How Gamification Can Drive Results


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Gamify - taking aspects traditionally found in games and applying them to a digital experience. 

Whether you are looking to increase word of mouth marketing, capture email addresses, gain market insight (surveys and questionaries), or reinforce key message points about your brand you might want to consider how to incentivize and reward users by gamifying your digital content. 

See how high tech brands, media companies, local restaurants, and product companies have created gamified experiences entice audience engagement that has produced real business results.

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How Gamification Can Drive Results

  1. 1. GamificationGAMIFICATIONHowDrives Results
  2. 2. Gamify, gamify, n.1. taking aspectstraditionally found ingames and applying themto a digitalexperience.
  3. 3. Gamification involves creating acompetitive atmosphere, where a useris rewarded for performing a task.
  4. 4. 1. Increase Word-of-Mouth Marketing2. Reinforce Key Points or Topics3. Increase Email Database4. Gain Market InsightHere are four goals that we commonly hear from businesses:Continue on to see a few examples of how gamification has helpedbrands achieve these goals.
  5. 5. • Incentivize users with a reason to share their experience to increase thesatisfaction that comes from gathering supporters.Make sharing a part of the game. Give users theability to gather together and compete with oragainst their friends.
  6. 6. A major publisher created a UGCcontest, and asked users to tell why theyare the biggest Alicia Keys fan for achance to win. Users shared their entriesto recruit others to vote for theirsubmission.• 15,000 links were shared via socialnetworks and email• 40% of traffic was from shared links• Webpage surpassed the officialAlicia Keys website in SEO rankings
  7. 7. A local news station held a series of polls for users tovote on favorite local businesses.The local businesses rallied theircustomers to support their store inthe “Best Restaurant Poll”, drivingtraffic to the news station’swebsite. Each week, the winningbusiness would receive a 30-second feature in the Fridaynewscast.
  8. 8. Use gamification to gauge the effectiveness ofyour message and reinforce key messagepoints.• Quiz the consumer. Make your content interactive, and even considerspicing it up with a simple point system for correct answers and based on theamount of time it took to answer the question.• Encourage users to challenge their friends to increase the competitiveatmosphere and the size of the user base.
  9. 9. HP used Trivia as a way to educate and test their sales andmarketing teams before a new product was launched.Employees were rewardedprizes for the number ofquestions answered correctly.Corporate was better able tounderstand who had done theirhomework and what, ifany, areas needed moretraining before the launch.
  10. 10. HGTV set up a mobile trivia game so CMA Festivalattendees could play inside while waiting in line.Results were displayed on the TVmonitors within the HGTV Lodge.
  11. 11. • Users are more likely to start and complete a survey if they aregiven a reward, such as access to exclusive content or promotions.• Be creative with your questions and actually have a mixture of funquestions with research questions in order to better entice usersand gain insights from your desired demographic.Include a reward or provide a funexperience to increase user participationwith surveys or questionnaires.
  12. 12. Restaurant chain wanted to perform quality assurance ontheir different locations by surveying diners.After taking the survey, usersinstantly received a coupon uponentering in their e-mail address.In addition, the user was promptedto opt-in to the restaurant’snewsletter!
  13. 13. Users who participated wererewarded with a chance towin, and the answers to thequestions were used to gathermarket research to betterunderstand how to target themale consumer.Cleaning company created a funny video about men’scleaning habits around the house and targeted the video tothe female of the house. The female was prompted to fill outa short questionnaire about their man’s habits.
  14. 14. • Creating certain tiers of specials or promotions increases usersatisfaction while incentivizing a repeat behavior.• Tie the experience directly to the bottom-line by tracking the use ofpromotions and specials to purchases.Gamification is an ideal strategy to increase your e-maildatabase, because if a user wins they know you have tobe able to contact them to receive a prize.
  15. 15. Fox Sports hosted a sweepstakes for NASCAR’s DaytonaSpeedway. Users voted on their favorite Fox Sports’ Girls, andthen input their e-mail address to be entered into asweepstakes to go to the race with the top-five-picked FS Girls!Users could return to the poll daily to vote on their favoritechoices and be entered into the sweepstakes again.The event saw over 100 thousand visits and the sweepstakescollected thousands and thousands of e-mail addresses.
  16. 16. Publisher wanted to increase engagement and registrations for sponsor’semail newsletter around a Smashing Pumpkins concert give away.They set-up a trivia game that required the userto register for the sweepstakes after completingthe first question. The registration screen wasdefaulted to opting the user into the sponsor’snewsletter.• 52.71% of unique visitors entered• 33% of those users opted in tothe sponsor’s email newsletter