Woolavington and Puriton Big Local - overview presentation


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Woolavington and Puriton Big Local - overview presentation

  1. 1. Woolavington and Puriton
  2. 2. : What we‟ll coverBig Local – what‟s it all about?The features of Big LocalThe Big Local pathwayThe support availableWhat do you think?Contact information
  3. 3. : What‟s it all about?150 areas across EnglandWoolavington and Puriton are in Wave 3Big Local = residents making the area “an even betterplace to live”Bringing together local talent, ambitions, skills andenergyResidents using at least £1m to make amassive and lasting difference
  4. 4. Key featuresResident ledInspire at the community levelMultiply in value/‟money as bait‟ (sponsorship, etc.)Not just grants – also loans, investment, servicesEncourage risksEncourage connectivityThinks beyond 10 yearsReach and inclusion
  5. 5. Key featuresOutcomes Communities are able to identify local needs and take action in response to them People will have increased skills and confidence so that they can continue to identify and respond to need in the future The community will make a difference to the needs it prioritises People will feel that their area is “an even better place to live”
  6. 6. : What it‟s notIt‟s not a grant programme – the money is alreadyallocated youIt‟s not a government scheme with targets anddeadlinesIt‟s not a bureaucratic process – you don‟t need to be anexpertIt‟s not about leaving you to get on with it
  7. 7. Woolavington and PuritonSelected by Big Lottery and SedgemoorWoolavington parishPuriton parish up to motorwayPopulation: c.4,080Households: c.1,780
  8. 8. Recent local contactParish councilsWoolavington E-WatchSRYPPuriton Allotment groupPuriton Parish Plan groupPuriton playing fieldsSCC, Sedgemoor DC, Sedgemoor HomesVarious individuals, shops, schools, newsletters
  9. 9. PathwayEach area is different, but each area will follow apathwayThe pathway is a series of steps to guide you on yourjourneyEach area follows the Big Local pathway, developing aunique programme of activity to achieve your vision
  10. 10. PathwaySummary of the steps Getting people involved Exploring your Big Local vision Forming your Big Local partnership Creating a Big Local plan Delivering your Big Local plan Collecting the evidence Reviewing your Big Local plan and partnership
  11. 11. Pathway1. Getting people involved Spreading the word about Big Local Residents know how they can get involved A combination of conversations, events, marketing and activities to start making the area even better
  12. 12. Pathway2. Exploring your Big Local vision What do people like about your area now? What exists already & what can you build on? What would people like to change? Finding out from a range of people in your area Lots of different visions at this stage
  13. 13. Pathway3. Forming your Big Local partnership At least eight members Majority of members are residents (51%) Guides overall direction of Big Local Ensures a diverse range of residents and organisations are actively involved Membership changes over time and is reviewed annually
  14. 14. Pathway4. Creating a Big Local plan Build from the range of visions to a shared vision for Woolavington and Puriton Build on what‟s already good in the area Plan describes how W&P will benefit and how it will meet the four Big Local outcomes Outline how you‟ll use the £1m over at least 10 years
  15. 15. Pathway5. Delivering your Big Local plan Involves a range of activities and strategies: grants, social investments (loans) and paying for specialist services Draw on lots of different resources – it‟s more than just money Partnership will identify suitable locally trusted organisations can administer some or all of the funding, or if they wish Local Trust to help
  16. 16. Pathway6. Collecting the evidence as we go along Collect information to learn and adapt activities Reflect and celebrate the work done so far Local Trust will want reports on activities, achievements funding distributed
  17. 17. Pathway7. Reviewing your Big Local plan & partnership Both the plan and partnership will be reviewed each year Open, critical reflection on how the partnership and plan are achieving the outcomes Identify and make required changes
  18. 18. RepsSupport your area along the pathwayProvide advice and critical challengeRepresents Local Trust in your area, and reports backto themRep role is „light touch‟
  19. 19. SupportRange of support offered including: The Big Local rep Local Trust website localtrust.org.uk; W&P has its own page Monthly Big Local newsletter „Getting Started‟ funding programme (£20,000 for your area to start this work). Events to meet and learn from other areas Opportunities to become „star people‟ – social entrepreneurs Big Local publications and resources
  20. 20. What happens next?People get involved and spread the wordBig Local meetings in Woolavington and PuritonInterim contact / steering group„Getting Started‟ funding programme (£20,000 for yourarea to start this work). Requires a „locally trusted‟organisation to hold the money.
  21. 21. What do you think?Who should be involved?How to spread the word?Who wants to help?What should I be concentrating on?Role of CCS Village Agent?Use of parish notice boards
  22. 22. Contact Julian Mellor – Big Local Rep Mob: 0777 929 3501 E: julian@2md.co.uk Website: wpbiglocal.wordpress.com Local Trust: www.localtrust.org.uk