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Summary bcci biznegn aug2010

  1. 1. Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  2. 2. EXERCISE:DEFINE NEGOTIATING Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  3. 3. Negotiating….LET’S DEFINE “Negotiating is…. Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  4. 4. WHAT IS YOUR NEGOTIATING PHILOSOPHYMy job is to put my cards on the table while deciding an issue. After that it is upto the other party. Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  5. 5. WHAT IS YOUR NEGOTIATING PHILOSOPHY I negotiate for extracting maximum advantage to my company and me. If the otherperson does not go with it, that’s his problem. Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  6. 6. WHAT IS YOUR NEGOTIATING PHILOSOPHY I am prepared to go to any distance to please the otherparty for he may return the samecompliments when we meet next Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  7. 7. WHAT IS YOUR NEGOTIATING PHILOSOPHYI like to achieve everything that my company wants me to , and if deadlock arose, I shall see the other’s viewpoint, give in to certain demands, but ensure that both of us are happy in the end. Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  8. 8. Negotiation Styles HIGH A C C O M O D A T E C O L L A B O R A T ER E L A T I O N S H I P Build friendly relationship Problem solved creatively, aiming for win-win Characteristics: Characteristics: Promote harmony Search for common interests Avoid substantive differences Problem-solving behaviours Give into pressure to save relationship Recognising both parties’ needs Place relationship above fairness of Synergistic solutions the outcomes Win-win becomes the main purpose of the negotiator C O M P R O M I S E Split the difference Characteristics: Meeting half way Look for trade offsF O R Accept half-way measures Aims to reduce conflict rather than problem solve synergistically A V O I D Take whatever you can get/Inaction D E F E A TC O N C E R N Characteristics: Be a winner at any cost/Competitive Feeling of powerlessness Characteristics: Indifference to the result Win-Lose competition Resignation, surrender Pressure/Intimidation Take what the other party is willing to concede Adversarial relationships Withdraw & remove = behaviour of negotiator Defeating the other becomes a goal for the negotiator C O N C E R N F O R S U B S T A N C E LOW Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro HIGH
  9. 9. Two types of negotiation• Co-operative = win/win – empathetic – partnership agreements• Adversarial = win/lose – maximise own gain and other’s loss – unstable agreements Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  10. 10. “People who expect more, earn more.” Dean Fouraker Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  11. 11. Negotiation Skills • Get results and get them• What makes when and where needed • Adaptable an effective • Don’t bargain over positions negotiator? • Focus on interests and needs not positions • Build relationships • Separate the people from the problems – Face the problem not the person • Are concrete • Use fair procedures • Communicate Effectively Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  12. 12. Are you a Motivated Negotiator?• Enthusiasm • Social Skills – Confidence – Enjoy people – Engaged – Interest in others• Recognition • Teamwork – Accomplishment – Better as a team – Pat on the back – Self-control• Integrity • Creativity – No trickery – Always looking for – Trustworthiness ways to complete the deal Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  13. 13. Negotiating Skills• Interpersonal process• Can be affected by factors beneath the surface: – Emotions – Attitudes – Motives Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  15. 15. STAGE 1 : PREPARING• Establish Objectives• Assign Priorities – MUST achieve – INTEND to achieve – LIKE to achieveRESEARCH ON INFORMATION• What’s the fact & figures you need• Source of information Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro• What information does the opponent have
  16. 16. STAGE 1 : PREPARINGCHECK ASSUMPTIONS:1. What information does the opponent have2. Estimate likely priorities of opponents3. What are the pressures before your opponent4. What are their issues, and concerns5. What are their interests6. What are the bridging factors which would make an agreement possible7. What are the concessions to trade Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  17. 17. An Alternative: Interest-Based Negotiations*• Separate the people from the problem• Focus on interests, not positions• Invent options for mutual gain• Insist on objective criteria*Roger Fisher & William Ury. 1991. Getting to Yes. 2nd ed. New York: Penguin. Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  18. 18. Principle 1: Separate the People from the Problem• Disentangle the people from the problem• Deal with the people problem: acknowledge perceptions, emotions• Listen actively• Speak to be understood• Speak about yourself, not them Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  19. 19. Principle 2: Focus on Interests, Not Positions• Positions: What disputants say they want in a negotiation: a particular price, job, work schedule, change in someone else’s behavior, revised contract provision, etc.• Interests: Underlying desires or concerns that motivate people in particular situations (May sometimes be the same as their positions!)Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  20. 20. Principle 3: Invent Options for Mutual Gain• Focus on the variety of ways issues/ interests (yours/theirs) might be addressed?• Avoid assuming there’s a single solution• Separate brainstorming from evaluation of options• Don’t assume zero-sum conditions• Think creatively Dr Wilfred Monteiro Copyright2009
  21. 21. Principle 4: Insist on Objective Criteria• Fair standards: market value, precedent, blue book value, professional standards, “best practice,” industry average, equal treatment, etc.• Fair procedures: e.g. last best offers, taking turns, drawing lots Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro
  22. 22. Dr WILFRED MONTEIRO • is a nationally acclaimed stalwart in the field of business management with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years • He is a consultant and advisor to Board of Directors of leading companies & Chambers of Commerce; • a management trainer of high repute who has conducted over 1250 seminars in India and abroad in areas of business strategy, marketing & organization development. • a Visiting Professor to premier management institutes and staff training colleges throughout India. Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteirowebsite:
  23. 23. CONTACT US Dr Wilfred Monteiro TELE : 91 22 9819843927 EMAIL: Website: SYNERGY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES sales force development expertise since 1993OUR AREAS OF CLIENT SERVICE INCLUDE: • Formulating Sales Strategic Plans • Designing of Sales Systems & Process • Auditing Sales Processes & Practices • Leadership & Salesforce Development • Key Customer-Account Management • Improvising Salesforce Motivation & Engagement • Installing Performance Measurement Systems • Building Customer Centric Organizations Copyright2009 Dr Wilfred Monteiro