclusively by arbitration inaccordance with the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors (WAHI) Dispute Resolution Program, asin effect on the date such controversy or claim arises, which is currently administered by ResoluteSystems, Inc., subject to the applicable Wisconsin Statutes and the Administrative Rules. Client retainsthe right to report home inspection problems to the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing.Information about the WAHI Dispute Resolution Program, including costs, fees, Rules and Procedures,are available through Resolute Systems, Inc., 150 North Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202; (414)276-4774, ext. 124; toll-free (800) 776-6060, ext. 124; fax (414) 270-0932; Use of this report: This report contains technical information. IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOU toreview this report with the Inspector. If you choose not to do so, the inspection is not considered to becomplete, and the inspector cannot be held liable for any uninformed misinterpretation of this report. It isalso recommended that you accompany the Inspector during the Inspection as well if possible.Please sign on the other side if you are in agreement and understanding of the previous statements: PWI 2004