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Final project hernandez


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Final project hernandez

  1. 1. Using Twitter Effectively in a 21 st Century Classroom Presented By: Alexis Hernandez
  2. 2. What is Twitter? According to it’s website (“Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service utilizing instant messaging, SMS, or a web interface.”
  3. 3. History of TwitterFounded in 2006 Today: Started by four  200 Million users programmers – Jack around the globe. Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone.  Close to 1 billion Looked for alternative tweets sent weekly ways to communicate  Twitter boasts $150 with their cell phones million annually First twitter sent by Jack: @Jack “just setting up my twttr” ( news/the-history-of-twitter-140-characters-at-a- time/article1949299/)
  5. 5.  Twitter is used to communicate with others around the world. Twitter provides a live platform in which to access information such as: news stories, pictures, links, music, and advertisements. Twitter provides an accessible feed in which to stay in touch with friends, family, and even your favorite celebrities.
  7. 7. Lingo ** Posts must be 140 characters or Less! @ & username= Used for contacting or replying to another person on Twitter# = HashtagThe Hashtag helps to categorize posts. There are a list of hashtags composed of the most popular conversations used in real time on Twitter.RT= RetweetUse this feature to repost a message from another user. This could be useful information or a funny post you want to share with others
  8. 8. Rules Do not use your personal Twitter account with the students. Make sure each student (including yourself) have an account that is strictly used for classroom purposes Create a list of rules for Twitter use. (Get the students involved!) Have the students and parents sign off on the sheet Avoid using offensive language Remind the students they can password protect their accounts. Be respectful to others at all. (This includes peers in the classroom and other people using Twitter)
  10. 10. Making Announcements Upcoming Assignments/Deadlines Schedule Parent/Teacher conferences Let students know if you are going to be late or out for the day Let students/parents know when homework assignments are listed on the classroom webpage Inform parents when progress reports/report cards are available
  11. 11. Create a Learning Community Create ice breakers on Twitter for your class.This is a great way for students to get know each other (especially for the shy students in the class who don’t necessarily like talking a lot)Example: @MsHernandez “What is your favorite thing to do with your family, and why? #hernandezclassroomicebreaker1@SueAnderson “My favorite activity is going to the shore. We all have fun going to the boardwalk, because there are lots of things to do.” #hernandezclassroomicebreaker1
  12. 12. Create a Learning Community (cont.) Have students follow people on Twitter that are relevant to what you are teaching.Example: Many authors can be found on Twitter. Read a book in the classroom. Have students follow that author on twitter. If the author is unavailable, have students follow other people on twitter that may be relevant to that subject matter. If it is a book set in the civil war era, there are many historians or museums that the students can follow and possibly obtain more information.
  13. 13. Working CollaborativelyGroup WorkDivide the class into groups. The group can tweet information to each other. Research done on Twitter can be retweeted, compiled into lists, or saved for quick reference.CollaborateHave the class work together to brain storm and come up with ideas for projects and assignments
  14. 14. Other Great Ways To Use Twitter Study DrillsBring up the Twitter homepage on the projector at the front of the class. Tweet a question to the class. Have the other students tweet their answer back to you using Twitter. The class will see the answers pop up on the screen in real time. The first correct answer wins a point (or prize!) JournalingHave students tweet 2-5 messages at the beginning of class everyday. This can be about anything- how their day is going, interesting or wacky news they saw on Twitter, or who their favorite person is that they are following on Twitter NetworkingInvite someone from the community who uses Twitter in their profession. Introduce possible careers that students will need to utilize social networks. Find another class to tweet with. (This class can be several states away, or half way around the world; The possibilities are endless!)
  15. 15. Famous Last Words….“Who ever said things have to be useful?” –Twitter co-founder Evan Williams