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Testing in a continuous delivery world - continuous delivery Amsterdam meetup


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Hey, do you remember when everyone was asking what the role of the tester would be in an agile team? It’s happening again!

And things are changing again. A team that takes on the challenge to release their every commit certainly will take testing seriously. It will need to evolve new ways of testing. It will have new dynamics of testers working with developers. It will find new ways of of interacting with customers, stakeholders and product owners.

In this talk we’ll look at how continuous deployment changes the dynamics of an agile team. How quality moves even more to the center of the stage. How that changes the role of the tester once again. How it changes the role of developers, too. How this practice allows you to put the customer center stage again. And how that, too, has testing competencies at its core. And we’ll not forget DevOps, and how monitoring can be a continuous testing strategy.

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Testing in a continuous delivery world - continuous delivery Amsterdam meetup

  1. 1. Testing in a Continuous Delivery World Wouter Lagerweij @wouterla | #cdamsterdam
  2. 2. CD?
  3. 3. TDD
  4. 4. ATDD
  5. 5. ATDD Specification By Example
  6. 6. ATDDSpecification By Example BDD
  7. 7. ATDDSpecification By Example Whatever! BDD
  8. 8. More Technical Test! See: (@tobyclemson) (@AgileSteveSmith)
  9. 9. Remember this?
  10. 10. Remember this? It’s wrong
  11. 11. Exploratory Testing
  12. 12. Exploratory Testing In production!
  13. 13. Testers are used to being the safety net Developers are used to having a safety net.
  14. 14. Monitoring See:
  15. 15. Anything New?
  16. 16. Infrastructure Tests
  17. 17. Business Tests
  18. 18. Hypothesis Driven Development We Believe That <placing recommended jobs on the job description page> Will Result In <increase the number of relevant jobs applicants see> We Will Have Confidence To Proceed When <we see a 2% increase in number of jobs viewed per session and a .5% increase in number of job applications>
  19. 19. Thanks! Wouter Lagerweij @wouterla | #cdamsterdam