Talk About Local - PCW09


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Talk About Local to audience of 300 local government website managers - Olympia London 15 July 2009

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Talk About Local - PCW09

  1. 1. Talk About Local Modern web tools empowering communities William Perrin TAL(WM) Ltd – #PCW09 15 July Olympia
  2. 2. • •700 articles •four authors •budget £8/month •opens up democratic engagement •empowerment is about information
  3. 3. •Cemex campaign – long running anti social plant operations •Video of noise pollution – unarguable prima facie case •Send links to CEMEX CEO UKMEA and Council noise officers •Successful resolution – plant restructured
  4. 4. •Sheffield forum –biggest web estate in Yorkshire? •3.4 million posts •76,000 registered users •Population Sheffield 450,000
  5. 5. •‘Hi, as a local businessman in Digbeth and vice chair of The Digbeth Business Association l would like to thank you for your articles and interest in our sometimes wonderful district of Digbeth with all our input and continued efforts it can only get better.’
  6. 6. •Stoke-on-Trent Pits’n’Pots •Campaigning, challenging style •Reflects local frustration at political scene •Opens up public dialogue
  7. 7. @willperrin: Speaking to 300 council web managers tomorrow what should i say? #pcw09 @willperrin #pcw09 I know what I would like you to @willperrin Stop blocking useful stuff! say to my local council web manager but it is before the watershed!! @willperrin 1) stop posting info in .doc etc @willperrin ask more of them to provide feeds to 2) use permalinks 3) go talk to MySociety planningalerts about how to make themselves more open nvolved.php (some do already) @willperrin what's on your about us @willperrin Council web managers: Their page and where are your values? success metric seems to be traffic volume @willperrin have them publish the xml file hence emphasis on being one-stop shop not they give to directgov. Encourages reuse opening up data of data by people who will use it well :) @willperrin "Organisations can't be 'social' but the people in them can - give them the tools and guidance then trust them to get on with it @willperrin Stratford-upon-Avon DC was awarded Beacon Status for Digital Inclusion for their Community websites #pcw09
  8. 8. Talk About Local - creating community sites in over 150 places across England • UK online centres engage 3,000 people in their communities • Support to create local sites with free tools • LA’s can buy TAL sessions for target areas e.g. NI4 laggards • National roll out Q4 09 •