Workforce Now Volume 4


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ADP has rewitten the book on Workforce Management. See how ADP can help you maximize your human capital.

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Workforce Now Volume 4

  1. 1. SPECIAL ISSUE: ECONOMIC FORECAST WORKFORCE A PUBLICATION DEDICATED TO WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS VOL. 4 now SM recession relief Is the economy on the UpswIng? Managing Your organizaTion’s Top perforMers whaT’s new in hr TechnologY Top 3 flsa violaTions & how To avoid TheM To view an inTeracTive version of This publicaTion, go To:
  2. 2. ADP just rewrote the book on workforce management. When it comes to managing human resources, ADP wrote the book. Now, we’re adding a brand-new chapter that will redefine the way you approach workforce management. From reducing administrative burdens, to helping to control costs and mitigate risks, to managing talent, ADP Workforce Now brings together in a single, comprehensive solution the tools you need to meet your organizational goals. For more info: 1 800 cAll-ADP
  3. 3. 8 RecessioN RelieF: 5 is the ecoNomy oN the UPsWiNg? By making proactive recovery plans now, your organization can be more prepared for the upturn than it was for the downturn. 13 WhAt’s NeW iN hR techNology? Five questions you should be asking IT to ensure that your organization’s HR function is operating at peak productivity. 16 oN ReADeRs’ miNDs Mike Taylor, Relationship Manager for ADP Workforce Now HR Services, addresses readers’ most pressing workforce management questions. 2 21st-ceNtURy stRAtegies FoR mANAgiNg toP PeRFoRmeRs When the employment tide starts to turn, will your company be swimming with it or against it? A look at emerging trends that are creating new jobs and different work styles. 5 steeRiNg cleAR oF comPeNsAtioN ViolAtioNs Learn more about the three most common FLSA blunders being committed by today’s employers — and your best bets for avoiding costly penalties. ?? ? ? 13 8 WORKFORCE NOW | 1
  4. 4. 21st-ceNtURy stRAtegies FoR mANAgiNg toP PeRFoRmeRs When the employment tide starts to turn, will your company be swimming with it or against it? A look at emerging trends that are creating new jobs and different work styles. 2 | WORKFORCE NOW
  5. 5. i t may take a little work, but if you look hard 30-50% of an annual salary to replace an enough, you can find positive news about entry-level employee, 150% to replace a the employment outlook. That’s largely due mid-level employee, and up to 400% for a to the fact that emerging trends are creating specialized worker or high-level executive. To new jobs and different work styles. put it in perspective, consider this: the Society As people increasingly seek security, flexibility for Human Resource Management recently and opportunities, more companies are facing estimated that it costs $3,500 to replace just costly recruitment and retention issues as a one $8-per-hour employee. result. It’s possible these trends could have a direct or indirect impact on your company’s the imPoRtANce oF beiNg AN workforce. “emPloyeR oF choice” Here’s a look at some of the latest employment Almost every business has a brand image, trends: regardless of size, industry, or target audience. To recruit and keep the best candidates, “hot desking” refers to workers who aren’t employers have to cultivate their “employer tied to a particular office or workstation, often brand” as well. Your goal is to become an working from their clients’ locations or from employer of choice — one eagerly sought home. Being home-based is particularly out by workplace newcomers and experienced appealing to parents and caregivers, for talent alike. reasons that include quality-of-life issues as well It starts with communication. An employer of as childcare costs. choice makes sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the company’s products Rapid technology advancements and and services, procedures and processes, upgrades are creating opportunities for big-picture business goals, and current market technology professionals, especially those who strategies. Employers of choice also foster specialize in networking, installation and support. two-way conversation, seeking input and insight from the employee population at every Similarly, the focus on sustainable or green level. Nine out of 10 employee suggestions or business has resulted in growing opportunities critiques may not be actionable, but the 10th for “green jobs” — positions that contribute to could be a golden nugget of insight that the conservation of energy, expansion of wouldn’t have gotten to you any other way. renewable energy sources, and conservation or Taking employee input seriously helps build a improvement of the environment. powerful employer brand. baby boomers are living longer and better DeVeloPiNg AND emPoWeRiNg medicine is helping them lead more productive skilleD stAFFeRs lives. That means more experienced help is An employer of choice invests in its employees staying in the workforce longer. by providing on-the-job training or helping them grow through outside resources. But it’s not What effect will these trends have on your enough to identify needs and provide organization, specifically your staffing needs? opportunities — you also must remove any Slowly but surely, the workplace is shifting from barriers that might get in the way, like a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. And too workloads or scheduling. many employers consistently underestimate the To keep your best people from feeling like ramifications and costs of replacing employees they have to jump ship to get ahead, they need who depart voluntarily. Regardless of market to see there’s room for advancement within the conditions or employment statistics, you need to company. This means evaluating job perfor- make every effort to retain your top performers. mance on a regular basis, in an organized Why? Sources indicate it costs an estimated manner, so that you or your managers can give WORKFORCE NOW | 3
  6. 6. employees feedback as well as point the way When employees can directly access informa- to improvement and/or growth. tion or find answers on their own, managers are Investing in technology also sends a strong free to focus on strategic rather than administra- message — one that shows your organization tive duties. is forward thinking and committed to giving Finally, don’t underestimate the value of people the tools they need to thrive. For simple flexibility. Though not every firm can offer example, online benefits systems are one-stop benefits such as on-site daycare or 100% destinations that employees can use to manage telecommuting, be open to non-traditional everything from their healthcare to their retire- arrangements like flexible work schedules or job ment plans. These convenient systems also give sharing that demonstrate your organization’s employees continuous access to important support for work/life balance. documents like company manuals and manage- ment reference materials, while paying addi- cUltiVAtiNg AND ReWARDiNg sUccess tional dividends by cutting down on many Every business wants high-performing common but time-consuming tasks handled by employees. By cultivating a culture that gives your HR staff. employees the balance of flexibility and Similarly, payroll management systems can accountability they need to feel challenged as help reduce operating expenses while providing well as valued, your organization is taking the support and security. Other types of information, right steps toward achieving “employer of guidance and forms can also be housed online. choice” status in no time. n YOuR EmplOYER BRANd: What message is it sending? Just as your corporate brand serves as the foundation for your marketing efforts, your “employer brand” is a powerful lever for attracting and retaining a high-performing workforce. So, what exactly is an employer brand? According to Aberdeen Group, a leading research provider, it’s the way your organization is perceived by your current employees, prospective job candidates, and the market at large — a perception that is reinforced by every interaction a company has with its employees and the marketplace. In a 2008 study, Aberdeen found that enhancing company brand and reputation in the recruiting market was named as the number-one strategic action among best-in-class organizations. To succeed, the report found, organizations must seize every opportunity to create a brand that resonates both internally and externally, and is accurately aligned with the expectations of the current workforce. By leveraging a positive employer brand, companies can achieve significant improvements — not only in talent acquisition and retention, but in performance as well. 4 | WORKFORCE NOW
  7. 7. learn more about the three most common FlSA blunders being committed by today’s employers — and your game plan for avoiding costly penalties. STEERING ClEAR oF comPeNsAtioN ViolAtioNs i n business, as in life, mistakes can have a certain value. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still be costly — especially if we don’t learn from our mistakes or those of others. Nowhere is that advice more apt than when dealing with federal regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which governs the rules for minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth WORKFORCE NOW | 5
  8. 8. employment standards. least the federal minimum wage for all hours Across multiple industries, it’s common to see worked, and time and a half their regular the same FLSA violations being committed time rate of pay for all hours over 40 hours in a and again, according to a recent research workweek unless specifically exempted. paper by Vicki Lambert, CPP, president of These exemptions include bona fide Lambert and Associates, a firm specializing in executive, administrative, professional and payroll training. outside sales employees. It’s important to According to Lambert, companies most note that job titles alone do not determine commonly go astray in three major areas: exempt status. To qualify for exempt status, employees must pass three tests: job duties, • lassifying employees as exempt or C salary level, and salary basis. For an non-exempt exemption to apply, an employee’s specific • Counting the number of hours worked job duties, salary amount and how that • Calculating overtime pay salary is paid must meet all the requirements of the Department of Labor’s regulations. On the surface, these three areas seem surprisingly simple. How could you possibly Accurately counting the number miscount the number of hours an employee has of hours worked worked? In reality, getting it right is not so Employees must be paid for all hours simple — and not so cheap if you get it wrong. worked. Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, the FLSA does not provide a clear “THE MORE YOU LEARN FROM definition for “hours worked.” In several U.S. EVERYONE ELSE’S MISTAkES, THE Supreme Court rulings, hours worked may FEWER YOU HAVE TO MAkE YOURSELF.” include any time spent in HARVEY MACkAY “physical or mental exertion that is controlled or required by the Tasked with enforcing the provisions of the employer,” and all hours an employee is FLSA is the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of required to give to an employer. This the U.S. Department of Labor — not exactly an includes waiting time if it is for the employer’s agency you’d like to see knocking at your benefit, and all the time during a workweek office door anytime soon. In 2008, the WHD that an employee is required to be on the recouped an estimated $185 million in back employer’s premises. wages, in the process assessing employers These circumstances might also be over $3 million in civil penalties for overtime considered hours worked: and minimum wage violations. • On-call time be AleRt to commoN • Attendance at meetings or lectures comPliANce PitFAlls • Travel time To avoid contributing to the WHD coffers • Special one-day assignments this year, re-examine your processes to • ime spent accessing and reviewing T ensure you’re remaining compliant in these emails while out of the office major areas: calculation of overtime pay exempt vs. non-exempt employees Many employers commonly believe that The FLSA requires that all employees be paid at overtime is calculated using the employee’s 6 | WORKFORCE NOW
  9. 9. The Classification Conundrum: Contractor or Employee? Misclassification of an employee as an independent contractor can have serious implications for your bottom line. The IRS can reclassify independent contractors as W-2 employees, resulting in the imposition of fines, penalties and back taxes for which the employer is generally liable. Typically, an employer must withhold income taxes, withhold and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, and pay unemployment tax on wages paid to an employee. You do not generally have to withhold or pay any taxes on payments to independent contractors. According to the IRS, businesses must weigh factors like these to correctly classify service providers: behavioral — Does the company control what the worker does and how? Financial — Are the business aspects of the worker’s job controlled by the payer? Consider how the worker is paid, whether expenses are reimbursed, and who provides tools or supplies. type of Relationship — Are there written contracts or employee type- benefits? Is the work performed a key aspect of the business? The keys to correct classification include looking at the entire relationship, considering the degree or extent of the right to direct and control, and finally, documenting in detail the factors used to make your decision. hourly rate, and multiplying it by 1.5 and the the chAlleNge FAciNg comPeNsAtioN number of overtime hours. If no other factors PRoFessioNAls beyond straight and overtime hours are Today’s business environment has made involved, that would be absolutely correct. understanding the latest FLSA requirements For more However, if the employee’s regular rate of extremely important in order to stay compliant information on pay includes items such as a shift differential, while meeting your organization’s HR needs. Of “The Top 3 FLSA non-discretionary bonus, or a cost-of-living course, the FLSA covers much more ground than Violations and How to Avoid Them,” visit adjustment, this formerly simply calculation can simply the three areas outlined above. But become infinitely more complex. Employers understanding the dynamics — and the workforce-management/ must then determine on a case-by-case basis if ramifications — of the three most common docs/whitepaper/ these additional payments are included in the violations will give your organization a head FLSA_White_Paper.pdf to download the regular rate of pay in order to calculate start in avoiding inadvertent and expensive complete white paper. overtime correctly. contributions to the WHD any time soon. n WORKFORCE NOW | 7
  10. 10. RecessioN RelieF: IS THE ECONOMY ON THE UPSWINg? In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” By making proactive recovery plans now, your organization can be more prepared for the upturn than it was for the downturn. D epending on where you live or work, you may have noticed some interesting billboards in your neighborhood recently. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is sponsoring a campaign with the theme “Recession 101,” using relatable and light-hearted messages to help people maintain perspective about the state of the 8 | WORKFORCE NOW
  11. 11. economy. Recently spotted: “Interesting fact schools, and investing in new energy about recessions. They end.” “It’s a test. Not a technology. The Recovery Act is also intended final.” “Stop obsessing about the economy. to save public sector jobs, protect vital services, You’re scaring the children.” and provide assistance to workers hurt by the One could argue that the OAAA has a vested weak economy. interest in filling billboards that might otherwise The Recovery Act will save or create nearly be empty, but the idea came from an anonymous four million jobs over the next two years. The donor who wants to “remind Americans of the money is being distributed to state things that make this country great.” governments, schools, hospitals, contractors The point is this: Recovery will happen. And and other types of organizations. While your you have a lot more control over how your organization may not be a direct recipient of company prepares for the upturn than it did for government funds, It’s hard to imagine a the downturn. business that won’t benefit from the Recovery Act in some way. As funded entities hire, re-hire iNVestiNg big iN the RecoVeRy or stabilize, the jobs created will have a ripple The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of effect on general consumer and business 2009 (Recovery Act) was signed into law by demand for all types of goods and services. President Obama on February 17, 2009. It The federal government has been mandated addresses an economic crisis in this country to make the process as transparent as possible; second only to the great Depression, and it was has been created so that enacted specifically to get the economy back on everyone has access to information about how track. Billions of federal tax dollars have been and where money is being distributed. By allocated for initiatives such as modernizing the tracking where the money is going and staying nation’s infrastructure (roads, bridges, mass aware of events in your market area, you transit), revamping health care, improving our should be able to project how and when WORKFORCE NOW | 9
  12. 12. recovery efforts will begin having an impact on outsourcing to explore: your business (if they haven’t already). If you’re frequently on the road, you may not gettiNg yoUR bUsiNess ReADy FoR need a full-time assistant. A virtual assistant the UPsWiNg can help you with time-consuming tasks like Use this time to assess your needs for re-entering managing voicemail and email, research, growth mode. For most businesses, managing fact-checking, event planning, travel increased costs for items like equipment and arrangements — almost anything you can think inventory is going to be less of a challenge than of that takes you away from your core business. managing your time and people needs. Rather than trying to predict the future when it Payroll solutions ensure that your company’s comes to specialty staffing needs, more payroll needs are met on time, every time, companies are thinking outside the box and helping you streamline your payroll process, leveraging the strategic benefits of outsourcing. improve productivity and simplify administration. If you look outside your company for business Payroll services manage time-consuming services, you’ll find providers that can give you processing and tax filing tasks so your HR team an edge over direct competition, and help level can turn its attention to more strategic needs. the playing field between your business and its bigger competitors. Why? Because you’ll be By using the services of a marketing dealing with specialists. consultant, you can plan and implement Here are just a few examples of selective effective marketing programs that can help 10 | WORKFORCE NOW
  13. 13. you increase your business results at a faster ready to staff up, many HR service providers rate. You can find a professional who knows can also help you find, hire and keep your industry and is positioned to jump right employees, as well as help prevent you from in — whether your goal is to take advantage making expensive hiring mistakes. of an immediate opportunity or to develop a long-term plan. PUttiNg the FocUs oN stRAtegic imPeRAtiVes tax and compliance services keep your Many companies have chosen to hunker down business current with constantly changing laws and ride out the current economic turmoil. Is and regulations, help you meet strict government yours among them? If so, it may be time to stick deadlines, and avoid costly fines and penalties. your head up and take a fresh look at the Experts in governmental regulations can help bigger picture — making sure that your team’s you reduce expenses, mitigate risk, and focus is on mission-critical imperatives rather eliminate laborious manual tasks. than administrative necessities. If you’re a believer in Newton’s laws of hR service providers can help you track motion, it’s only a matter of time before benefits plans, integrate time and attendance the economy that went down comes back up. records with talent management solutions, Use the time in between to make plans, and improve communication with your employees, you’ll be in the best possible position to take and give your managers access to tools like your business right back into growth mode online performance reviews. When you’re when the recovery hits full speed. n YOUR PIECE OF THE RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT PIE Opportunities abound for many businesses that in the past might not have considered pursuing government projects. You can now search online for opportunities across the entire federal contracting community. Start with for all federal government contracting opportunities that exceed $25,000. The site lists all major solicitations, contract awards, subcontracting opportunities, surplus property sales, and even foreign business opportunities. Interested in a federal grants? Federal agencies offer more than 1,000 grant programs and access to approximately $400 billion in annual awards. Visit to search and apply for grants from 26 different federal agencies. minority and woman-owned businesses may want to seek certification credentials to open doors to bigger opportunities. For information, visit organizations like the National minority Supplier development Council ( or the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council ( WORKFORCE NOW | 11
  14. 14. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 12 | WORKFORCE NOW
  15. 15. WhaT’s NEW iN hR techNology? Five questions A 1987 article in The New York Times by Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Solow you should be ignited a firestorm when it questioned the relationship between computers and productivity. Though that debate still continues today on certain asking IT to hot topics — the relative merits of being wired 24/7, for example — the majority of HR professionals are ensure that your certain to acknowledge the role that computers and technology play in easing their departments’ daily organization’s administrative burdens. With rapid shifts in business technology happening almost daily, it’s more vital than ever that your HR HR function is team maintains solid relations with your IT department, working together to ensure that your organization operating at leverages today’s best-of-breed human resources technology tools as effectively as possible. peak productivity. Here are five questions you should be asking your IT department to start a productive dialogue: 1 HOW INTEgRATED ARE WE? growing companies often find themselves with “patchwork” HR IT solutions cobbled together and modified by necessity as new needs arise. Lack of integration across vital systems can have serious repercussions in terms of productivity and continuity. Think about it — the common appearance and menu functionality across every program in the Microsoft Office suite isn’t by accident. Non-integrated systems force a steeper learning curve when it comes to training new users, and repetitive data entry (entering payroll data in separate payroll and tax systems, for example) can lead to costly mistakes thanks to simple keystroke errors. Fully integrated systems (also known as Human Resource Information Systems, or HRIS), bring together under a single interface interdependent HR processes such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and applicant tracking. With the latest generation of HR applications delivered over the web (known as SaaS, or “Software as a Service”), companies can skip the expensive investments in hardware that presented a significant barrier to implementation in the past. Upgrades, too, are simpler than ever, as developers can push out new features faster, allowing your business to adjust to shifting market conditions as needed. WORKFORCE NOW | 13
  16. 16. 2 HOW REDUNDANT ARE WE? If people are your organization’s most important asset, your HR data is equally important. A Pepperdine University study recently estimated that lost data costs U.S. companies an average of $18.2 billion dollars each year. What protections do you have in place to protect employees’ privacy and guard against data loss — whether from hardware failure, environmental catastrophes like fire or flood, or external security breaches from malicious hackers or identity thieves? Review your system protections with your IT pros to ensure that adequate data protections exist, your backup and recovery systems are tested regularly, and a business continuance plan is in place in the event that one or more of your offices becomes inaccessible. Even the best recovery system is useless if no one knows how to use it when disaster strikes. 3 4 HOW CAN WE DO WE HAVE A BETTER MANAgE CLEARLY DEFINED RECRUITMENT, TECHNOLOgY STAFFINg, AND ACCESS POLICY? PROFESSIONAL Here’s an issue that’s sure to generate DEVELOPMENT? strong opinions on both sides of the The best workforce starts with the argument. For many senior managers, access best hiring and retention tools. to social media technology — blogging, Applicant management programs are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube — is immediately fast becoming the norm for seen as a distraction or time waster. automating functions like processing Conversely, younger hires view them as applications and ranking respondents’ must-have tools for collaboration and getting résumés — routine tasks that often business done. consume the bulk of a hiring Before adopting a knee-jerk “no access” manager’s time and attention. policy, consider the elements of social Screening and selection tools take the networking that may be in line with broader process one step further, using management strategies. For example, thorough candidate screenings to internal video blogs or knowledge banks ensure compliance and reduce risk. can help employees more easily connect Once your organization’s made with one another and share information, the right hire, technology-based time especially in larger or far-flung organizations and attendance solutions can where simply walking down the hall to ask streamline employee scheduling, track a question isn’t possible. activities, and manage absences, As social media moves from strictly helping you optimize your labor marketing and branding applications to investment. To keep employees tools for lead generation, customer challenged and motivated, consider communication, and internal communication using performance appraisal or talent and collaboration, companies of all sizes management software to simplify need to have a clear strategy for social the process of tracking goals and media tools — and an equally clear policy identifying skills gaps. on employee usage. 14 | WORKFORCE NOW
  17. 17. 5 HOW USER-FRIENDLY ARE WE? Respondents to a January 2009 study commissioned by ADP said that nearly half their HR team’s time (45%) is spent on a combination of payroll-related activities (18%), HR administration (14%) and benefits administration (13%) — repetitive, time-consuming tasks that leave little room for more strategic contributions to your organization. Companies are now turning to self-service portals that allow employees to access, maintain and modify information via a web browser. This shift to self-service functionality for employees and managers alike is a direct response to the competitive challenges of today’s knowledge economy, making it the preferred method for improving internal service and enhancing the lines of communication between your company and its employees. The benefits of these self-service portals are two-fold in positioning your organization as an employer of choice — demonstrating your responsiveness and techno-savvy to employees, while freeing your HR team to concentrate on more strategic initiatives to further reinforce that leadership position and attract top talent. hARNessiNg techNology to DRiVe iNNoVAtioN With human capital the largest investment of just about every business, it makes sense to also invest in the technology needed to make the most of that valuable capital. By staying ahead of the technology curve and making sound investments, you’ll ensure that your HR strategies and goals are aligned with the technology needed to achieve them. n WORKFORCE NOW | 15
  18. 18. On ReadeRs’ Minds Mike Taylor, Relationship Manager for ADP Workforce Now HR Services, addresses readers’ most pressing workforce management questions. Q: We’Ve jUst begUN ReVisiNg oUR comPANy’s extRemely DAteD emPloyee hANDbook. Do yoU hAVe ANy RecommeNDAtioNs FoR cURReNt best PRActices thAt We shoUlD keeP iN miND DURiNg this PRocess? A: If your handbook hasn’t been updated in a while, chances are it doesn’t address many relatively new issues such as the use of technology or legislative mandates for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or the recent changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAA). To stay current with best practices and remain in compliance, your employee handbook should include clearly stated information on the following: • Use of cell phones in the office • ccess to online social networking sites, A such as Facebook or LinkedIn • Drug and alcohol use • Workplace violence Older handbooks are often out of compliance when it comes to issues like risk and safety, and family and medical leave, particularly regarding pregnancy-related absences. Congratulations on recognizing the importance of an up-to-date employee handbook. By defining and communicating your organization’s policies and standards, you’ve taken an important step toward the fair and consistently applied personnel policies that are the hallmark of today’s leading employers. 16 | WORKFORCE NOW
  19. 19. Q: mANAgemeNt WANts to mAke seVeRAl chANges to Q&A the PAiD holiDAys obseRVeD At oUR comPANy. WheN is the best time AND WAy to ANNoUNce these chANges? A: Several considerations should come to mind when making changes like paid holidays, including minimizing any disruption to business activities and the potential impact on employee morale. Rather than a mid-year change to the holiday observance schedule, which could affect employees’ childcare or vacation plans, consider implementing a new schedule for the new year — and communicating changes well in advance. Many companies choose to communicate in stages — sending a general notification that the holiday policy is being reviewed, followed by a detailed summary of the changes and timeline for implementation. By mapping out a strategy well in advance, you’ll be in a better position to control how and when these changes will be best received by your employees. Q: oUR oRgANizAtioN is UNFoRtUNAtely AmoNg those tAskeD With imPlemeNtiNg A ReDUctioN iN FoRce (RiF). hoW Do We eDUcAte oUR mANAgeRs oN the PRoPeR WAy to select the PositioNs to be elimiNAteD? A: When tasked with an RIF, objective criteria and consistency in the criteria used to make the cuts is critical. Steer clear of any considerations that could be considered biased, such as an employee’s attendance record, and be aware of the impact on protected classes of employees. For example, companies often consider length of tenure as the criteria for a reduction, but fail to recognize that its longest-tenured employees may be protected by age discrimination legislation. By being as objective and consistent as possible across the board, your company can apply the fairest possible criteria to conducting the RIF. n WORKFORCE NOW | 17
  20. 20. About ADP Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADP), with nearly $9 billion in revenues and 570,000 clients, is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. Leveraging 60 years of experience, ADP offers the widest range of HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source. ADP’s easy-to-use solutions for employers provide superior value to companies of all types and sizes. You can count on ADP for unparalleled compliance support and the most qualified and accessible client service in our industry. The ADP Logo and The business behind business are registered trademarks of ADP, Inc. Workforce Now is a service mark of ADP, Inc. All other products and marks are the property of their respective owners. ©2009 ADP, Inc.