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planning of fairytale trailer.


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planning of fairytale trailer.

  1. 1. In this slideshow is a documentation of all thework which I put into my A2 media coursework;during week one. Mary Nzeh
  2. 2. Week one: Planning and decision making0 During the first week of my media coursework, my group and I (kianna and Elizabeth) had to firstly ensure that we choose a task to work on.We chose to work on trailers. However, although we had some basic knowledge of this filmgenre we then had to do some deep rooted research; Doing this allowed us to learn the codesand conventions of thrillers. As well as giving us ways in which to use them appropriately inour trailer. For instance the use of lightning, through appropriate research we would be ableto know which scenes work well with dark lightning and which do not.This meant we looked and studied a couple of thriller trailers I choose to research andanalyse four trailers; insidious, the ring 3, don’t be afraid of the dark and the roommate.(which would be viewed to you later on in my blog)
  3. 3. Week 1: 0 Also, during this first week, my group and I also had to ensure that we all agreed on the fairy-tale to modify and make into our own. Here are the fairy tales which we were willing to work on: Goldilocks and the three bears Little red Snow white ridding hood Sleeping Cinderella beautyAfter all the brain storming; we finally decided to work on the well known fairy tale:little red riding hood.In the next slide are a reasons why we chose fairy-tale little red riding hood .
  4. 4. Reasons for our fairy tale choice.0 We chose little red ridding hood as it is a very well known fairy tale, which could be classified “edgy” as the theme and moral of the story can be modified in many different ways. For instance, into an adult version, a hunted version and even a romance.However, having said this, little red ridding hood as been modified many times. Which almostmakes it almost common. However, my team and I did not want a fairy tale which is classifiedcommon we wanted to be creative and different. During this contemplation, I noticed that littlered ridding hood wasn’t modified numerous times because it is common, but rather because it isalmost very easy to manipulate and even play around with.We also chose this fairy-tale because we were determined to change the gender stereotypesattached to the this particular fairy tale. We wanted to show women as strong and determinedindividuals rather than the timid, shy and “ditsy” character which little red ridding hood played.On this note, we had to change and mify the narrative to suit this brave character which wewanted her to play. We began to list out a couple of actions which she could take to portray this:• She could save her grand mother rather than the huntsman• She could kill her grandmother• She could fall in love with the huntsman but however, be the one to save her grand mother
  5. 5. 0 Having chosen the fairy-tale which we will be working on; we then had to think of a movie genre which we will be modifying it into. However, we found this a bit of a challenge as we had to brainstorm a few genres which we would be willing to work on and the narrations behind them. These ideas have been demonstrated below Romance; whereby little red ridding hood falls in love with the huntsman Horror: whereby little Thriller: whereby red ridding hood kills little red riding and her grand mother the huntsman fight to rather than the wolf save the grandmother Comedy: whereby little red ridding hood gets lost on her way to her grandmothers and has an adventureFinally, we chose to modify little red ridding hood into a thriller. We chose this because little red ridding hood israrely modified into a thriller. Rather its always been modified into horrors and romances.This genre would allow us to be creative and different, because it is something different.
  6. 6. Things to think about Having chosen little red ridding hood, we had to think about: 0 representations 0 Narrative Representations: due to our new narrative of our chosen 0 Characters- protagonists and antagonists fairy tale; representations have become key elements to our 0 Audience (audience and reading ) trailer. This would determine how our audience may read 0 Sound and music certain connotations. Due to this, we would have to take symbolism very seriously asMise en scene: this includes lighting it could be classified an easy to way to add an additionaland colour, setting, props, costumes, hair meaning or significance; from a producer to an audience. (whenad make up, body movement, body applied and used correctly.)language, expressions and movements. With this comes my knowledge of my supposed audience, as IThe use of appropriate Mise en scene would have to be aware of exactly what my audiencewould improve our trailer a whole a lot. stereotypically would like to see in a movie (then adding it toThis would/could determine how the movie- almost pacifying them)successful our trailer may be . For Also, through my representation comes stereotypicalinstance, an interior shot of a dark room, representation, whereby I represent some characters in myflooding with deep red light as well as trailer in a certain way due to their social groups or even gender.props such as status and crucifixes For instance the huntsman may be very manly and masculine.become frightening, creating the thrill in Other stereotypic representations which my group and I wouldwhich the genre is signalled. have to consider throughout the course of the trailer:Having said this, we are definitely taking • Accentsthe Mise en scene very serious and have • Women and their knowledgeassigned kianna to ensure that all Mise • Male and masculinityen scene is appropriate for a scene as • Representation of old peoplewell as impacting to the genre of the • Character representationthriller. • (And maybe) archetypes
  7. 7. Don’t be afraid of the darkAudience (audience and reading): my groupand I would like for the audience to use a preferredreading method to read the trailer, that is; to get acertain amount of thrill from the trailer as we intend.Although we may not be making a movie, we would like Red lights:to convey to the audience that the trailer is in fact athriller trailer; for a thriller movie as it would create acertain fear or suspense. To achieve this, we wouldhave to avoid our target audience to read the trailer inan opposionnal manner. To do this our trailer musthave a sense of realism.When thinking about audience, I would also have tothink of my intended audience, and how I would like torepresent them. We have chosen young individuals Black swanfrom the age 15-21 to be our target audince. This isbecause we are aware that they are more or less likelyto go and watch thrillers as they seek thrills andexcitement.We have also done some research on the ages given tomost thriller movies and found that most thrillers suchas don’t be afraid of the dark’s age certificate was 15.
  8. 8. Narration:Due to the fact that my group and I have decided on a genre to modify our fairy tale into; (thriller) making a narrativeto suit this genre becomes almost easy.With this comes the use of certain characters and their relevance to the story. For instance, the use of a protagonistand an antagonist.We have made changes to the original fairy tale little red ridding hood.Changes such as:• Turning the wolf into a witch- unlike in the original story, the wolf was the antagonist. However, we have modified this as it much easier to act out. Also, we lack the use of appropriate resources to add a certain realism to the character of a wolf. So turning this character into a witch, helps to add a modern twist to the story as well as keeping it vintage/old.• Instead of the huntsman being the only on to save the grandmother, the huntsman and little red ridding hood do so-As being an all female group; my group and I are very displeased with the original story of little red ridding hood as it plays women/girls out to be weaklings and helpless as they constantly need the help of a male to save them. eg: the grandmother and little red ridding hood were saved by the huntsman. This would help to neutralise the gender differences between men and women without making one more supirior than the other.• Instead of little red ridding hood to wear a red cape; she wears a red dress- this change was solely made to add a modern twist to the fairy tale. We also made this change to add a sense of contrast to the entire story. As it then looks like she (little red ridding hood) would be the typical fairy tale girl who is ditsy and helpless, however, as the trailer develops she almost acts like the huntsman. We have done this to contradict the stereotypical representation of women.
  9. 9. Sound and music: sound effects (in general) can be classified as one of the most important factors of atrailer. As they add suspense, climax, create a mood. They single can make the audience read the trailer in ajust as the director/ producer intended (preferred reading).Sound effects play a major part to thrillers and horrors. For instance a common sound such as the squeak of acan add a whole lot of scare to the viewers as it helps to increase tension.Here are a couple links to some sound effects which my group and I think may be useful when creating ourthriller trailer as they may add a sense of thrill or suspense to or trailer. You can just copy the link. Stair Gate Hinge Squeak Creak 003 Clock tick 002 Lullaby