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Worthington Libraries Annual Report - 2013


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Worthington Libraries Annual Report - 2013

  1. 1. 2013 annual report
  2. 2. Director’s Message Chuck Gibson, Director/CEO of Worthington Libraries (right), pictured here with State Representative Mike Duffey (left) at the library’s annual Community Breakfast. 2013 was a great year for Worthington Libraries. • We opened Homework Help Centers in Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library. • We joined with our partners in the Central Library Consortium to launch a new online catalog, giving patrons access to one million more unique items available through 11 library systems. • We announced the renovation and expansion of Worthington Park Library, adding a community meeting room, larger Homework Help Center, dedicated teen space and expanded children’s area. • We were once again ranked as a five-star library by Library Journal. Worthington Libraries is one of only 24 libraries in the country to receive the five-star ranking in every issue. • Finally, we worked with the community to pass a permanent 2.2-mill replacement levy for the Library. This consistent funding will help us to maintain excellent library service now and in the future. As always, I’d like to thank the staff of Worthington Libraries for working so hard and for being so responsive to community need. I’d like to thank the library board and the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries for their guidance and support. Finally, and most importantly, I’d like to thank the Worthington community for voting to support the Library with their hard-earned dollars. --Chuck Gibson, Director/CEO
  3. 3. PEOPLE Find dedication here.
  4. 4. Library Staff  The staff of Worthington Libraries is a highly-skilled, dedicated and fun group of people who love their jobs.  In 2013, Worthington Libraries employed 152 people, including 45 professional librarians.  We are committed to staff development and training tomorrow’s library leaders.  Former Worthington Libraries staff members are now library directors in Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan, as well as central Ohio. Smile for the camera! Librarians Ellie Kirchner, Stacy Garber and Morgan Hidy get ready to play ball at the Columbus Clippers game on August 2.
  5. 5. Library Volunteers In 2013, volunteers donated 9,224 hours of service to Worthington Libraries. This is an 11 percent increase over hours donated in 2012. Volunteers provide help in all areas of the Library, from shelving books to assisting with programs. Library volunteers were thanked at a Volunteer Recognition Party held in October, where recipients of the Sheila E. Vetter Award for volunteer service were announced. The adult recipient was Jae Bull and the teen recipient was Teja Parasa.
  6. 6. Library 2013 Volunteers Rebecca Francis Mary Fulkert Haley Gerken Wendie Gerus Diane Gervais Margo Gibbs Barbara Groseclose Neera Gupta Judy Haynes Kait Herrick Bob Hollinger Janet Ingraham Dwyer Amanda Ishtayeh Jyotsna Jaisankar Christian Kaleopaa Desiree Kaleopaa Lucy Kaminski Terra Kaye Michael Kearns Peter Kearns Nancy Kelley Tasneem Khazi Stacy Kilgore Eileen Kobee Ron Koncal Sarah Kriebel Jana Langova Deanna Lear Bill Lee Tammy Lupo Cindy Maney Sandra Manning Michelle Marcucci Lisa Martin Jason McCartan Kristin McKinney Chris McNutt Dan McSorley Carol McWilliams Meena Meyyappan Stephanie Michaels Thomas Mount Peggy Olson Jane Parnes Pam Patsch Sireesha Peela Vikram Periasamy Debbie Perrin Bill Persi Ramya Prasad Rekha Rajagopal Sara Resta Merle Rex Nancy Robbins Kamala Rohini Sean Rosenberg Kay Sales Renata Schalk Susan Scott Lee Seigel We’d like to thank these individuals for their generous gift of time and dedication to Worthington Libraries. If you are interested in volunteering, please call Lindsey Smith at 614-807-2643. Patty Alexander Cindy Ault Stacie Banes Susie Beach Gregory Bechtel Monira Begum Mary Jane Bellay Manu Bhatt Robert Bielecki Trevor Body Kathleen Bourgeois Karley Buckley Jae Bull Jason Chakroff Wei-Hsein Chang Melissa Cherry Tin Cheung Patti Clager Cassie Clancy Linda Coval Nadia Cross JoAnne Cunningham Timothy Dickey Janice Edwards Cindy Evans Jennifer Eyer Rosalie Fallenberg Ann Fazzini Kathy Fellows Ashley Fournier Vickie Shaeffer Dan Shellenbarger Amy Siefer April Smith Marjorie Smith Autumn Snellgrove David Soulen Natalee Sperry Janet Spray Amanda Stephen Joyce Stonebraker Jeffrey Strasser Diane Tabler Jill Tan Joyce Tan Chris Tavenor Sharon Todhunter Ray Traub Alicia Vandenberg Dorothy Ward Jackie Williams Darby Williamson Kevin Wu Bostwick Wyman Kelley Youman Dublin-Worthington Rotary Worthington AM Rotary Worthington Noon Lions
  7. 7. Friends Foundation Volunteers  Established in 1972, the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries is the oldest library support organization in Franklin County.  Funded the Homework Help Centers at Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library  Supported all library programming in 2013  The Friends Foundation hosts book sales every other month in the Old Worthington Library meeting room. These book sales raise funds to directly benefit the Library.Longtime Friends Foundation member (and former library staffer) Eileen Kobee.
  8. 8. Library Board & Administration  David Goldberger, President  Dawn Valasco, Vice President  John Butterfield, Secretary  J. Craig Baker  James Hill  Zita Hunt  Linda Mercadante  Chuck Gibson, Director/CEO  Monica Baughman, Deputy Director  Margaret Doone, CFO/Business Manager  Lisa Fuller, Director of Community Engagement  Susan Allen, Director of Technology Services  Phyllis Winfield, Human Resources Manager  Pam Beretich, Executive Assistant Library Managers  Amy Brown, Worthington Park Library Manager  Jeff Regensburger, Northwest Library Manager  Debbie Zimmerman, Old Worthington Library Manager  Kara Reuter, Digital Library Manager Board of Trustees Administrative Staff
  9. 9. BIG NEWS Find excitement here.
  10. 10. Homework Help Centers The Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries launched a fundraising campaign which helped us to open Homework Help Centers at Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library in 2013. The centers provide computers for student-only use, free printing of homework-related materials and assistance from trained library staff and volunteers. There is also a Homework Help Center at Worthington Park Library, which opened in 2008 and was expanded in 2013.
  11. 11. Worthington Park Library At our annual community breakfast held in April, we announced the expansion of our Worthington Park Library into two adjacent storefronts, one of which is pictured here. The expanded and renovated library opened in January 2014 and now includes a meeting room and expanded children’s and teen areas. The library’s new Homework Help Center, pictured above, now occupies the vacant space pictured left.
  12. 12. 11 Libraries Strong Worthington Libraries launched a new online catalog in 2013 and joined the Central Library Consortium, giving patrons access to more than one million more unique items and access to the collections of 10 other library systems.
  13. 13. Music, Movies & Magazines Always on the go, but never leave home without your smartphone or tablet? We added five great services you can use to access digital content, including eBooks and MP3s as well as eAudiobooks, magazines, movies and TV shows. All five services work with mobile devices. Patrons can get started at the library’s website:
  14. 14. Successful Levy Initiative  On November 5, voters in the Worthington School District passed a 2.2-mill permanent replacement levy to support the Library.  This funding will help us maintain and improve library service as needed in the years to come.
  15. 15. STATISTICS Find facts here.
  16. 16. Early Childhood Literacy  An organizational goal of Worthington Libraries is to help children learn to read.  Early childhood literacy focuses on activities parents and caregivers can do with their children to develop reading skills.  Parents are encouraged to read, write, talk, sing and play with their children.  These concepts are reinforced during outreach visits and library storytimes, which were attended by 37,421 children and parents/caregivers in 2013, a three percent increase over 2012. Programs using LEGOs, like this one at Worthington Park Library, reinforce STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math) and are just plain fun.
  17. 17. Outreach Services  In 2013, we presented 227 outreach programs for 10,902 people.  We deliver books and other materials to those who aren’t able to visit us in person.  More than 2,560 items were delivered to people who are homebound in 2013.  We visit preschools, daycare centers and private schools to present storytimes and other programs and to talk about library services.
  18. 18. Let’s visit the Library! • 93,047 people are registered borrowers of Worthington Libraries • annual user visits to the Library totaled more than 1.5 million • annual website visits totaled more than 1.1 million Dr. Dave presents his sports show to a captivated audience at Northwest Library.
  19. 19. Library Circulation • We checked out more than 3.5 million items in 2013. • Worthington Libraries ranks ninth in the state, behind only the eight metropolitan library systems (which have larger service populations) in total circulation.
  20. 20. Circulation in Millions 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2003-2013
  21. 21. Library Collection Format Number of Items Books 66% Digital Media 21% CDs 8% DVDs 5%  There are 655,761 items (including digital books) in the library’s collection.  We strive to spend 20 percent of our annual operating budget on library materials (the national average is closer to 13 percent).  Patrons have access to over 4 million items because of our partnership with the Central Library Consortium!  We added 158,357 items to the collection in 2013. Breakdown by Format Fast Facts
  22. 22. Digital Books  In 2013, circulation of digital books increased 53 percent!  Thousands of free eBooks and read- along books are available for download from Worthington Libraries.  We provide specialized training for people learning to use their eReaders.  More than 40,000 items were added to the eBook collection in 2013.  More than 139,000 items are currently available.
  23. 23. Programming Snapshot  In 2013, we presented more than 1,600 programs for more than 68,100 people.  Programming at Worthington Libraries is sponsored by the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries. May the force be with you! Celebrating Star Wars Day at Old Worthington Library.
  24. 24. Northwest Library’s drive-up window is popular with people and their pooches! In 2013, we had 21,783 visitors (and handed out countless dog biscuits). Find cuteness here.
  25. 25. FUNDING Find stewardship here.
  26. 26. Library Finances 67% 20% 10% 3% General Property Tax Levy Public Library Fund Funds from Columbus Metropolitan Library Other 64% 19% 16% 1% Salaries & Benefits Library Materials Purchased Services Supplies/Other 2013 Revenue 2013 Operating Expenditures Total Revenue: $10,106,629 Total Operating Expenditures: $8,377,078
  27. 27. Revenue & Expenditures: A Closer Look  Worthington Libraries receives the majority of its funding from two local property tax levies.  A 2.6-mill permanent levy was passed in 2005.  In 2013, a 2.2-mill permanent replacement levy (replacing a levy first approved in 1992) passed with 70 percent of the vote.  Worthington Libraries spent 64 percent of its budget on salaries and benefits in 2013. (The national average for state and government employers is 65 percent and, in private industry, the average is 71 percent.*)  The Library also spends an average of 20 percent annually on materials. This is considered the “gold standard” for library operations. *Source: United States Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (December 2011) Revenue Expenditures
  28. 28. Friends Foundation Support  Funding from the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries is used to pay for library programs and other important initiatives.  In 2013, the Friends Foundation granted more than $70,000 to the Library.  The Friends Foundation led a fundraising campaign to establish Homework Help Centers in Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library.  The Friends Foundation also manages the Worthington Libraries Endowment Fund at The Columbus Foundation. There is nearly $500,000 in this fund. Friends Foundation members and book sale volunteers Walt (far left) and Connie (second from right) Kobalka were joined at the library’s annual community breakfast by library staffers Debbie Zimmerman, in green, and Pam Beretich.
  29. 29. PARTNERSHI PS Find relationships here.
  30. 30. Worthington Libraries partners with Columbus Metropolitan Library in the operation of Northwest Library. Pictured above is Gregg Dodd, director of marketing at Columbus Metropolitan Library, and Lori Overmyer, vice-president of the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries. Columbus Metropolitan Library
  31. 31. Columbus Clippers Play ball! Worthington Libraries partnered with the Columbus Clippers to present the Summer Reading League, a reading incentive program for children and teens. Participants who completed the program received tickets to one of three Columbus Clippers home games and a host of other prizes. Columbus Clippers mascots joined us at library programs and school visits. Over 8,000 children and teens participated in the program in 2013!
  32. 32. Community Involvement Community involvement is part of our organizational culture, and everyone at the Library is encouraged to get involved with other community organizations. As a result, Worthington Libraries staff members are actively involved with more than 100 community and professional organizations. We make every effort to have library representation at all large community events. In 2013, we partnered with the Healthy Worthington Resource Center and Food Pantry to present “Food for Fines.” Patrons were encouraged to drop off their donations of non-perishable food items and other necessities at the Library. Those with library fines had them reduced by $1.00 for each donated item. We are privileged to be part of such a caring and giving community.
  33. 33. Community Partners Key Community Partners Additional Partners  Each year, Worthington Libraries partners with the Worthington Schools to present dozens of events and special programs to support and enhance the school curriculum. We work one-on-one with area educators to increase the success rate of students.  The Library regularly partners with the City of Worthington and its many agencies in the presentation of programs and events, such as the community’s annual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  We also work closely with the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to present programs and provide services targeted to the business and professional community. The Library also partners with several other community organizations and businesses including: Big Green Head California Pizza Kitchen Chipotle City Barbecue Columbus Museum of Art Dairy Queen Donatos Healthy Worthington Resource Center & Food Pantry Holiday Inn of Worthington House Wine Igloo Letterpress Leadership Worthington Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center Shops at Worthington Place Skate Zone 71 Worthington AM Rotary Club Worthington Garden Club Worthington Historical Society Worthington Parks & Recreation
  34. 34. Hear & Now Author Events We partner with the McConnell Arts Center, Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries and the Holiday Inn of Worthington to bring bestselling authors to Worthington.
  35. 35. AWARDS & HONORS Find distinction here.
  36. 36. Five-Star Library When Library Journal announced its latest Index of Public Library Service, Worthington Libraries once again received a five-star rating—the best possible—in its category. More than 7,500 libraries across the country were evaluated, but only 262 received a starred rating. Only 87 libraries in the country received a five-star rating. Worthington Libraries has the additional distinction of being one of only 26 libraries ranked as five-star every year the index has been published.
  37. 37. Excellence in Financial Reporting  Worthington Libraries was recognized with a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association for our 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.  Less than 10 percent of government agencies nationally receive this award. Worthington Libraries Business Manager Margaret Doone receiving the State of Ohio’s “Making Your Tax Dollars Count” award from Kevin Servick of State Auditor Dave Yost’s Office.
  38. 38. LOCATIONS Find service here.
  39. 39. Old Worthington Library FEATURES  Large children’s area featuring children’s book characters  Unique space for teens  74 computers for public use  Quiet/group study rooms  Worthington Room featuring Worthington history  Meeting rooms for large and small groups  Lobby vending machines  Lockers for after-hours pickup of reserves Old Worthington Library is located at 820 High Street, just north of the Village Green in Worthington’s historic downtown. Old Worthington Library houses the library’s administration and technical services department. There are 253,497 items in the collection at Old Worthington Library.
  40. 40. Northwest Library FEATURES  Large children’s area featuring children’s book characters  Unique space for teens  Drive-through pickup window  63 computers for public use  Meeting facilities for large groups  Quiet/group study rooms  Outdoor performance space  Lobby vending machines Northwest Library (2280 Hard Road) opened in April 1996. It was built as a cooperative project between Columbus Metropolitan Library and Worthington Libraries. It is managed by Worthington Libraries. There are 227,244 items in the collection at Northwest Library.
  41. 41. Worthington Park Library FEATURES  Renovated in 2013  Large children’s area featuring children’s book characters  Large Homework Help Center  Meeting room  Popular reading area  Teen area  30 computers for public use & 4 iPads  Exterior book drop  Wireless access Located in storefront space in the Worthington Park Shopping Centre (1389 Worthington Centre Drive), Worthington Park Library opened in 2008. There are 43,666 items in the collection at Worthington Park Library.
  42. 42. Our website: is our online location available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Reserve an item and have it delivered to the library of your choice.  Get homework help, ask a reference question or receive a reading recommendation.  Access a wide variety of electronic resources you won’t find on the Internet.  Find out what’s happening at the Library!
  43. 43. Thank you for your support! Find smiling faces here.