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Hosting showdown 05 27-2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Hosting showdown 05 27-2012

  1. 1. Don’t Panic. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Web Hosting @traftonesler
  2. 2. Talkative Nerd Who names a kid Trafton? Be honest about being I love computers so much ner vous. Ask for their I never stop talking feedback and about them. encouragement. So now I talk about web hosting for a job, and let me tell you that is really, really cool.So today, we’re going totalk about a favoritesubject of mine. Parents who knew they were going to have a nerd on their hands.
  3. 3. How long have you had a What do you want to dowebsite? with WordPress? What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far? Tell me your goals so I can tailor this talk to what you guys need. So who are you people? What do you want to do with WordPress?
  4. 4. Start with smart questions. Hosting is YOUR DECISION What do I really value? Cost? Convenience? Security? Availability? Write these down for yourself right now, and let that guide the talk as we move on.
  5. 5. What’s in the hosting universe?•Shared•Dedicated Server•Virtual or Cloud•Application-specific(“Managed WordPress”) ...and MASH-UPs like a Managed WordPress Host that employes VPS or Cloud Tech
  6. 6. Caveat Emptor:Bad Neighborhoods (sharing IP addresses)Poor security can affect on-page contentPage-load TimeAvailability On-page content: hidden links, replaced content, malware distribution
  8. 8. There are a lot of viagra salesman. Shared IPs - even a dedicate IP might not save you because what if an entire Class-C block is banned? Your e-mail can get flagged because of spammers sharing the same home address You might have noticed there are a lot of Viagra Salesmen. they aren’t after youOne way to help isolate some ofthe shared hosting problems is toget a dedicated IP hostingaccount. A dedicated IP hostingaccount can still be on a sharedserver, but you have your veryown IP address.
  9. 9. Securing your site matters. Hidden Links Replaced Content Malware Distribution Redirect Rules
  10. 10. Faster sites are more fun, right? * on some platforms, a neighboring site can affect yours DIRECT AFFECT RANKING AFFECT COSTS OF MANAGING USER EXPERIENCE
  11. 11. Wasted Ad Spend Risk of being De-Indexed Trust/Reputation
  12. 12. Your website is your NO WRONG CHOICESbaby. Unless the host doesn’tWHO DO YOU WANT TO meet your need, for theHAVE YOUR BABY WITH? price you value it for Choosing a host is a personal decision. BEWARE THOSE REVIEW SITES -- THEY GET PAID. I KNOW BECAUSE WE WRITE THEM CHECKS. EVERYONE DOES.
  13. 13. Do you need a roommate? As anybody that’s recently bought a computer can attest, they aren’t cheap. Lot’s of competition drives down prices But if t wo friends share a Macbook Pro, you’ve already saved 50% You may have to make some tradeoffs in Speed, Security, and Up-time You’re definitely “on your own” in the sense
  14. 14. ...Shared Hosting generally means: Shared IP = same home Multiple sites per server address Quota-driven Resources Shared IP Address Fast Set-Up More customers per support rep Great for pet projects, low-cost experiments Sites with low revenue CONS: potential Sites with lower - neighbor site can requirements for up-time affect you and security - If a customer violates this agreement, it can tax the server.
  15. 15. Dedicated Servers AN ACTUAL “DEDICATED” AMOUNT OF RESOURCES, PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL. physical = FASTER Often responsible for our own configuration,•Fast* security, and maintenance•Safe from bad neighbors PRO: CUSTOM SCRIPTS•Optimize the OS and software•High Security (physical separation)
  16. 16. Virtual or Cloud Hosting •Flexible for scaling •Pay-for-use in some cases •Use different platforms on the same server VIRTUALIZATION
  17. 17. Sexy newness: Managed WordPress Hosting More every day -- look for evidence of thought leadership in their blogs. •No need for in-house Sys Admin •Host optimizes the platform for you •Easy scaling •“Been There” Experience
  18. 18. FIRST OFF -- WHAT AREASK THE AUDIENCE THE YOU “MANAGING”?DIFFERENCES THEYKNOW OF Racks of Hardware Low-level soft ware or the entire stack all the way up to WordPress Managed vs “Un-Managed”
  19. 19. Run down the cost of thedifferent types of SUPPORT THAT CANser vice. ANSWER QUESTIONS GREAT SERVICE REQUIRES REAL PEOPLE. IT’S NOT JUST HARDWARE -- IT’S SERVICE!! Why is managed hosting so expensive?
  20. 20. [ insert closing brilliance here ]
  21. 21. Special Thanks to: -- of
  22. 22. Trafton Esler @traftonesler