Overview of Financial Servics Capgemini Consulting


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Overview of Financial Servics Capgemini Consulting

  1. 1. Financial Services The Netherlands<br />
  2. 2. People matter, Results Count<br />For more information:<br />www.capgemini.com/consultingcapgemini.consulting.nl@capgemini.com<br />2011 V 1.0<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>Capgemini Group
  4. 4. Capgemini Consulting
  5. 5. Capgemini Consulting: Financial Services The Netherlands</li></li></ul><li>Capgemini’s worldwide integrated services focus on six sectors<br />Financial<br />Services<br />Consulting Services<br /><ul><li>Strategy & Transformation
  6. 6. Marketing,Sales & Services
  7. 7. Finance & Employee Transformation
  8. 8. SupplyChain Management
  9. 9. TechnologyTransformation</li></ul>Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution<br />Telecom, Media& Entertainment<br />Technology Services<br /><ul><li>Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  10. 10. Co-Sourcing/Multi-Sourcing
  11. 11. ITTransformation: Strategy & Architecture
  12. 12. Business Intelligence
  13. 13. Infrastructure & Security
  14. 14. Open Source / SAAS</li></ul>Manufacturing<br />Energy, Utilities &<br />Chemicals<br />Outscourcing Services<br /><ul><li>ApplicationOutscourcing
  15. 15. InfrastructureOutsourcing
  16. 16. Business ProcessOutsourcing</li></ul>Public<br />Sector<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  17. 17. 9<br />We are a strong group with strong figures <br />Revenue: €8,697 millionProfit: €280millionOperating profit: €489 million<br />Operating margin: €587 millionNet Cash: €1,063 millionWorkforce: 108,000+<br />Revenue by discipline<br />Revenue by industry<br />Consulting Services<br />Energy, Utilities & Chemicals<br />Local Professional Services<br />5,9%<br />Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution<br />10,9%<br />16,3%<br />Financial Services<br />27.6%<br />18,4.0%<br />Technology Services<br />Outsourcing Services<br />41,5%<br />Other<br />36,3%<br />7,6%<br />Public Sector<br />27,2%<br />Telecom, Media & Entertainment<br />40.0%<br />8.3%<br />Source: Annual Report 2010<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  18. 18. The Collaborative Business ExperienceTM: Achieving better, faster and more sustainable results together with our client<br />
  19. 19. The Capgemini Collaborative Business ExperienceTM<br /><ul><li>We help our clients achieve better, faster, more sustainable results
  20. 20. We are a natural leader in developing closer, more effective, trust-based relationships
  21. 21. It boosts flexibility, agility, and creativity – all essential for your business to perform
  22. 22. We call this the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM. </li></ul>Our four elements to successful collaboration<br />Targeting Value<br />Know exactly what you want to achieve and then establish targets all the way along your project path<br />“It is the quality of our people, and their capacity to deliver fitting solutions, <br />with you and for you, that drive real business results.”<br />Mitigating Risk<br />Anticipate and overcome the risks that are inherent to complex programs<br />Optimizing Capabilities<br />Understand what each partner contributes, improve performance in a lasting way, and ultimately transfer knowledge for long-term advantage<br />Aligning the Organization<br />Match you program to the needs of your larger enterprise throughout its lifecycle and help bring managers and staff abroad<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  23. 23. A strong presence in more than 30 countries<br />Group Workforce:108,000+<br />UK & Ireland:<br />8,405<br />Group Headquarters: Paris, France<br />North America:8,475<br />Asia Pacific:<br />2,748<br />India:<br />29,536<br />Latin America:<br />2,492<br />France:<br />19,748<br />Nordic Countries:<br />4,004<br />Italy:<br />1,555<br />Central Europe:<br />3,493<br />Benelux:<br />10,884<br />Morocco:<br />293<br />Eastern Europe:<br />4,457<br />Iberia:<br />4,760<br />8<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  24. 24. <ul><li>Capgemini Group
  25. 25. Capgemini Consulting
  26. 26. Capgemini Consulting: Financial Services The Netherlands</li></li></ul><li>The global strategy & transformation brand<br />
  27. 27. Capgemini Consulting at a glance<br /><ul><li>We are the partner of choice in a new wave of Business Transformation, fuelled by dynamic industry drivers
  28. 28. We work from strategy to execution
  29. 29. We build deep, personal and highly collaborative relationships with our clients, based on a shared commitment to outputs
  30. 30. We recruit beyond the traditional profile of a typical “consultant”</li></ul>“Capgemini Consulting is especially being acknowledged by its clients for Communication, Attitude and Trustworthiness.”<br />
  31. 31. Capgemini Consulting accompanies organizations on their accelerated Business Transformation journey towards sustainable results<br />We workfromstrategy to execution<br />Business Strategy<br />Transformation Strategy<br />Transformation Delivery<br /><ul><li>82% of managers consider transformation as a central management topicSource: Business Transformation, A Capgemini Consulting survey, 2009
  32. 32. But 52% of managers feel that their companies do not excel in transformation delivery
  33. 33. Successful Business Transformations are difficult to achieve, with the mastery of the human aspects of change the most challenging</li></ul>Trends in Business Transformations:<br /><ul><li>CapgeminiConsulting study reveals large European companies initiate a new business transformation project every six months. It sheds light on how European business is reacting to changing markets and how the concept of business transformation is itself evolving
  34. 34. The study surveyed 302 senior executives from companies with over 10,000 employees across France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands</li></ul>12<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  35. 35. Client centric<br />We help our clients understand, anticipate and capitalise complexity<br />Use technology as a strategic weapon, by helping our clients understand how technology can radically change their business models and then actually executing those ideas.<br />Deliver results – working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to make them successful.<br />Search far and wide for the best ideas and expertise for our clients, using an extended ecosystem that extends across the Capgemini Consulting world, and beyond it, to academics and industry experts.<br />Support our clients from strategy to execution, designing innovative solutions, implementing change, and delivering tangible and sustained value.<br />Build deep, personal and highly collaborative relationships with our clients, based on a shared commitment to outputs and success.<br />Look beyond the traditional profileof a typical “consultant”, seeking out people to join us who offer clients the deepest expertise, the boldest ideas and the most relevant experience.<br />13<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  36. 36. Capgemini Consulting is active with more than 500 consultants in The Netherlands. Financial Services is one of our four market sector departments<br />Industrial Consumer Markets<br />Public & Health<br />Financial Services<br />Telecom, Media & Utilities<br />Digital Transformation<br />Finance Transformation<br />FunctionalPractices<br />Human Resource Transformation<br />Value Chain Management<br />Accelerated Solutions Networks<br />14<br />Market Sectors<br />
  37. 37. <ul><li>Capgemini Group
  38. 38. Capgemini Consulting
  39. 39. Capgemini Consulting: Financial Services The Netherlands</li></li></ul><li>Financial Services focuses on four dedicated themes which recognise the key challenges that our clients are facing today <br />Payments Transformation & Control<br />Service Models & Innovation<br />Risk Management<br />Separation & Integration<br />Solvency II & Basel III<br />Payments Control Financial Crime Management<br />Demerger & Post Merger Integration<br />Market Entry & Front End Solutions<br />We are an internationally oriented group of more than 55 management consultants<br />We deliver high quality management consultancy services on Senior leadership/CxO level<br />Our strong track record in these focus areas enables us to be the first partner of choice<br />
  40. 40. Our clients have experienced the impact and difference we make and highly value our way of working<br />
  41. 41. Service Models & Innovation<br />Risk Management<br />Payments Transformation & Control<br />Separation & Integration<br />Service Models & Innovation<br />‘’Advising clients on the realisation of revenue growth through a client centric approach of business strategies’’<br />Key Characteristics<br />Example Client Engagements<br /><ul><li>Service Models & Innovation focuses on the development and successful delivery of market entries, innovative strategies and new client interactions for financial institutions, delivering profitable and sustainable results in an accelerated time frame
  42. 42. Market-entry for a German savings & investments proposition with respect to business case, marketing, value proposition and legal & IT
  43. 43. A strategic wealth management project for an international Dutch bank introducing new (investment) products and web-enabled distribution to customers and IFA’s. This includes product development, marketing, web –enabled training and an interactive multi-media platform including web-TV
  44. 44. Centralisation of all regional investment offices for an international Dutch bank, leading to one centralised investment body of knowledge, generating diverse investment publications via multiple channels, matching the bank’s central view on investment markets and products</li></ul>Capabilities and Themes<br /><ul><li>Main service offerings are:
  45. 45. Market Entries & Market Scan
  46. 46. Banking BPO / Package selection & implementation
  47. 47. Innovation Scan within the financial sector
  48. 48. Distribution Mix Assessment & Strategy</li></ul>Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  49. 49. Separation & Integration<br />Risk Management<br />Payments Transformation & Control<br />Separation & Integration<br />Service Models & Innovation<br />‘’Focusing on transformation programs in the financial sector and in particular on disentanglements, carve out’s, post merger integration and the development of target operating models’’<br />Key Characteristics<br />Example Client Engagements<br /><ul><li>Separation & Integration focuses on delivering transformations for financial institutions
  50. 50. The transformations are client strategic, complex and multi dimensional changes, with impact and value for our clients
  51. 51. The team combines leading edge transformation skills and broad transformation experience with in depth FS market knowledge
  52. 52. Governed the legal demerger and markets split of the new ABN AMRO bank out of the RBS-Fortis-Santander consortium into the new legal entity of ABN AMRO
  53. 53. Enabled the business transformation of the mortgage portfolios of a large bank to the new business model for mortgages
  54. 54. Coordinated the integration of Customer Information Services (over 170 separate integration programs) of two large Dutch banks making use of the best of both worlds
  55. 55. Delivered and coordinated the carve out of a part of the commercial banking business of a Dutch bank in preparation of the sale of this business to another bank</li></ul>Capabilities and Themes<br /><ul><li>Separation / Demerger & (post merger) integration transformation programs
  56. 56. Full control and program management support in major transformations (business, operational, technology)
  57. 57. Program management of major and highly complex transformations
  58. 58. Development of Target Operating Model and organisational design</li></ul>Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  59. 59. Payments Transformation & Control<br />Risk Management<br />Payments Transformation & Control<br />Separation & Integration<br />Service Models & Innovation<br />‘’Achieving control of both traditional and innovative payments platforms, in an environment of increased regulatory pressure, technological changes and shifting competitive landscapes’’<br />Key Characteristics<br />Example Client Engagements<br /><ul><li>We believe that payment intermediation is one of the cornerstone functions of financial institutions, and that this current payments landscape is subject to an incredible amount of change in terms of technological innovation and regulatory pressure
  60. 60. We support financial institutions in understanding these challenges and in meeting a wide array of control, operational risk, financial crime and regulatory challenges in the payments area, focussing both on traditional and innovative payments platforms
  61. 61. An AML project in order to comply with the 3rd AML Directive and its Compliance Manual with a major Austrian bank
  62. 62. To facilitate a smooth execution of the scoping phase Capgemini assisted in the project definition, project planning, creation of workshop framework & templates and execution of the workshops
  63. 63. A large Dutch domestic cooperative bank, has partnered with Capgemini to achieve compliance with the Payment Services Directive across all payment products (contracts, channels, processes, IT)
  64. 64. Capgemini co-developed a phased approach. Each phase consists of integrated Capgemini / Client teams that worked multi-disciplinary on the multiple products</li></ul>Capabilities and Themes<br /><ul><li>Payments control: frameworks for managing and understanding operational risk and control issue sin your current payments infrastructure
  65. 65. Financial Crime Management: increasing effectiveness and efficiency of fraud, Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter-Terrorism Financing and KYC operations
  66. 66. New payments methods: how to embed and control new and emerging payments methods and apps.</li></ul>Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  67. 67. Risk Management<br />Risk Management<br />Payments Transformation & Control<br />Separation & Integration<br />Service Models & Innovation<br />‘’Enabling banks to control their risks, ensuring sustainable financial stability’’<br />Key Characteristics<br />Example Client Engagements<br /><ul><li>The team represents all levels of experience, from Young Professional to Subject Matter Expert, to experienced program managers – with boardroom presence
  68. 68. Organises a yearly Economic Capital seminar with world-class speakers
  69. 69. Provides frequent contributions to (international) risk reviews
  70. 70. Supporting a large Dutch bank with economic capital scoping and modelling for all risk types
  71. 71. Including model development and implementation for business risk, earnings at risk and interest rate risk (including principal component analysis)
  72. 72. Collaborated with a mid-size Dutch bank to become Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 compliant
  73. 73. Execution of Pillar 2 gap study and implementation of several models for Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 (including Monte Carlo simulation)
  74. 74. Defined the required Risk management function with Delta Lloyd Life in anticipation of for example Solvency II legislation and facilitated the creation of a transformation map to implement the new function (governance, committees, models).
  75. 75. Deep knowledge of and thought leadership on a full range of risk themes including enterprise risk management and Basel II/Solvency II/Basel III.</li></ul>Capabilities and Themes<br /><ul><li>Basel II (Credit-, Market risk, etc), MtM Valuation engines, Economic Capital and Operational Risk and Solvency II analysis and program management
  76. 76. Risk approaches to Risk governance, modelling, quant services and validation
  77. 77. All consultants are GARP FRM certified – or working on it</li></ul>Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  78. 78. Through our thought leadership, we continuously developin-depth sector expertise<br />World Retail Banking Report<br />World Insurance Report<br />Providing a vision on developments in retail banking and spotlight topics <br />Brings further insight and thought leadership to important strategic issues facing the insurance market<br />World Payments Report<br />World Wealth Report<br />Explores the paymentschallenges (such as PSD and SEPA) in the light of new market conditions<br />A wordl leading industry benchmark for High Net Worth Individuals, Market Sizing and Addressing key industry issues<br />Trends in Financial Services<br />Our vision on how to deal with innovation and the challenges of the future<br />22<br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  79. 79. We share our experience, knowledge and market expertise with our clients <br />The Economic Capital seminar is a recurring event. Each year we invite the risk managers ofour clients to this event. The event is both informative as well as a social networking event. An external and often international speaker is always invited. The event contains a number of presentations as well as interaction with the audience with the help of challenging propositions. The seminar addresses actual themes such as Economic Capital and Basel III. <br />EconomicCapitalEvent<br />
  80. 80.
  81. 81. THE DESIGN CENTERS OFFER YOUR COMPANY THE OPPORTUNITY TO ACHIEVE BETTER AND FASTER RESULTS IN YOUR DECISION MAKING PROCESS<br />TRANSFER TO NEXT PROJECT PHASE<br />MOBILISING PARTICIPANTS<br />DESIGNSHOP<br />CONTENT PREPARATION<br />SPONSOR<br />MEETING<br />DURING ONE OR MULTIPLE DAYS, THE DESIGN CENTERS OFFER YOU A PROVEN SUCCESFULL APPROACH TO COME TO NEW INSIGHTS, SOLUTIONS AND DECISIONS IN AN ACCELERATED TEMPO. <br />DOCUMENTING RESULTS<br />DESIGNING AGENDA<br />COORDINATE LOGISTICS<br />GOALS<br />PARTICIPANT<br />KNOWLEDGE / INPUT<br />ISSUES / BARRIERS<br />NEAR REAL-TIME* <br />DOCUMENTATION<br />5-6 WEEKS<br />3 DAYS<br />1/2 DAYS<br />AACCELERATED SOLUTIONS ENVIRONMENT<br />The ASE is one of Capgemini's key differentiators. The ASE combines a patented methodology with a unique, open work environment to deliver large scale facilitated sessions geared at accelerating timelines, gaining alignment and mitigating risks. <br />Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.<br />
  82. 82. Digital TransformationOur 2011 Global Theme<br />
  83. 83. A new digital landscape is driving significant challenges and opportunities for the financial services sector<br />We believe in the survival of the fittest in a new digital world of accelerated and unrelenting change. Our clients need a new type of consulting that is relevant in today’s world<br />Multi-Channel Strategy<br />Our mission is to transform your digital landscape. The new digital economy goes beyond technology, triggering a new wave of transformation in the way leaders and organizations do business. Drawing on our mastery of digital advances, information insight and business transformation, we design and deliver winning strategies that significantly improve the performance of our clients.<br />Customer Segmentation<br />Channel Contact Model Positioning<br />Channel Functionalities<br />Channel Contact Model<br />Manage Channel Conflict<br />Accelerating pace of adoptionYears needed for “mass adoption” (50 million users)<br />Customer<br />Customer<br />Customer<br />Customer<br />Channel Migration<br />Channel Integration<br />Channel Optimisation<br />Channel Introduction<br />Channel<br />Channel<br />Channel<br />Channel<br />27<br />