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Aquacel foam best waterproof wound care dressing


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Aquacel Dressings which are composed of hydro fiber that helps in absorbing all the wound fluid.

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Aquacel foam best waterproof wound care dressing

  1. 1. Aquacel Foam - Best Waterproof Wound Care Dressing
  2. 2. Introduction Aquacel Foam is a dressing consisting of a waterproof outer polyurethane film and a multi layer pad consisting of polyurethane foam and hydrofiber. Its available both as an adhesive and non-adhesive dressing, the adhesive dressing having a silicone adhesive border. Aquacel Foam is also available with silver for use on infected wounds
  3. 3. Aquacel Foam Adhesive Dressings It is a waterproof dressing with multilayer padding for enhanced patient comfort and absorbs extra fluid. It has a silicone adhesive border designed to adhere gently to the surrounding skin.
  4. 4. Aquacel Foam Non-Adhesive Dressings It is a non-adhesive dressings consist of a waterproof outer polyurathane film and a multi-layer pad. It absorbs extra fluid from the wound and provides a moist wound healing environment .
  5. 5. Aquacel Ag Foam Adhesive Dressings This dressing combine the comfort of foam together with the anti- microbial properties of silver which makes it highly suitable for the treatment of infected wounds.
  6. 6. Aquacel Ag Foam Non-Adhesive Dressings This dressing combine the comfort of foam together with the anti-microbial properties of Silver.The dressing consists of a waterproof / bacteria barrier, a soft foam pad, the Aquacel Ag interface and a gentle silicone adhesive.
  7. 7. Contact Details To know more about these dressings and other wound-care products offer by us, please visit:- Address:- Aidability Limited, PO Box 482, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 9HA Email: Telephone: 0845 900 1309