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Enterprise - New Warren Public Library Catalog


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Enterprise - New Warren Public Library Catalog

  1. 1. Warren Public Library November 2012
  2. 2. On November 12, the Warren Public Library will beswitching its web catalog from eLibrary to a newcatalog interface called Enterprise. This is beingdone for several reasons, including:1. Enterprise has more features.2. Enterprise offers Google-like searching (single search box, search correction), making it easier to use.
  3. 3.  Everything that could be done in eLibrary can still be done in Enterprise:  Look up items  Place holds  View your account /
  4. 4.  In eLibrary, our old web catalog, you narrow your search parameters and then search. In Enterprise, you search and then narrow your results. To show the difference, let’s search for items by Lee Child using both eLibrary and Enterprise.
  5. 5. In eLibrary, you enter yoursearch terms and chooseyour library. In our case, weare just searching “LeeChild” as a word or phrasesearch.If you want to limit bymaterial type (audiobook,DVD, CD) you need to eitheruse Power Search orremember to type[videorecording] or [soundrecording].
  6. 6. Search results arereturned, andfeature a mixture ofmaterial types(audiobooks, print,electronicresources).If you wish to limitresults you need toscroll down…
  7. 7. …and enter in eithernew search terms oruse the format, type,and locationdropdowns to limitmaterials.
  8. 8. In Enterprise, typeyour search termshere.We will type in LeeChild and thenpress Enter or clickSearch.
  9. 9. Enterprise returns a list of items from throughoutall of the libraries in the Suburban LibraryCooperative that match your terms.To show results from specific Warren libraries,click on the box next to the Warren Librarylocation you wish to view . Depending on thesearch, you may need to click Expand All to seethe Warren Libraries.To narrow your results by item type, subject,author, etc…click on the links or use check boxeson the left-hand side. To use the check boxes, clickthe options you want, and then click Include orExclude to narrow your results.
  10. 10.  Let’s now take a look at some of the features of Enterprise, including:  Search Correction  Search Options  Sharing Options  Search Results Views  Accounts  Enterprise Homescreen
  11. 11. If you misspell a word in eLibrary, youwill not get any search results. If you misspell a word in Enterprise, it will try to correct your search terms and return results much like Google does.
  12. 12. Before conducting a search you can limit by title, author,subject, and more by using the All Fields dropdown.You can also click Advanced Search…
  13. 13. …which will allow you to select the library and formattype before you search, as well as other search parameters.
  14. 14. Find a great book? You can now share it onYou can also click Facebook!Select anAction……for additional Find a great book, butoptions, such as have no pen or paper toprinting and write down the callemailing results. number? You can text that information to you!
  15. 15. Search results aredisplayed in list view bydefault. You can changeto…
  16. 16. …if you click here……thumbnail view, or…
  17. 17. …Cooliris view, which allows you to scrollthrough a panoramic gallery of title results.
  18. 18. To view informationabout a title, click on it.
  19. 19. All of the sharing optionsare available, as is a list ofwhere the item is at, thestatus of each item, aswell as summaries andreviews if available.If the item is checked out,due dates will also bedisplayed.
  20. 20. Click My Account toaccess account info.You can see a list ofpersonalinformation,checkouts (with duedates), holds (withplace in queue), andfines.
  21. 21. Clicking on the You can see NYT bestsellers byHome icon will using this dropdown.bring you to theEnterprisehomescreen.It has links to ourevents calendar,databases, socialmedia sites, andmore. If you don’t like Enterprise , you can still access the old catalog by clicking Classic Catalog.
  22. 22. You can try it out from ourwebsite by going to .Use the Search OurCatalog box on the left-hand side.
  23. 23.  We hope that you like our new catalog and the new features that it provides! If you wish to contact us regarding our new catalog, you can do so be using the contact form here: