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critical discourse analysis


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pertemuan 1

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critical discourse analysis

  1. 1. Critical Discourse Analysis (Studies) Pertemuan 1
  2. 2. Bagaimana anda mendefinisikan wacana?
  3. 3. Linguistik: wacana adalah satuan bahasa yang lengkap, sehingga dalamhierarki gramatikal merupakan satuan gramatikal tertinggi dan terbesar.• Konsep dan gagasan• Persyaratan gramatikal• Kohesif atau serasi
  4. 4. Cultural Studies: A discourse is"a language or system ofrepresentation that hasdeveloped socially in order tomake and circulate a coherentset of meanings about animportant topic area.”(Fiske, 1987)
  5. 5. discourse isconstituted by a groupof sequences ofsigns, in so far as theyare statements, thatis, in so far as they canbe assigned particularmodalities ofexistence” (Foucault1972:107).
  6. 6. Language is also a medium ofdomination and social force.It serves to legitimizerelations of organizedpower… language is alsoideological (Habermas, 1977)
  7. 7. Beyond description or superficial application, critical sciencein each domain asks further questions, such as those ofresponsibility, interests, and ideology. Instead of focusing onpurely academic or theoretical problems, it starts fromprevailing social problems, and thereby chooses theperspective of those who suffer most, and critically analysesthose in power, those who are responsible, and those whohave the means and the opportunity to solve such problems.(van Dijk, 1986)
  8. 8. Diskusi• Apa tujuan CDA menurut anda?• Apakah CDA sebuah metode atau pendekatan atau kajian?• Masalah apa saja yang menjadi fokus CDA?