Maven Matrix Manifesto Exposed


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An examination of the Maven Matrix Manifesto, with an explanation of why it works and the underlying marketing principles that allow it to do so. How you can apply this in your own life, regardless of whether you buy their mentoring or not.

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Maven Matrix Manifesto Exposed

  1. 1. The Maven Matrix Manifesto EXPOSED
  2. 2. Brainchild of Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham
  3. 3. The Maven Matrix TM has everything to do with viral marketing and social media marketing. It's designed to create a viral buzz and position you as the top dog in your niche's dogpile.
  4. 4. What is the Maven Matrix? Essentially, a method to personally brand YOU and add in top positioning marketing strategies. And it won't work unless you put everything into it – like all of life and any real marketing campaign: Lack of Faith kills it dead.
  5. 5. The “Good Old Days” are gone...
  6. 6. The Matrix in brief: 1 - Gain Your Market's Trust Clearly articulate your market's hopes, fears and problems. Feel its pain. Identify gaps in service or quality. State the problem better than anyone.
  7. 7. 2 - Establish Your Maven Persona Memorable personality traits that make the maven more human and familiar in the eyes (and more importantly, the minds) of the marketplace. Anchor your persona in the minds of your market.
  8. 8. 3 - Vision for the marketplace Why the company exists. What is the ultimate goal of the maven. What's the dream/cause that others want to be a part of it? 4 - The Creation Myth The STORY about the beginnings of the maven and their brand -- Where did it start? Why? Who were the players involved?
  9. 9. 5 - Predictable Behaviors Unique things you do or say that your market expects, in other words: they are predictable - and just like you can predict how a loved one or close friend is going to behave. You want the market to feel they can predict your behavior.
  10. 10. 6 - Polarizing point of view Views that will resonate with your target clients but might offend others. It separates your market into believers and non-believers. Example: the denunciation of companies and practices in your market that are cheating your customers out of the value they should expect.
  11. 11. 7 - Special phraseology Your iconic phrases and terminology that makes you utterly unique in your market. 8 - Communications Channel The communications channels that the marketplace grows accustomed to when receiving information from you.
  12. 12. 9 - Velvet Rope The elements that make your clients, prospects, and staff feel special, better than outsiders, part of a special group. 10 - Customer Evangelists Techniques to motivate your customers to spread the good news of your superior service.
  13. 13. 11 - Mentors and advisors The guides who understand how to anchor you in the minds of your prospects as the pre-eminent authority and trusted advisor in your niche.
  14. 14. Matrix Step #1: Gain Your Market's Trust Know your market's problems, work out their sequence, boil down into a blanket statement: a personal story of how you've been there and done that yourself.
  15. 15. Know and feel you market's pain, problems, fears, hopes...
  16. 16. All marketing is a ClueTrain conversation. All marketing depends on trust. Stories sell because people embrace them – it's how we think.
  17. 17. Matrix Step #2: Establish Your Maven Persona Develop yourself as a believable story character.
  18. 18. Construct your Maven Persona “ have to select those character traits and stances that most accurately reflect what you are attempting to achieve in your market.”
  19. 19. “The reason why certain TV shows, movies, and novels become blockbusters -- And others simply bomb - is often due to the characters involved. Think: Columbo, Gill Grissom on CSI, Rocky, Rambo, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.”
  20. 20. This is transference at work. People evaluate their own lives through the eyes of that character, and make their decisions accordingly: “What Would Jesus Do?”
  21. 21. Not based on phoniness, but some character traits you have which people can trust.
  22. 22. They list 24 common character “types” which resonate with markets: Tycoon, Workaholic, Researcher, Self- Made, Contrarian, Conspiracy Theorist, Eccentric, Iconoclast, “The Angry Man”, Prodigal Genius, Fun Guy, Mad Scientist, Family Man, Futurist, Supreme Optimist, etc. etc. etc.
  23. 23. Matrix Step #3: Develop Your Market Vision Work out where you are going, what you intend to accomplish - put that vision out in front of you
  24. 24. Fred Smith – Federal Express: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Tom Monaghan – Domino's Pizza: “Hot Pizza in 30 minutes or it's free.” Michael Dell – Dell Computers, Roy Kroc – McDonald's, Sam Walton – Wal- Mart, Bill Gates – Microsoft, etc.
  25. 25. “Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't focus on a Vision for their market but on their businesses. They fall in love with their own products. They fall in love with their service or they fail in love with being the fastest growing company in the field. “The key to rapid success as a Maven, however, is to fall in love with your customers, clients or prospects”
  26. 26. Matrix Step #4: Tell Your Creation Myth Tell the story of where you started from to get where you are today
  27. 27. “You have to tell the world why you're in the market you are in. You have to reveal your hopes and dreams, your current frustrations, your personal failures, what you've achieved so far and what you're still struggling to achieve. Do that - with honesty and passion - and you'll achieve success beyond anything you could ever expect.”
  28. 28. Horatio Alger, Charles Dickens, Star Wars, Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick; Disney Classics: Pinocchio, Snow White, Lion King, Little Mermaid.
  29. 29. Matrix Step #5: Develop Predictable Behaviors Create, or expand, on trademark behavior patterns you already have – distinctive idiosyncrasies of yours.
  30. 30. Matrix Step #6: Become a Polarizing Figure Take a stand - to create controversy, discussion
  31. 31. “Successful Mavens often are polarizing: They announce to the World that customers should not tolerate certain low standards of service.. shoddy products... misleading advertising... add the people and businesses who practice them. “In other words: Successful Mavens usually have a strong point of view.”
  32. 32. These start conversations and discussions. This is the basis of all modern “news” - and all modern “art”. It isn't true or viable as a total operating basis – but you get people's attention, so the marketing conversation (conversion) can begin.
  33. 33. Matrix Step #7: Develop Your Own Phraseology Create memorable phrases - or your own slanguage - to describe your approach
  34. 34. All silos have their walls built of this. Private organizations, clubs, religions, cults, corporations – all these both brand their products and preserve their clientèle by distinguishing themselves from competitors and also-rans. There is the nomenclature of specialist studies, but there is also the slang used by the “insiders” in any industry.
  35. 35. Plus side of this is to make your key ideas mnemonic – to get your phrases known in the common vocabulary – another viral marketing strategy.
  36. 36. Matrix Step #8: Use a Signature Communications Channel Use a regular way of communicating that distinguishes you
  37. 37. Gary Vaynerchuk does a weekly video blog that tells the “average Joe” how to find and buy good wine. 5 to 15 minute videos every single week. Result: he's been on Conan O'Brian, Ellen Degeneres, has been offered his own cable TV show – and his family liquor store was transformed into a $50 million company.
  38. 38. Matrix Step #9: Create a Velvet Rope Community Create your upper-end, exclusive funnel section
  39. 39. All sales funnels have exclusive upper-end sections. Football stadiums have reserved boxes. Theaters have box seats. Race stands have special boxes down front and bleachers for everyone else. Front row concert seats are more expensive.
  40. 40. “Mavens deliberately create these communities by providing their customers and prospects with value-laden information, opinions and advice... “Mavens have the unique ability to treat people like relevant, important people, not mere consumers.”
  41. 41. “And that is the psychology behind the velvet rope. Anyone who has ever gone clubbing knows, or can imagine, what it's like to receive VIP treatment. Other people stand in line for hours, hoping to be allowed into the club and allowed to pay the large cover charge...
  42. 42. “But imagine if you could just step up to the velvet rope, be instantly recognized as a celebrity or VIP, And whisked past the lines of ordinary people into the elite inner sanctum of the club. You'd feel like a million bucks, right?”
  43. 43. Matrix Step #10: Evangelists Get affiliates to sell for you devotedly.
  44. 44. Matrix Step #11: Accelerate the Process with Mentors Create your master-mind, surround yourself with experts
  45. 45. Tony Robbins was mentored by Jay Abraham. Bob Dylan was mentored by Woody Guthrie. Richard Branson had Freddie Laker (founder of Laker Airlines) as his mentor. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had David Shaw as his mentor. Warren Buffett was mentored by economist Benjamin Graham (author of the investment classic, “Security Analysis”).
  46. 46. Everything after this point is the pitch to buy their product, to be mentored by Jay Abraham and Rich Shefren. And it's probably worth every single cent you spend with them. And the first half of this report was all explained in what we just covered...
  47. 47. But as they tell you: You'll only get out what you put in.
  48. 48. Analysis and summary: 1. Marketing and Sales are each a science and an art. Learn your basics and invest yourself completely to learn the differences and be able to apply them.
  49. 49. 2. Essence of the Maven Matrix is positioning yourself above and beyond anyone else in your field. You do this by providing better service and establishing yourself as the de facto leader of that niche – whether you are or not.
  50. 50. 3. Social Media and Viral Marketing – apply Gladwell's “Tipping Point”: Mavens – information specialists. Once they figure out how to get that great deal, they want to tell you about it, too. Connectors – lots of social connections, spread the message. Salespeople – persuade and interpret messages, especially good at nonverbal communication and are charismatic.
  51. 51. 4. Key point is creating and having a trusted conversation. That is the key reason advertising fails. That is why social media are replacing search engines (or building on top of them). That is why the Internet is replacing “news” and politics is changing – you have to be transparent and trustworthy consistently in order to succeed at anything.
  52. 52. 5. Your value and your worth is determined by the service you provide others. Your personal income right now was determined by your personal service to others yesterday and in the past. Improve your quality of service vastly – and income will follow by leaps and bounds.
  53. 53. Value = Income
  54. 54. 6. But you have to tell people you and your products exist – or they'll never find out how great their lives can be after you've helped them... That's all there is to promotion.
  55. 55. Is the Maven Matrix worth it? You betcha. But its only going to be worth what you invest – you get out what you put in, not just pay off your credit card... Do you have to do it to get the results? Probably easier, but – no. Invest yourself, study the basics, find your mentors – and you've got it.
  56. 56. Here's five resources for you from the Go Thunk Yourself Self Help Library: In one location, key books that describe nearly every facet of life and living - And they can be part of your own library...
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  60. 60. Mystic Marketing For all the nut-and-bolts of marketing, there are very real and very powerful secrets that make all this work... Now disclosed in a single volume from sources unknown for decades...
  61. 61. Find the underlying system...