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Missouri Grass Fed Meat For You to Buy

Of course, our beef is special. Everyone's is. But seriously, we work to constantly improve the quality of the beef we feed here in Missouri as meat to buy, based on the needs of our clients, our own "taste tests" and what is good for our resident cows and calves (and the bull, too.)What you get with Worstell Farms beef is based on how we raise them:

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Missouri Grass Fed Meat For You to Buy

  1. 1. Missouri Grass Fed Meat For You to BuyOf course, our beef is special. Everyones is. But seriously,we work to constantly improve the quality of the beef wefeed here in Missouri as meat to buy, based on the needs ofour clients, our own "taste tests" and what is good for ourresident cows and calves (and the bull, too.)What you get with Worstell Farms beef is based on how weraise them: • Only fresh grass and water - all they can eat. • No growth hormones or additives. They get needed salt and minerals as supplements. • Antibiotics only when they prescribed by a doctor (vet) to cure an illness. • Our beef has been selectively bred to thrive on grass, not grain. • Constant humane treatment in natural environments.All of these, combined, result in incredibly good-tastingbeef. And meanwhile, these animals are also improving thepastures they feed from, as part of the circle of life.We sell by the quarter.Meaning that we butcher the whole cow up to get the best and most numerous cuts and thenparcel these up into even fourths so everyone gets some of the best cuts. Some people dontwant the liver or other parts, so they can trade these off with other buyers, donate them tocharity, or simply leave them for us and well do something with them. (And if you favor theseparts, you might get a special email from us when theres a surplus...)The average carcass is around 600 lbs., so a quarter-beef will give you about 150 lbs. ofvarious cuts. Weve found that an average freezer (stand-alone, not your typical refrigerator-freezer combo) will hold this easily and give a couple or small family enough to last them mostof the year, depending on how many parties they host. Figure with what you share withfriends and family, you may need to order once or twice a year. Visit for more information.
  2. 2. The reason for quarters in in the way beef is cut (and you can see the parts charts at What BeefCuts Are). The steaks are mostly in the front half and these are the most popular cuts. Ourculture has put more emphasis on cuts which can be quickly seared on a hot barbecue, sochuck roasts arent as popular. (Very little demand for ox-tail soup these days...)Cant I just get hamburger?Occasionally - and very rarely - we have a demand for substantial amounts of ground beef.Well try to partner you up with someone else with similar requests. Now note: this is some ofthe most flavorful ground beef you can find, since all the cuts which would have been sirloinor other steaks are now mixed with everything else. If you partner in on half a beef, then youcan request ahead to have your half all ground if you want. Your cost is the same. (Note thatmost processors charge extra for patties. If you make your own, youll save...)On the pages in this section, we go into more detail of exactly what puts the flavor into (andtakes it out of ) grass fed beef, plus other factors such as stress in handling and how they areprocessed.And as usual, you can contact us for any additional information. I repeat some of this datahere in the newsletters from time to time, so you may want to print out the best pages andsave them in a binder somewhere (they can make some scintillating coffee-table conversationpieces.)Special Processing RequestsYou are buying a partial share in a live animal as a down payment and then paying thedifference in service charges. So how you get your beef cut is up to you. Again, we process forthe most possible cuts, which makes for thinner steaks than those $50 ones in high-pricedrestaurants. As you buy on the half or whole, you have a greater option in how you can getyour beef processed. So have them cut as thick as you want - youll get fewer, but boy willthose be impressive and tasty!Just let us know when we contact you about the processing date, so we can then pass this onto our processor. Note: We are currently researching into getting our farm-owned beef cut and packaged into individual parts for resale. This is extra work for us, but allows us to sell just steaks, or just ribs, etc. And this is where all that extra cost comes in when you are buying food at your local farmers market. (You might occasionally even see us there with a booth.) If you want to buy just a sample some of our product, it will be packaged like that. Federal laws (Gawd bless em) say thats what you have to do. The extra work, regulations, and convenience makes the cost higher. Visit for more information.
  3. 3. For more data on raising pasture fed beef, as well as other information on prime beef as health food – visit Visit for more information.
  4. 4. About Worstell FarmsOur family goes back on both sides withfarmers. As far as we can trace.And that tradition came to Mexico,Missouri around 1960 to purchase thecurrent farming operation.Jim and Laura Worstell established aworking farm there and then, and raised abig family of 8 kids, along with severaldogs, cats, and an occasional pet squirrelor raccoon. And dont forget the llamasand peacocks...In 2000, Robert Worstell returned to thefarm to take over operations management(as well as the day-to-day chores) andshares these duties with his mother and sister (well, not the chores, so much.)On approximately 250 acres of land, which is mixed hillsides, bottom, and woods, we raise acombination of annual row-crops and also our beef. Typical of this area, we have marginalland which is better suited to cattle than cultivation (which is typical of most cattle-farming).Weve found that where we run our cattle actually improves the soil and its health - as long aswe pay attention and actually manage how long and when they graze where. As we continue tostudy and learn about and from our cattle, our daily lessons help us to improve the quality andquantity of beef we raise.We practice managed grazing and are transitioning over to ultra-high-density stocking, as this is even better for the land and actually requires more cattle peracre to keep up with the lush growth and pasture renovation.All our beef is from local stock. Mostly black Angus cross-bred cows, with our current BeltedGalloway bull named "Gene Autry" is servicing these well.Ordering Our BeefWe only take local orders, so contact us via the website or call directly. Due to Federal laws,we cannot sell our beef out of Missouri – youll have to buy it here. Generally, our beef isspoken for well before its ready for processing. However, contact us for what we have comingup and we can give you an estimate on when the next one is coming available. We are also offering La Cense beef, which is USDA inspected and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Please see for details. Visit for more information.
  5. 5. Related Articles from the Worstell Farms Web Site: • Worstell Farms – Finest Missouri Grass Fed Beef • Raising Missouri Pasture-Fed Beef • Whats All-Natural, Humane, Pasture-Raised? • How does a Beef Ranch Stay in Business? • Why our Missouri prime beef is striped... • Missouri Beef: Heathy is as Healthy Eats • What are "CLAs" and "Omega 3 and 6s"?!? • How Missouri Beef is Your Best Health Food • Missouri Grass Fed Meat For You to Buy • The Surprising Taste of Grass Fed Meat • Dry Aged Vs. Wet Aged • What are the beef cuts?About the Author:Dr. Robert Worstell retired from a corporate career in graphic design to the much calmer andhealthier American Midwest, to inherit running the family farm. His constant work andresearch has been to improve the sustainability of this Missouri “beef ranch”. The results showthat grass fed beef, locally and directly marketed is the route to profitability, not followingcommodity trends.Dr. Worstells training in web design has helped him move the operation more online, as wellas giving him new networking opportunities to promote Worstell Farms beef products. He isalso a prolific author and has recently completed research into the all-time best self helpbooks, with his “Freedom Is – (period).” Out of the 7 books published this year, hes alsoproduced a fiction work, “The Dreamer Dreamed” - itself a breakthrough use of fiction toexplore the metaphysical aspect of dream meaning. All of these are available athttp://midwestjournalpress.comDr. Worstell may be contacted through his several blogs and websites for interviews andappearances. Visit for more information