New zealand vs Australia Eng Lang


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New zealand vs Australia Eng Lang

  1. 1. By Tom Wotherspoon
  2. 2. Colonisation of New Zealand began in the 1840’s after a treaty was signed with the Maori leaders giving the British government control of the islands. The colonisation was conducted from Australia, this meaning many of the first settlers were indeed Australian. It wasn’t until 1907 that New Zealand became a dominion of the British Empire.
  3. 3. Even now, Australia shares a strong bond with New Zealand. Tourism plays a major part in modern language development and Australia and New Zealand are no exception. More tourists go to NZ from Australia than any other country and visa versa every year by more double. This helps make Australian English and NZ English very similar.(Statistics New Zealand:, accessed 23/10/11 )
  4. 4. The most noticeable difference between AE (Australian English) and NZE (New Zealand English) is the accents. AE speakers tend to position their tongue higher and more forward than their close neighbours when producing the sound /ɪ/. Also NZE speakers have a higher tongue position when producing /e/ or /æ/ sounds. (An acoustic comparison of Australian and New Zealand English vowel change, Zoë Evans.† & Catherine I. Watson.‡.)
  5. 5. In New Zealand they:• Lengthen the ‘e’ or /i/ sound in words. Eg, AU=check /t͡ʃɛk/, NZE=cheeck /t͡ʃik/• Substitute ‘I’ or /ɪ/ for an ‘a’ or /ə/ within words. Eg. AU=fish /fɪʃ/, NZE=fush /fəʃ/
  6. 6. We say: Peck the pack of picklesThey say: Pick the peck of puckles.(, accessed on 23/10/11)Word Australian New ZealandieLamb /læm/ /lɛm/Milk /mɪlk/ /məʊk/Liver /lɪvɜ/ /ləvə/Wind /wɪnd/ /wənd/Six /sɪks/ /səks/(, accessed on 23/10/11)
  7. 7. Australian and New Zealand syntax are identical. No record of syntactical differences have been made.
  8. 8. There are also only a few lexical differences between NZE and AE. Many of the AE slang word have been transported over to New Zealand and are now very common.Eg. woop woop, bugger, bloody hell, taters, ta, dinkum, g’day, mate ...
  9. 9. Word Meaning Boy racer A young hoon Cuz cousin Flag Cant be botheredBoat person From the South Island JAFA Derogatory for Aucklander; Just Another F**king Aucklander Hangum Slang greeting Hari Maori for George, Used in a derogatory manner towards Maori people Hamu Scavenge, scrounge sometimes in sport a ball hog manus Idiot, imbecile halfpai A half done job, from ‘pai’ meaning ‘good’ in MaoriMaori Shower To only use deodorant; not washing Kai food Chch Christchurch Aotearoa New Zealand Pakeha Of non-Maori background
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