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Wound-Care offers Acticoat dressings to heal full and partial thickness wounds such as surgical and donor sites, ulcers (diabetic, venous, and pressure), first and second-degree burns.

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  1. 1. ACTICOAT RANGE OF WOUND DRESSINGS With two layers of antimicrobial barrier Acticoat 7 Dressings are effective against strains of yeasts and fungi. Its nano crystalline layer helps to manage moisture levels. The Acticoat Flex 7 Dressings pack consists of low adherent polyester layer which is coated with nanocrystalline silver. This is a highly conformable dressing. WWW.WOUND-CARE.CO.UK Buy Acticoat 7 Dressings online at best prices from Wound Care, We offer Acticoat dressings to heal full and partial thickness wounds such as surgical. ACTICOAT 7 DRESSINGS ACTICOAT DRESSINGS aim is to provide effective medical products. All our products are clinically proven like Acticoat Dressings which provides a new class of anti-microbial barrier dressings. ACTICOAT FLEX 3 DRESSINGS All dressing of Acticoat is differs from others like in Acticoat Flex 3 Dressings presence of knitted polyester ensures the dressing flexibility and patient comfortness. Aidability Limited, PO Box 482, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 9HA You can also contact us through these social media platforms:- ACTICOAT FLEX 7 DRESSINGS